Thursday, May 28, 2009

Still in a funk.

Not much to say.

I'm tired of crying and tired of feeling like I need to stab my finger tips into people's eyeballs (who piss me off). Really, this is not like me.

I just mentioned to my Mom that maybe I'll tell the doctor about it on Tuesday at my next appointment. Knowing I have dealt with depression (and anxiety) in the past, she wanted me to be upfront with her if I felt like that again during the pregnancy. I think becuz of the chance of Postpartum Depression.

I don't think what I'm feeling is depression. I have had a couple of moments of intense anxiety within the past couple of weeks...but I've been able to sort of talk myself down from it. Or at the very least, distract myself enough to start thinking/talking about something else.

Hopefully it's just typical preggo-hormones kicked up a notch by me not being able to handle one dilemma at a time.

Whatever it is, people are starting to notice.


Jaina said...

::hugs:: And sometimes people are just stupid. I hope they chill out and that you get time to relax. Maybe one of those maternity massages would help you this weekend. Hang in there April. ;)

3 Peas in a Pod said...

You're allowed to be in a funk April. People used to tick me off when I was preggo too. Generally I let stuff roll off my shoulders and give people the benefit of the doubt that they really didn't mean how something came out of their mouths. But it really irritated me when I was pregnant.. Not into altercations, more of a peacemaker. Must be hormones. They do crazy things to us women!!

73 more days to go!! Woot woot!!

Much love from NJ,

Tabitha said...

Hi April ~
I am just catching up with all the posts that I have missed ~ I have been a very bad blogger recently ~ life is slightly mad at the moment!

I have loved looking at all the pictures that you have posted and I
think that the belly shots are great!

Hope that you are feeling a bit brighter soon ~ I remember those preggo days ~ a bit of a rollercoaster!
Take care ~
love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Julie said...

The hormones can make anybody crazy! Its like normal X 1 million! I hated my job when I was preggos and would sit at the tv with Jim and just cry and cry and cry!!!!! Everynight.....

Flea said...

Talk to your doctor. If this is something as simple as increasing your iron or adding another vitamin, take care of it. And if chocolate is all it takes, send Daryl out for chocolate!

Sarah said...

I agree with Flea. Ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.


Anonymous said...

Awh, sweetie. Sorry your having a rough go of it. I'm pretty sure its normal. But its great and healthy that you can recognize when things aren't going normally for you. That alone will help keep you sane.

Big Hugs!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Hang in there. I think it's just your stress at work and not knowing what's going to be happening when you go back. Add in the hormones and there you have it. Have a good cry and some chocolate, hopefully you will feel better. It's definitely good to be cautious about the depression though. Keep smiling girlfriend.

Heather said...

definately talk to your dr sooner than later...i have known folks that go on medication for post pardum before the baby is born...and i should have been one of them except i never spoke up!