Saturday, May 02, 2009

We did it! Daryl, Hunter and I are in the home stretch.

99 Days to go (till estimated due date)!!!

Why is it that seeing that triple digit number go down to double digits makes it seem like time is going to WHIP by now??

Maybe becuz we still have so much to do?


Since Big D started his second (part time) job, time has been a little hard to come by, to get stuff done. We still have to finish:

1. the crown molding in Hunter's nursery along with one wall's chair rail
2. putting up a closet door (and finishing emptying all MY crap out of his closet!)
3. ordering the dresser/changing table that goes with his crib (it takes 2 weeks to come in, so we're not in a huge rush for that...however...I have NO WHERE to put anything in his room right now since Hunter's closet is still full of my clothes!)
4. calling the hospital to sign up for the birthing classes, as well as a tour
5. finish organizing the REST of the house in preparation for all the schtuff that comes along with this little person in my belly!
6. washing all the sweet little baby boy clothes we have (I obviously won't be able to do that with the stuff from the shower till July, but in the meantime I might get cracking on what I've got so far). I also have a ton of cute hand-me-down's from Carsa's two boys, and since those have been sitting around gathering dust in our unused finished attic, I will re-wash those as well.
7. putting the second coat of paint on Hunter's letters so that I can hang them up over his crib.
8. solidifying some things at work regarding my Maternity leave and hours coming back afterward (more on that in a future post)
9. find a pediatrician (do you guys have suggestions on this? I have two recommendations from friends but what do I DO? Do I set up to meet with each one? And what questions should I be asking? Help!)

I know there is much more, but my brain is shot right now. It is looking more and more like our kitchen renovations will be on a looooong standby, at least until after the baby is born. With everything else going on, we just don't have enough time OR money to get it done before that. I'm really bummed out by that, cuz the disarray (especially when I enter into Full-Fledge Nesting Mode) is goign to drive me batty!! And I am not looking forward to the dust flying when little Hunter is in the house to be breathing it in! I'm thinking when it gets to that point, I'll have to hang a sheet up or something to try to contain most of it in the kitchen. *SIGH*

Life is starting to get crazy now with summer approaching. Plans have been materializing left and right and our calendar is already filling up! This weekend Big D has orientation at his new job (8am-5pm Saturday and 9-1pm on Sunday). So I will be going by my pregnant self to my friend's Jess's daughter's communion Saturday morning. Then in the evening we have a friend coming over for dinner (although SHE is making it for us! She is a chef. Mmmmm!!). And Sunday we are probably going to be going out to dinner with Joe and Erin. And then next weekend is just as crazy with plans with friends, Mother's Day breakfast with my Mama and just lots of general running around.

I'm getting tired already, just thinking of it all.


Heather said...

definately interview the pediatricians! if you have a what to expect when you are expecting book there is a section that will help you with questions to ask. i got lucky b/c the pediatrician i use for the kids is the doctor that i have been seeing since i was a few years old. he is a pediatrician and a family doctor! good luck. call sooner than later to make appts.

Krystyn said...

Congrats on 99 days. And, I have no idea about the ped.

Emily Jean said...

Yes my dear, time will fly, but you will get all accomplished that you need to!! And anything else left will take care of itself!! And believe me, the nesting feelings will only intensify, but enjoy, you will never imagine how clean the inside of your closets will be!!

Mrs. Kitty said...


ALF said...

That is so exciting! I know it's a lot and it's stressful for you but it's so awesome.

Poltzie said...

April, you are totally nesting! i remember feeling the same way and making all these "to do" lists!
It's so neat hearing about your pregnancy, I get to remember mine all over again!
ps. What is Daryl's second job?

Jaina said...

Wow, it's just flying by! I'm sure you'll get everything done. One step at a time ;)