Monday, June 22, 2009

33 weeks: Our baby Hunter

Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby weighs almost 5 lbs (2250 g) and is 12.8 inches (32cm) from crown to rump and about 19.8 inches (44cm) long.

If your baby were born now, he would be considered "pre-term" rather than premature. This distinction is based on fetal maturity, particularly the maturity of the fetal lungs. A pre-term baby, unlike a premature baby, is likely to have well-developed lungs and is less likely to need intensive care.

Your baby is surrounded by a red glow when sunlight shines on your belly and may be aware of this as he is able to differentiate between light and dark.

Your baby's hair is getting thicker, though it may be a different color when he is older.
He is currently shedding his lanugo, the fine downy hair that previously covered her body.
More vernix, the waxy coating that protects your baby's skin while submerged in amniotic fluid, is building up.

Your baby's adrenal glands are producing more steroid hormone, the androgen-like hormone that indirectly aids your milk production. Your baby is currently producing ten times more of this hormone than a normal adult and the adrenal glands are currently the same size as those of an adolescent. They will shrink after birth.

Your baby is laying down bone. To do this, he will draw calcium from you.
Your baby has taste buds and it has been suggested that he can taste and develop tastes for flavors found in the amniotic fluid, particularly flavors that you eat on a regular basis.

33 weeks!!
The anxiety over the "unknown" of birth has finally and truly set in for me. I'd say at least once a week, and always when I've just crawled into bed for the night, this unexplainable fear envelops me becuz I can't "picture" how labor and delivery will go. It's like a blank slate, with nothing to see, except for that cute baby at the end. Am I afraid of the pain? Yes and's not just the idea of pain that gets me.

I am a planner. But I can only plan so much and then nature takes it's course. For me, that's giving up the reigns! SCARY! But I feel like I'm as ready as I can be. I've done so much reading, talked to so many friends who are Mom's, and we are currently mid-way through our birthing classes. Daryl and I have discussed what I want/don't want during labor and I feel soothed that he (and my Mom) will be there for me! I guess that's all I CAN do and I need to let that anxiety go! Easier said than done, of course.

In less stressful news, Daryl and I had a hugely funny moment yesterday. We were both tired mid-day and wanted to nap but my Mom was coming around four so we just decided to watch tv in the bedroom and relax. While in there, he began tickling me and generally being a pest. While I was laughing hysterically and trying to roll away (and mind you, I was not wearing a shirt, just my sweat pants and bra. I am so HOT lately!!) we both suddenly looked down at my belly.

Or more specifically, my belly BUTTON.

Holy crap!!! It was like there really WAS an alien in my stomach! Half of my belly button was popped out (and weirdly stretched-looking) and every time I would gasp at the sight of it and laugh HARDER, almost ALL of it would pop out! I was momentarily completely grossed out and kept saying, "Ewww! Pop it back in! I don't want an outie!" I thought Daryl was going to pee his pants from laughing so hard. Then when I rolled back over, the OTHER side of my belly button only kept popping out.

It was crazy!

We did break out the Flip and videoed it and I thought of sharing it with you guys, but the sight of my scary belly button would probably frighten most of you away. Ha ha. Daryl said it looked like a worm hole. NICE.

Now that I've gotten over the grossness factor of it all, I can't stop laughing about it. And it's not fully an outie yet. It still pops back in. It's only when I exert pressure on my belly that it "comes out to play". We'll see if my turkey-timer decides to make a permanant appearance before this baby is born!!


Emily Jean said...

LOL! That's hilarious! My belly button was sooo stretched!

It's it a great feeling to know that you are at a point that if your baby decided to come early, they would be fine!

K13 said...

That is too funny about your belly button. Mine never popped out.

Not too much longer to go 'til you meet little Mr. Hunter!! Yay!!

Sarah R said...

That is so funny about your bell button. You're definitely in the home stretch now!!! Yay!

ALF said...

Wow - you're so close! Hopefully that belly button stays in place!

Krystyn said...

That is a funny belly button story. Mine never popped out, just stretched out a lot!

BTW, Google is not forwarding custom domains, but my blog has been updated, please head over. and update your subscription:)

Kat said...

Hahaha!!! That is so funny! You really should post the video. ;)

Stephanie said...

OMG...that is hilarious! So funny that I even just OMG which I HATE when people do! lol
I am dying over here just picturing you 2...hilarious!

Morgan said...

That is too funny!! Now April you know you never should have told me there is a video you just aren't posting it..because you know me out of all people is going to pester you to death until you post it! I promise we wont laugh at your worm hole! LOL!! :)

Poltzie said...

I totally forgot about the pregnancy innie/outie thing! That is how we figured out I have a frekishly deep button - I never got an outie! I think I'm probably the only person ever haha!

Anonymous said...

HAHA! I was totally petrified about an outie belly button. Its sorta out, but not completely. You should TOTALLY put up the video!

Jaina said...

Lol, that's too funny!

Anonymous said...

Isn't the bellybutton thing weird?! I find that mine is sensitive to the touch too. Wish you would post the video! I'm sure it would make us all laugh. :-)

WITH YOU, not AT YOU though!!!