Friday, June 12, 2009

Belly Shots, Ultrasounds and Naps...oh my!

So first and foremost, I had my ultrasound on Thursday morning and it went great! My doctor was only slightly concerned with the fact that I was measuring bigger. (At the time of my last appointment I was 31w2d but she had me measuring at 36 weeks.) And just a brief background, my fluid level has been measuring on the high side of normal since approximately 20 weeks so she wanted to have them check on that.

The u/s tech immediately put our mind at ease after a bunch of measurements were taken. Not only is my fluid level good--normal range is between 8-24% and I'm at 21% so again I'm on the higher side of normal--but baby Hunter is only measuring about 2 weeks ahead. He is currently 4 lbs. 7 oz. and the estimated due date based on his growth to date is July 29th. Wowzas! I like that better than my original EDD of August 9th. (and yes, I'm aware, both dates really mean nothing...I know he'll come out when he's good and ready to! But hearing "Hey, maybe he'll be a little early!" is definitely not a bad thing to hear!).

And he is no longer breech so that is exciting to me! I won't say that my belly has "dropped" but I definitely notice that it doesn't look so high and that my boy's big 'ol head is down low where it should be! Good boy.

Oh and last thing about the u/s before we move on to belly shots...Hunter looked SO incredibly cute on that screen! I know it was a bit harder for her to get a good clear image of him now that he is bigger and there is less room in my (huge) "oven" but she tried her best to get us a photo. This boy was moving his head from side to side and kept putting his hand up near his mouth--not quite sucking his thumb but he had his fisted little hand resting against his lips at times. He was yawning, sticking out his tongue and smacking his lips and it was probably the CLEAREST we had seen him do all those things. I was completely enthralled! Unfortunately the u/s shot I'm posting is NOT the clearest BECUZ of all his head movements. And the u/s tech was cute after she showed us, making sure to say that the first shot was not a direct SIDE shot, but more from an angle so his nose may look funny to me. Both Daryl and I told her we could care less what his nose looks like...he looked GREAT on that screen to us! :-)

Now onto belly shots...not the best I will admit. Our Nikon has a dead battery so we used our smaller, not-so-good camera...and Big D was in SUCH a freakin' rush to take these cuz he had a TV program to attend to. *BIG EYE ROLL* So sorry for the blurry quality. And please, please disregard how utterly CRAPPY I look! This is after a long-ass day of work, and I look so pale and worn out it's ridiculous!

(These pics were taken at the beginning of the week, by the way.)

And I can't believe I'm gonna do this, but I'm even including a bare belly shot for you, something I've never done before! And yes, those are stretch marks peeking out from my sweat pants. I'm not gonna lie and I'm not gonna photoshop 'em out...I'm keeping it real people!

Oh and you're probably wondering where the napping comes into play? I'm always so, so tired that on almost every lunch break at work I now take a quick nap. Granted, the nap itself is probably only about 20-30 minutes in duration depending on how noisy traffic is or how uncomfortable I am only partially reclined in the truck, but still that extra 20 minutes seems to make all the difference to me! And today, I didn't get a nap. So that means it's time for bed cuz I'm freakin' BEAT! Goodnight!


April in CT said...

Oh my gosh, how stinkin cute are you!? So happy to hear things are moving along exciting!

Stephanie said...

So glad everything went well! I know you both were so glad to hear that!!
You look great girl!! Thanks for sharing the pics! I honestly didnt take any pics of me while I was pregnant (b/c I thought I looked hidious) and I regret it so bad :(

Krystyn said...

Glad the appt went well and Hunter is behaving himself. He does look so cute.

Thanks for sharing the belly shots, too.

And, I lived for my naps when I was preggo with Izzy. I didn't get any with Nat, though!

Morgan said...

I'm so glad everything is ok with Hunter! I can't wait to see his cute little face! Oh and the belly..can we say TOO CUTE!?

Robyn said...

Ha ha I used to do the nap thing at work too.
You look great and so does Hunter.

Poltzie said...

Good for you for keeping it real, I respect that :)
Sweet dreams Mama!

Tabitha said...

Oh my goodness ~ where have I been? I am so sorry that I have not been over to visit more ~ I feel like I have missed so much!
I love the ultra sound picture ~ so sweet and the belly shots are great ~ not that long to go ~ I see from the counter that it is 55 days and counting!
Hope that you are ok ~ and the tiredness.....oh yes ~ I remember the tiredness sooooo well.
Take care ~ sending love and big hugs, Tabitha XXXXXX

Steph said...

OK I am jealous because it apperas as though you don't have an outty belly button like I do!!!!! If one more person tells me I look like I am about to pop I swear I will scream!

April said...

Steph, I may not have an outie (yet?) but let me tell you my belly button is being stretched dangerously's crazy looking! LOL

Jaina said...

That's so exciting that Hunter may make an early debut. ;) Love the belly shots, I think you look're glowing :) Naps are nice.

kittyconcerto said...

WOW! You really are keeping it real!!!! Good for you. I can't believe that Hunter is growing so fast and that he might be here EARLY! Way to go.

Btw--you look fantastic.