Thursday, June 25, 2009

Bullets today, cuz I have absolutely no energy to come up with anything even remotely witty.

  • Went to the doctor's yesterday and everything going well. Doctor assured me (based on last u/s) that my fluid levels are fine. I've gained a 1/2 pound since my last visit, a total shocker since I feel like all I've been doing is eating crap. Albeit, smaller portions of crap, but crap nonetheless. At my next appointment in two weeks, when I'm 35 weeks, I'll be having the test for Group B Streptococcus.
  • I am super moody lately. I use the term 'moody' very loosely. I don't know how else to condense it down from cranky/tired/overwhelmed/feel like crying/irritable/low on patience/uncomfortable.
  • And I think Daryl has a similar form of this...maybe his is Men's PMS?
  • When I let the dogs out this morning, Timber (who I put a long rope lead on even though our yard is fenced in...this way I can "reel" him in if he is not cooperating and coming when I call him) decided he couldn't wait for me to untangle his lead and he took off running. I let go of the rope so as not to have it slide hotly through my hands and in the process it wrapped around a few items. Timber dragged the grill halfway across the deck, gave me rope burn across my ankle (ouch!) and knocked over a wrought iron chair that in turn shattered a blue dog water bowl. Shattered--as in itty bitty pieces of bright blue glass ALL OVER the yard and deck. I had to leave for work so I left the glass where it lay.
  • We have our 3rd birthing class tonight and while I'm looking forward to it, as always (I think tonight the teacher will be discussing pain relief in the forms of DRUGS!) I am freakin' exhausted and kinda bummed about the fact that I wont get home till about 9:15pm tonight (we go to class straight from work).
  • Is it too soon for the baby to be dropping? Anyone know? Bueller? Bueller? My body feels slightly different lately and it started about a day and a half ago. Almost all the baby's movements I feel now are from my belly button down, and definitely lot's of low movements. Also, my belly just looks a bit lower...not terribly...but my belly doesn't seem to sprout from right beneath my boobs anymore. And the pressure, most specifically around my lady bits, oh the pressure...I felt like I was going to (pardon me) crap out a bowling ball last night!
  • Oh and speaking of boobs, I'm up to a size F bra now. Daryl is in awe. And I'm surprised I can walk between the weight of my belly and boobs now tipping me forward.
  • Our baby shower is this weekend. I'm thrilled it's supposed to not rain (no lie, we've had rain for like THREE WEEKS, almost nonstop now) however, it's supposed to be 86 degrees and humid. I'm scared. And the totally cute shirt I bought to wear...well, I just don't know how easy it "breathes".
  • Yesterday for the first time I started feeling a very, unfamilar achiness in my belly. And then the aches were followed by a low-ish cramping which sort of reminded me of PMS-cramps. This is like nothing I've felt before so far. Thankfully they didn't last long.
  • My coworkers are driving me absolutely, insanely BONKERS. They make mountains out of molehills for EVERYTHING and I'm just so sick of it. I don't need the extra added (unnecessary!) stress. Oh, and now there is talk I might have to train someone to cover my maternity, yeah, after I already TRAINED SOMEONE ELSE. Dude, I'm f*cking eight months pregnant and miserable and can't focus and you want me to do something that I've already DONE?
  • Next week I will have a 3 (possibly 4!!) day weekend and I can't freakin' wait. Lots to do. My mom is going to come over and help me clean the house. And I'm going to attempt to finally organize in Hunter's nursery. We'll see how that goes. And most likely Big D and I will grill out on the back porch.
  • My Dunkin Donuts decaf iced coffee is totally hitting the spot right now.


Chele76 said...

not too early in the slightest bit. I think someones going to be here earlier then anticipated :)

Stephanie said...

-totally not too early to drop..I dropped about 3 weeks before I delivered!
-sorry about the dog thing this morning..that would have totally pissed me off too!
-hope you have the best time this weekend at your shower!
-F...I can think of another F word that comes to mind! Wow! I bet Daryl is in heaven! lol

~**Dawn**~ said...

Poor April. I think you should get a medal for being this pregnant during the Summer. I know you're "almost there" now but it must feel like an eternally long time to you. I hope you have a wonderful time at your shower. =)

Krystyn said...

I'm glad everything is going so well with the fluid and all.

And, F...holy moly...just wait until your milk comes in...just saying!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

Dude . . . just READING your blog makes me tired - which is saying quite a bit considering I have 3 kids under the age of 5! The dropping is totally normal - and don't be shocked if he moves back up and then drops again.

Work drama . . . SO glad I never had to deal with maternity leave issues! I hope it all gets resolved quickly and that you don't have to train anyone new.

Amy said...

Spinal shot. That's what I got. I was numb in 5 minutes, like so numb when they asked me if I could move my foot over on the stirrup, I said "I can't even feel my foot, so no, I cannot move it for out." I pushed three babies out (albeit small ones) AND had the doctor (who was not dainty) stick her inside to right below my lungs and felt nothing. NOTHING.

K13 said...

Aaahhh good ol birthing class. I remember those. gross movies...have you seen any of those?

Ugh - I don't envy you being SO pregnant in the nearly dead of Summer. Here's hoping the next 45 days go quickly for you or maybe little Mr. Hunter will show up a few days early for you!!!

Morgan said...

I remember I started dropping around this time don't worry about that. I also started getting Braxton Hicks contractions around this time as well...which I think you had when you started feeling period cramps. That's exactly how mine felt, like strong period cramps..but not unbareable. You lucky dog about the loong jealous! :)

kittyconcerto said...

Duuuuuuuuuuuude. An F!!!! That's insane! I'm jealous! And I don't think that its too early to have the baby drop this soon. In fact there are plenty of people who have their babies this early. Who knows? We could have kids on the very same day!

Jaina said...

I hope the shower goes well this weekend. And I hope you get some rest. Sending you love and prayers my friend. :)

Heather said...

they say with the first baby once you drop you usually have about a month left so if you have dropped i would say anywhere within the next 4 weeks you will deliver.

have fun at your baby shower! treasure every moment and have someone take lots of pictures!

Julie said...

Everybody, every baby is different.

Wait til after you nurse,My daughter(plus babyweight that didn't want to leave) left me with an H cup. Lovely!

Those pains could be braxton hicks or real contractions. :) as long as they aren't regular-your good to go.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Poltzie said...

Hey April,
35 weeks is not too soon to drop at all. Chicken was head down and fully engaged at 32 weeks and I had him at 39. I've heard that babies drop sooner for more active women?

Oh and the boobs, Krysten is right. I was a G before getting pregnant. Once the milk came in - freak show!