Monday, June 01, 2009

Good weekend.

I left work on a sour note on Friday night, so luckily Big D was up for pizza for dinner. The idea of cooking/cleaning up afterward seemed way too daunting to this tired Preggo chick. After dinner we vegged out on the couch, but not for long, since I went to bed pretty early.

Saturday, knowing we were supposed to have company that night, I began cleaning and Daryl put up the new shelves in Hunter's nursery closet (I LOVE how it came out!). While in the process, our friend Sean called to cancel becuz his dog was having seizures (poor baby!). Realizing I didn't have to go crazy cleaning after all, I contemplated laying down. But then something crazy clicked in my brain and instead I cleaned out and reorganized every cabinet in the kitchen! Hours later, when my belly hardened uncomfortably, I took a break and sat on the couch with my feet reclined. But I soon became antsy, so off I went to clean the bathroom! Cleaning the tub now is SO freakin' hard. I kept getting frustrated becuz I either couldn't lean over far enough with my belly in the way, couldn't scrub as hard as usual, or after a while kneeling, I had to get up off the floor as my body ached. I told Daryl this is probably the MOST half-assed job I've done yet in scrubbing the tub. Daryl went fishing in the late afternoon with his friend Todd, so after I finished cleaning, I really DID take a good long break on the couch. After a shower and clean clothes, Daryl called to see if I wanted to go to dinner at Todd and Mindy's so he came home and picked me up. We spent a few hours there but by nine, I was REALLY beat.

Sunday was a GORGEOUS day...sunny, warm, breezy...just beautiful! After going to Panera for bagels and coffee with Timber, we went to a nearby park to eat our breakfast. Timber did great, although he did bark a bit at some people but once we distracted him and he was back to paying attention to Daryl, he stopped the bad barking behavior (this is an ongoing problem we've been having to work on with him). After that we went back home and let all three dogs play outside while Daryl mowed the lawn and I lounged in a lawn chair with a book and a glass of iced tea. It was SO relaxing! We filled up the dog's baby pool and watched them splash around a while (and I even got my own feet wet!). Later, after a puppy-play date with another Fidelco foster family in town (where I continued to sit in a lounge chair, chilling out!) we headed back home to eat an early dinner and watch some tv, during the sudden brief rain that blew in. The only LOW point of my Sunday was the bad stomach ache I got and my (TMI) million bathroom breaks. I haven't really suffered from constipation too badly so far but yesterday was NOT fun. My tummy still slightly hurts today.

And speaking of today, I ended up calling out sick after still having my stomach hurt, and not getting a lot of sleep. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow but hoping I can have them squeeze me in today, instead. Two weeks ago, I developed a rash on my upper (outer) thighs and it itches SO bad. At first I thought maybe it was a rash that I read about caused by pregnancy (it's called PUPPS) but after reading how PUPPS starts, usually on the stretch marks on your belly, now I'm not so sure. This is ONLY on my upper thighs and even as of today, spreading to my hips. Part of me wondered if it was just a heat rash that won't go away, but two weeks later? It's red, little bumps all in the same area...SO itchy. I wanna see what the doctor will let me take for it so I can get some relief! After reading up on PUPPS, I just don't think it is that...PUPPS is so bad for pregnant women that it often wakes them up at night. Mine is not that bad, however, when it DOES start really itching, I just want to scratch my skin off!!

30 Weeks: Our baby Hunter

Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby now weighs about 3.5 lbs (1600g) (although baby Hunter was weighing 3.3 lbs. two weeks ago, so lucky guess, I'm thinking he's bigger than 3.5 lbs. THIS week!) and measures about 18 inches (40cm) in total and about 11.2 inches (28cm) from crown to rump.

Your baby's increasing size means that she has less room to move around in your uterus.
Your baby could already be moving into the head-down position.

Your baby's lungs are maturing and their lining, which prevents air sacs from collapsing, is growing. This lung development means that your baby would have a much greater chance of survival if he were born prematurely.

About 16 fluid ounces of blood are flowing through the wall of your uterus to the site of the placenta, though your blood never mixes with your baby's blood. It is separated by the placental barrier which is a very thin wall. Water, nutrients and waste are exchanged across this barrier at a rate of 0.3 fluid ounces per second.

Your baby swallows amniotic fluid and urinates.
Your baby's ears are sufficiently developed to hear and recognize your voice, the voices of other family members as well as familiar musical tunes. (Hunter definitely recognizes his Daddy's voice! Anytime Daryl starts talking--especially when close to my belly--I feel an answering kick or punch!)


Kori said...

Gosh it seems like just yesterday you were announcing you and Daryl were having a baby. Geez how time flies. Hope you get some relief from the rash here soon. Much love. Not much longer now.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I'm glad that your weekend was better than your week. I agree with Kori, it seems like just yesterday you guys got pregnant and now it's getting so CLOSE!

RCRambling said...

All that cleaning? Sounds like nesting to me!

Emily Jean said...

My house was never so clean as when I was very preggers!!

Glad you had an overall good weekend!!

Can't wait to see this little one causing all the itches!

Robyn said...

You must be nesting for sure.

Jaina said...

Haha, nesting mode here she comes! I hope you're able to get into the doctor.