Friday, June 19, 2009

A letter to my baby boy...

Dear Hunter:

You have the hiccups, kid. AGAIN. Is this going to be a daily occurrence? Not that it bothers me, I mean, it kinda tickles in an annoying-seizure-twitching kind of way. Heh. It just makes me laugh to realize I have no control over my own belly as the rhythmic motion of your hiccups shakes it!

Anyway, you've been an active little man in my belly lately. Lots of body parts have been randomly poking out but I think my favorite (weirdest) feeling was last night. I was rubbing my bare belly as I often do while watching TV, when I realized my belly button felt "off". Since I can no longer SEE my belly button--ahem--I kindly asked your father if my "innie" was on it's way to becoming an "outie", perhaps?

"Nope," He replied, "It looks the same." So I pressed down right above my belly button and realized with a start that I could feel something small-ish pressing out right above the upper rim of my belly button. It came up almost in a sharp peak.

"What is that?" I asked curiously of your Dad. He smiled and said, "That's the baby's foot or a hand, something small!"

Up until point, buddy, we were never sure what was pressing out at us (although I do think I've felt your little hiney stretching out many times before) but last night we think you were saying hello. Maybe you were even waving?

It's getting so close, honey, and we can't wait to meet you in person! I know it's all starting to seem more real and exciting to your Daddy.

He loves to feel you move and roll under his hand, like our own personal ocean wave. The other night I went to bed early and your Daddy said when he finally came in, I was sound asleep. He started to rub my belly as he often times will do, and to his surprise, you were in the middle of an intense acrobatics work-out in there! To the point where he was so surprised it didn't wake your Mommy up! So Daddy got his own bonding moment with you, his one-on-one time, and that made me so happy to hear. I can not WAIT till I get to see him hold you and kiss you for the first time. You are a lucky boy to have such an awesome Daddy...I know he will do a great job!

Anyway, things are simultaneously moving swiftly and slowly for us. We're so anxoius to meet you but at the same time, I am hoping we get everything accomplished that we need to before your arrival. Your nursery is coming along great and as you get bigger and grow, I know you'll love pointing out all the safari animals on the wall. And I'll tell you how Daddy remodeled and painted your room with love. I keep randomly walking into your room and find myself staring at the progress we've made so far. It's inspiring! And soon, we'll have you, our sweet little bundle, tucked safe and snug in your crib. I can hardly wait!

So for now, little (big) man, continue to grow and thrive and hiccup away! We can't wait to meet you soon!
Love Always,


Fidgeting Gidget said...

This is the sweetest letter ever. This is exactly why I want to become a mommy. I plan on starting a journal filled of little anecdotes like this when I'm lucky enough to get pregnant! I'm getting so excited for you and Big D! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us!

Stephanie said...

What a sweet letter!
I love the picture just as much! So simple, yet so sweet!!

Jaina said...

Awww, these letters to Hunter make me go all melty. SO precious. I love that one-on-one bonding time Daryl got, too sweet. I can't wait to "meet" baby Hunter. :)

Kat said...

So sweet.
It really is the best, isn't it?

Flea said...

How exciting! And be ready for hiccups once he arrives, as well. It's sad, really, since you can't make them go away.

Poltzie said...

Aww, so sweet! And I love that picture!
Just think, in a little under two months your little (big) boy will be here!

Ruthibelle said...

Little Hunter already sounds like Gem.

Morgan said...

I remember Mason getting the hiccups ALL the time used to trip me out! If they have them alot in the womb, they will after they are born too!

NTW- I just *LOVE* your letters to Hunter...they are too sweet! :)