Monday, June 29, 2009

Lots and lots of pictures from our shower yesterday so I'm just going to jump right in! After almost 3 weeks of nonstop rain (and a HORRIBLE storm Friday night that knocked out the power at my work), Saturday dawned bright and beautiful!
I think my Dad had a hand in that. ;-)
And the shower was an incredible and fun time, reinforcing to both Daryl and I how truly blessed we are by family and friend!!
Mommy, (Hunter) and Daddy!

Big D and I with his Mom and step-dad, John.

Mom and Daryl and I.

Everyone being silly!

Let's try this again!

Who's got a bigger belly?

I think it's a tie!!

Love you, honey!

Ok, this is me bawling my eyes out and Daryl trying to comfort me. My aunt Karen who lives in Ohio could not make the shower so she mailed her gift. She gave us something for the baby, some slippers and lotion for Mommy...and the best gift of all...she made a memory photo box for me with pictures of my Daddy and his family. The whole outside of the box is covered with pictures of Dad as a baby and inside are pics of him and his family as kids, my grandparents when they were young, my Pop-Pop in the army, my Nana when she was a teenager at the beach, and a couple more of me with MY, Sean and my parents from back in the 70's.
I couldn't even begin to explain what this gift meant to me. As you can probably tell by my expression! This is something I can not WAIT to share with my child someday....a link to his very OWN Pop-Pop, and his great and great-great parents and relatives. I loved it.

This is only SOME of our bounty, after opening gifts for what felt like hours! LOL

We had some help...Daryl's cute cousins Rian on the left and Shayne on the right.

Big D really, really loved all the adorable baby things we got!!

My Grammie feeling Hunter.

My Big Boy was pressing out hard that afternoon to say hello to his Great-Grammie!

Some of the little ones, excited after a day of partying!

Daryl and I were blindfolded and had to change our "babies" while being timed and while being "peed on". And I won!

But damn if Big D didn't give it his best shot!!

My two cousins, Olivia and AJ, and little Emily (Julie's daughter) getting ready to head down the slide!

Cake time!!

Friends and family having a good time.
I can't even begin to explain how thankful we are to Daryl's mom, Dory, and step-dad John, as well as his Aunt Valerie and Uncle Rob who hosted this whole party at Rob and Val's house. It was amazing and they put so much thought and love into it! Uncle Rob took his daughter's plastic toy box and spray painted it green and painted Hunter's name on it. And all the guests brought a small rattle or small toy to put in it with a message attached on parenting, advice, etc. It was such a sweet idea! I think the pictures speak volumes...all of our loved ones had a great time.
Hunter is SO lucky to be this loved before he is even born!
34 weeks: Our baby Hunter

Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby now measures about 20.25 inches (45cm) in total length and weighs around 5.5 lbs (2550g). Crown to rump measurement is about 13.2 inches (33cm).
He continues to grow and fatten up, especially in the shoulder area, and kicks regularly.
The fine lanugo hair that covered your baby is shedding, though some may still be present when your baby is born.
Your baby's eyes are blue, though this may change soon after birth or much later after birth.
Your baby's fingernails are growing. They already reach the tips of his fingers and they may even look quite long and pointy by the time he is born. Your baby may even have some scratch marks from scratching his face with his fingernails.
Your baby is probably feeling quite cramped right now and his movements are restricted by his growing size.


Sarah R said...

You look so gorgeous!!! Looks like a great time was had at the shower...

Sarah said...

Aww, I'm so happy you guys had such a good time! Looks like you got tons of great gifts too.

And I love that top you're wearing! You look fantastic.

Krystyn said...

Looks like a great time.

So many people that love you guys and baby Hunter.

Kat said...

What a fabulous shower! And I love the blouse you choose to wear. You look great!
The gift from your aunt had me bawling. So awesome.
Glad you had such a wonderful time. It won't be long now! :)

Poltzie said...

Looks like a great time! And just think, only 6(ish) more weeks left!
Oh, and what a sweet gift from your aunt!

K13 said...

Looks like you had a fantastic baby shower. You look great too!!

Kel said...

Oh it looks like a wonderful time - and like you made some great memories. You are a beautiful mommy-to-be!


Stephanie said...

I am so glad you all had fun! Looks like lots people already really love little Hunter!!
That gift from your aunt was so PERFECT! What a sweet and thoughtful gift!
You looked the shirt you decided on!

Emily Jean said...

What a wonderful shower!! The family gift is precious and such a treasure!

bekah said...

you and big D are enough to make me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME! Gosh! Looks like a great shower!!

Keri said...

What goes cough cough splat sploosh maaaaa crap??
Me driving down the highway when Gavie power puked yogurt & milk all over him, me, and my interior... We had gotten to almost Southington and still had about an hour and a half to go...
I'm sooo sorry we didn't make it cause it looks like everyone had such a hoot of a time.

Morgan said...

April you look gorgeous! I'm so glad your shower turned out wonderful! I almost cried when I saw you crying because I saw the emotion in your face LOL! We're such woosies! haha! :)

nancy said...

Wow. That all sounded so wonderful! So glad you have such a supporting family and friends. You are simply beautiful April!!!

msprimadonna67 said...

I love the belly pictures, and your description of your dad's memory box made me cry. I'm so glad you had such a lovely shower!

Jaina said...

What a wonderful shower! I'm glad you had so much fun with so many friends and family members.