Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Well, it's crazy to think about.

I'm 31 weeks (as of this past Sunday)!

Time is zipping along.

I just had a doctor's appointment this morning where we discussed a couple of things. First, I am measuring ahead, still. I'm 31w2d currently but measuring at 36 weeks! Holy crow! No wonder everyone thinks I look "huge"!

What the hell am I going to look like at 40 weeks, a blimp???

So, the doctor is only slightly concerned about it. She wants me to go for an ultrasound this week (and since their tech is on vacation, I'll have to get it done at the hospital) to check on the level of the amniotic fluid. Like I've mentioned in the past (and at my last u/s) my fluid level was measuring at the higher range of normal. Which is not bad. I think my doctor just wants to be proactive and keep track of it. (If there WAS too much excess fluid, it would have to be drained.)

And who am I to argue another u/s where I get to see my baby boy? :-) Plus, I'm curious to see if he is still breech...really hoping he has turned. I have been feeling him more in the middle of my belly, like behind my belly button, with his firm "presses"...where it feels like he is sticking some body part out. Sometimes it feels like a tiny, hard little foot (or more specifically a heel...ouch! Daryl got to feel that from the outside last night and thought it was the COOLEST thing ever!) and other times off to the side of my belly on the right, I feel the press of something that is bigger and harder, so maybe a head or a butt.

The doctor also asked how my PUPPPS rash was doing and I showed her that it seemed to be spreading to my arms. I showed her the rash on my hips, thighs and legs (She wasn't the same doctor I saw last week when I first mentioned it)...and she asked if I had it on my belly. I told her I couldn't see my lower belly to know, heh, so she looked and was surprised to NOT see it there. That is where PUPPPS usually forms first. So I guess we don't know for sure if it is PUPPPS (although after looking at pictures on the Internet, I'm pretty positive). I can take Benedryl for the itchiness factor though, which I fully intend to take advantage of.

THANK GOD, cuz I know scratching my skin raw is NOT an option.

31 Weeks (as of last Sunday): Our Baby Hunter
Your Baby This Coming Week

Your baby's total length is 18.9 inches (42cm) and he is perfectly formed! He measures about 11.6 inches (29cm) from crown to rump. All he has to do is fill out more. Your baby weighs almost 4 pounds (1800g). If he were to be born now, he would still need to be incubated as he has insufficient fat stores to keep it warm.

Your baby can distinguish between light and dark.

Your baby can hear the outside world quite well now, and can also hear the sounds of your heartbeat, your digestion and the blood rushing in the umbilical cord. The pitch of women's voices are in the range babies are most able to hear over all the internal background noise.

Your baby is already familiar with your voice and will be able to recognize it after birth.


Jaina said...

I hope the ultrasound goes well. I also hope you get a little relief from that rash, it does not sound fun. Hunter is getting SO close! I'm so excited :)

Stephanie said...

61 days left (or less)
Holy cow!
Good luck with the u/s and itching..that is the worst. I had severe itching on my belly, legs and arms, and they told me to eat more apples, applesauce, or apple juice. Something about my liver working too hard! I dont remember all the technical stuff, but I thought it worked!
Benedryl only does so much! lol

ALF said...

Sounds like all is well - that's great!

Poltzie said...

WOW - five weeks ahead - that is a lot of time! Have fun at the US, I always loved those so much!

Krystyn said...

The last couple weeks go so quickly yet so slowly..enjoy them.