Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another crazy day.

Last night was Daryl's' third night in the hospital. I went to see him in the morning, after first dropping off my yellow lab Tucker at a friend's house for the day. They offered to give him lots of attention, playtime and loving all day and feed him dinner for me, which took a huge load off of my shoulders.

When I got to the hospital Daryl was in a grumpy mood. He STILL was not in his own room, stuck in the "holding room" (which was all curtained off cubicles) with at least 6 other patients, and right outside the super busy emergency room. Nurses and staff used this "holding room" as a cut through and constantly raced in an out, janitors wheeled their loud clanking garbage cans through all day and night, and Daryl's "neighbor" beside him constantly blasted the littel tv so loud that we could never hear Big D's own tv. Nor could he ever really fall asleep!

I was frustrated and said something to the nurse who (like all the other nurses) said the hospital was very crowded and she didn't know when he'd be getting a room. Grrrrr....

Anyway, Big D informed me that his fever (which had started to break the night before) had gone back up. I was not happy to hear that. They checked his temp again while I was there and it was 102.9, the highest it had been yet. On two good notes, I had just come back into the room after running out to use the bathroom and get something to eat (there is a Dunkin Donuts in the hospital) when the nurse who I'd spoken to earlier spotted me and called out, "He's got a bed and a room!!" I was so psyched I pumped my arms in the air and ran back into Daryl's cube to tell him. And even better, as I was telling him, the Doctor came in (we were afraid we wouldn't see the Doctor till much later in the afternoon).

Daryl begged to be allowed to eat something, anything, a piece of bread even, since he hadn't eaten since Sunday (he's been strictly on iv fluids and water and ice); and once the doctor found out that Big D had FINALLY had 2 bowel movements for the first time in days, finally the doctor agreed to a bland liquid diet!

I seriously don't know who was happier about these changes, me or Daryl! I gathered up all his belongings, followed him being wheeled off to x-ray, then to his new room which was halfway across the hospital. And the damn orderly who was wheeling him obviously didn't give two craps that a hugely 9-month pregnant woman was trying to keep up with him cuz he left me in the wheelchair dust, panting and struggling to stay with them. Daryl kept turning and cocking his head and calling out, "You all right, April?" He's such a good boy. Sick as a dog and consistently worried about ME.

His new room was awesome, we joked that it was the Taj Mahal. Not only was there a window and sunlight, something Daryl hadn't' seen in days, but QUIET! And a way more comfortable bed. And much to this pregnant ladies' delight, his own personal bathroom. the nurse and tech were AWESOME and so sweet and immediately got him some more pain meds as his had worn off and he from sitting up so long, he was hurting again. And then the tech, seeing me struggle into one of the hospital chairs to sit on and one to prop my slightly swollen feet on, asked if I'd like one of their reclining chairs. Hell yeah!

While Daryl got his first meal in days, some type of creamy chicken soup, milk and vanilla pudding (which he described being as delicious as a steak dinner), I set up some hospital pillows behind my aching low back and reclined my puffy feet and sighed in relief. I'd been bawling my eyes out earlier in the morning, before going to see him cuz I felt SO incredibly overwhelmed and nervous about Daryl's health and anxious about the possibility of this baby coming before he was out of the hospital, but I swear after less than an hour in his new room, a sense of quiet relief flooded through me.

I watched my poor husband finally snooze without being constantly woken up and that made me happy. And now that D had a room and a PHONE, I was able to have his Mom and grandparents call him (the phone in his damn cubicle didn't' work and down in that "dungeon" we had NO cell service, so I know he felt very cut off from the world).

Around 8:30pm, our friend Crystal stopped by briefly to see Big D and to (don't laugh) drive me to my truck. Since we'd moved within the hospital, I realized my truck was parked VEEEEEERY far away on the other side of the building. And with my back aching as badly as it was, I was not looking forward to the hike to get there. So she offered to pop by and drive me and since I hadn't eaten in hours (except for granola bars and ginger ale) we made a late night stop at Ruby Tuesday's for some dinner. I felt so exhausted that I was breaking out in a sweat, and my eyes were grainy, so I got a coke just so that the caffeine would help me make it through dinner!

After dinner I went back to her house to pick up Tucker. Her husband, Jimmy, told me that the dog was perfect and listened so well (after three hours of crying when I first left...poor Tuck doesn't know WHAT is going on lately!). He got to play catch with Jimmy AND go swimming in the baby pool so he had a good day. I took him home and almost cried when I saw what my Mom had done.

She came over during the day to help me out by cleaning up the house a little bit, so she'd put all the garbage by the curb (today is garbage day), left the outside house light on for me since I'd be coming home in the dark, vaccumed and straightened up the living room, made my bed, and washed all the (mountains!) of dishes and cleaned up the kitchen as well. Then she threw all my dirty clothes downstairs for me and was going to start another load of laundry. That woman is a saint! Oh, and she'd left a pile of stuffed animals on the couch for little Hunter as well. ;-)

Anyway, it's another day. I pray that Daryl starts to feel better. I want him home. I'm lonely and miserable at home without him. The house is too quiet, and empty.


K13 said...

this is such a nightmare that you are dealing with. i'm sorry to hear that Daryl is not back @ home with you yet. have they even diagnosed him? it sounds like they are only giving him pain meds to cover the pain, but there is no treatment? I sure hope he's better and home with you soon, especially before Hunter arrives.

Your mom is awesome. That is sooooo sweet of her!!

Sarah said...

Good grief. I'm so sorry that he's still feeling so terrible. And I'm sorry that you're having to struggle through all of this 9 months pregnant. I hope it all turns around soon!

Huge hugs. And if you need anything e-mail me.

Fidgeting Gidget said...

Wow, what a bunch of craziness! I hope D gets to come home soon. One of these days, when you're sitting together, with you rocking little Hunter to sleep, you'll look at him and say, "Wow, do you remember when...?" You'll make it through. It'll all work out.

And I agree, your mom IS a saint!

Kori said...

Chin up! Praying D comes home soon.

Kat said...

Yipes. That is so crazy. Do the doctors even say what is wrong? It sounds like they are just treating his symptoms, but do they know the cause of it all? What is going on? How incredibly frustrating!!!!
At least he has his own room now and can sleep. Whew!!!
And YAY for mom! :)
Continued prayers!

The Captain's Wife said...

Have they determined why he has a fever and why his sugars are so high? Is it an infection that is being stubborn to antibiotics?

As stressful as this is on you April, you need to make sure you get nutrition ok? Granola bars are not going to cut it for long. The best way you can take care of Big D is by taking care of April and Hunter....

I certainly hope he makes it home sooner than later, and in full functioning health! Lord knows he'll need the strength to make it through labor and delivery :)

Stephanie said...

Girl..I widh I wa there to help you out. How great that you have your mom and friends to help out!
I'm so sorry that he is still in the hospital :(
Atleast he got his own room FINALLY! That should be enough medicine itself! :)
Lots of hugs and paryers heading your way!

Morgan said...

I'm glad Daryl finally got his own room with some peace and quiet and privacy! I'm praying that he gets better!

I didn't laugh that your friend drove you to your car, I had my mom do that for me when I was pregnant and Kevin was sick in the hospital. Bad part was, my car wasn't that far I was just LAZY LOL! Oh and pregnant not to mention!

Thinking about you still April and I hope Big D is out and feeling better in no time! (((HUGS)))

Krystyn said...

Oh, poor Big D. I sure hope he starts to get better soon. Glad he finally got his own room and some rest and food.

Make sure you are taking care of yourself, too.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Oh my goodness April. I was away for a few days and haven't checked in on you. I'm so sorry Darryl is in the hospital. I hope he's feeling better.


Will check in on you later. Try to take care of yourself April although I know it's hard.

Much love from NJ,

Peeveme said...

Thinking of you guys. What are the Dr.s telling you about his diagnosis, treatment and prognosis?

My Two Army Brats said...

I'm sorry to hear it's still not going well there. I hope he's home soon and feeling fantastic and ready to take care of you and Hunter!

Hugs and Prayers for the three of you!

Flea said...

Sounds like you're surrounded by good people. I'm so glad. And glad about D's good news so far.

Robyn said...

I can't believe he went that long without a room. Hopefully things are looking up.

Poltzie said...

I also cannot believe that he went that long without a room! That would be illegal here (well maybe not, but it's still horrible).

I was really hoping for good news today on your blog - hopefully tomorrow.

Thinking of you two lots and really really wishing I could do something to help!!

Birdee said...

Sending some Love to you and ~*Get Well Soon*~ Vibes to Big D.
It's a new day, how is everyting?

Emily Jean said...

What a roller coaster!! UGH!! U R ONE STRONG WOMAN!!!!

Julie said...

Its like a tv movie!! OMG I hope he can rest and maybe that'll help get his health back on track!!

Take care of you and Hunter.

Fingers crossed that Big D comes home before Hunter comes....whoa nelly....If you need to vent let me know!!!!!!!

Heather said...

have they said for sure what is going on with him?