Thursday, July 16, 2009

Beach Ball-Belly...uh, I mean...BABY-Belly Shots
at 36 weeks, 4 days

I swear to God, that's not a beach ball crammed under my shirt.

And PLEASE, please don't ask me if I'm carrying "twins" or "triplets" or tell me "OMG, you're HUGE, you'll NEVER make it to your due date!" or I just might friggin' go postal on you (honestly, I know YOU girls would never do that to me. It's mostly just annoying coworkers, clients and STRANGERS. WTF?). I may be smiling in these pics, but there is an oh-so-subtle warning glint in those innocent-looking brown eyes of mine.

Doctor's appointment went well yesterday. My blood pressure is "perfect" according to the doctor and baby's heartbeat sounds great. I asked if she could tell if Hunter is still head-down, so she felt my belly up and confirmed that he is, indeed.

Sorry, I don't have much more to blog about right now. I'm just way too tired to formulate thoughts, hence this post is mostly pictures.

And here is a silly shot or two of Daryl modeling the new Baby Bjorn. Can you tell he is excited to eventually put a REAL child in that thing? God, I love him. :-)
And look! It's a teaser of the nursery! Granted, in the shots you can see the lack of TRIM around the closet door (and also the lack of chair rail on the wall behind me). And above the toy box that's on the right of me (I think all you can see in the photo is the stuffed teddy bear that was on top), we now have a shelf and a wall-hanging up so I have to take a couple shots of the (almost) finished nursery to show you all!


Cathy said...

The little bits of nursery look great! I haven't seen belly shots for a while, wow you look good! I hope the next few weeks go quickly for you!

Birdee said...

Can I say you look huge? I'm huge too!
No, you don’t look huge at all, I mean, yes, you look like a woman who is in her last few weeks of pregnancy I don’t see hugeness, I just see gorgeousness =D

I love the room, the colors are awesome, and I love your little zoo (or safari) theme. Beautiful Job.

I love the pic of your DH holding the monkey, but can you add 30 lb’s to that for me ::cheese grin::: Maybe put a heavy watermelon in there and have him tie his shoes. (lol) Then take pictures!! moo-haa-haa!! ::evil laugh::

3 Peas in a Pod said...

Thanks for the sneak peak of the nursery. I love it!!!

I would NEVER say anything like that to you or another pregnant woman. I always hated when people opened their mouths while I was preggo. Why people feel the need to say anything is beyond me. Keep it shut people!!

You're almost there April. Pretty soon your much anticipated present will be here. Can't wait to "meet" him. :-)

Much love from NJ,

Dizzy Vizzy said...

Love the belly shots!! And I think that you look cute damnit! Hope that you are avoiding the people that reach for your belly without asking! (I may be kidless, but I have heard enough horror stories of my friends being "felt up" in the bathroom)

Poltzie said...

Holy Moly, it does look like a beach ball in there - your belly sure changed this week!!
And I hear ya on the huge comments - I HATED them!! It is never, ever, ever ok to call a woman huge - ever lol!

Daryl looks good being daddy to a monkey! It's good you guys are practicing with that stuff. Make sure you do it with the bucket too because it's kind of hard when you do it with a wiggly little baby!

Oh, getting excited for you! Have you read the book yet?

Julie said...

Love the pics!!!

Emily is telling me right now "Did the baby come out yet?" She is anxiously awaiting his arrival.

Me too!

Julie said...

oh and btw- you look super cute!

*word verification*


Morgan said...

April, you look huge..and I mean that in the nicest way possible! LOL! That's the cutest beach ball belly ever! haha!

And Daryl's pics are hilarious! From what I can see of the nursery it's BEAUTIFUL April!! you still haven't posted pics of it yet!!?

the cubicle's backporch said...

It does look like a beach ball! I can't believe how much your belly changed in a week!!

That really stinks that people are so forthcoming with their comments. They should be maced.

Keri said...

That's the most GORGEOUS beach ball belly i've EVER seen !
You look FAB ! and D looks so excited.

Stephanie said...

Your belly is big, but it looks like that's the only part of you that gained weight - lucky!!!

Lookin' good!! :)

bekah said...

haha you look great!! hoping I look that cute 24 days before my due date!

Sarah R said...

I think you look AWESOME! I think it's the amazingness of the belly, that it can protrude that much and you can still stand upright, that amazes people. You look like you're relatively tall, so it just looks amazing to me. I think people are just fascinated... :)

Love Daryl with the carrier! Tell him I hope he never wears a shirt once he puts the baby in there. :) That would be cute.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for the teaser..I cant wait to see the rest!!
Looks like it coming along great!
Love the monkey pics too! look beautiful! It really does look like you stuck a beach ball under there! Perfectly round...and no weight gain anywhere else!
He will be here anytime girl...cant wait to "meet" him!!

Flea said...

Good lord, woman. You're ... you're ... you're pregnant!

Rachel said...

You look wonderful! :)

April said...

Okay, now I'm tearingup. But becuz you guys are too awesome! Thanks for your kind and encouraging words, everyone! This hormonal, tired, crank-pot, preggo-lady really appreciates it. :-)

Lilah-I did start the book! I'm hooked so far! I think Daryl is almost half-way through it. That stinker started reading it before now we fight over it. LOL

Jaina said...

April, that yellow compliments you very well. I think you look beautiful. And you have one of those perfectly rounded bellies, I love it!

Robyn said...

Oh baby. You do look great though.

My Two Army Brats said...

Holy.freakin.crap................ your hair is way shorter than I thought!

(cause I'd never say all those other things!)

Tabitha said...

You look totally great April and I love the picture of Big D with the baby carrier on ~ too funny!! XXX
Hope that you are both doing ok.
Love and hugs Tabitha XXXX

Kat said...

I think you look absolutely fabulous!!!! You look so cute and stylish and your hair is awesome! You rock! And that nursery is so cute. I can't wait to see more pics. :)

I hear ya on the tired thing. Ugh.

Looks like you have pretty much everything ready for Hunter's arrival. It could be any time now. :)

Heidi Renée said...

Bahahahaha, Daryl's monkey baby!

Anonymous said...

Daryl's pics are awesome!!! Too cute and funny. He must be so excited!

And why can't people just shut their damn mouths? You look amazing. You've got the mommy glow that should be put into a bottle and sold. Muah!