Thursday, July 09, 2009

It's list-time again! I'm going to post what's LEFT of the previous to-do list I had originally posted here. And then I'll follow it up with my hospital-bag packing list and Peeveme, that is especially for you! :-)

But FIRST, a quick note. I went to the doctor's yesterday for a pretty uneventful visit. Had the Group B Strep test done and told doctor about my "newest" changes/feelings in my body (along with the Braxton Hicks contrax the other night) and basically got the "Yup, that's all normal" speech. I'm down to once a week appointments now so next Wednesday I'm back at the doctor's office again. They don't do routine internal exams yet (unless I request one) and I'm partially thinking this is a GOOD thing becuz if I hear I'm dilated/effaced (or NOT) I'll probably just be more impatient!

Also, tonight was the last birthing class for us, and we got the tour of the birthing wing. It was good, for me I know, to see where all the "action" will be taking place. I think it helped to set my mind at ease. Plus I realized today, I seemed to have entered the 'calm before the storm' phase. My nervousness, my anxiousness, my's all seemed to have melted away. I'm now just focused on the excitement of meeting our little boy!

Still left to-do-List:

1. Okay, Big D rocks and he has put up the closet door in Hunter's room. So now that all is left for this task is for him to finish putting up the last wall's trim and chair rail. And the crown moulding needs to go up, but we have to get D's Uncle Rob over to help with that. Most likely the crown moulding won't be done till after Hunter's birth.
Oh and Big D has put one coat of sealer over the stain he painted on the bench for the nursery so now he is just going to sand it and seal again.

2. Clean out the hallway linen closet. I know this technically has nothing whatsoever to do with the new baby's arrival, however, it's driving me absolutely bonkers. The closet is skinny and tiny and can barely fit all the towels, sheets, blankets, curtains and misc. bathroom supplies in it right now, so every time I open the door, something falls on me. This will not fly for me once baby is here so now is my time to clean it up and reorganize the contents! *ADDITION* Plus now with the bath supplies, towels and face cloths that we got for Hunter at the baby shower, I'd much rather keep them all in our linen closet, then in his nursery closet.

3. Steam-clean the living room and hallway carpets.

4. Pack bag for the hospital. *ADDITION* This is actually a work-in-progress right now. I've got the baby's stuff all together and now I'm working on mine. I'm going to post my list at the bottom of this post so PLEASE tell me if I'm forgetting anything!

5. Call the humane society about dropping off our dog, Daisy, and cat, Bailey. (some of Daisy's story can be read about here and also here). It's so tough and it will be a hard and emotional thing to do, but I have to do what's right for my child and my family.
And regarding my cat, Bailey has still continued to use our couch as a litter box (she pooped on the couch AGAIN last night) so when Daryl pointed it out to me, I immediately burst into tears. It's like the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, and it breaks my heart. But what more can I do??

6. My friend Crystal is dropping off the bassinet this Sunday. Woo hoo!

7. Buy a night light for the nursery.

8. Clean the bathroom!

YAHOO!! I whittled my insanely huge list down to only eight items! I'm so proud of myself AND feeling less stressed/rushed about getting stuff accomplished. Not much else left to do but relax and WAIT for our little one's arrival!

Packing for the Hospital (me):

  • pair of comfy socks
  • slippers
  • flip flops
  • lip balm
  • lotion
  • (1) nursing nightgown (although I don't know if I'll wear it, or just the hospital gowns)
  • short, thin bathrobe
  • nursing bra(s)
  • cell phone and charger
  • camera & video camera with charger cords
  • toiletries
  • headband or elastic (to put my hair back during labor)
  • pillow
  • going home outfit (comfy loose sweats, a maternity t-shirt and undies)
  • copy of my birth plan

Packing for the Hospital (Daryl):

  • change of clothing for first night (second night he'll probably run home to shower/change)
  • swim trunks (in case I go into shower during labor and need his support)
  • toiletries for at least 1st night
  • lap top and charger cord
  • snacks
  • DVD(s) (not that I foresee him watching any movies but maybe he can while I'm resting?)

Packing for the Hospital (Hunter):

  • baby blanket(s) (at least one so Daryl can bring it home for Tucker to sniff with Hunter's scent on it)
  • going home outfit (I packed two, one smaller and one slightly bigger)
  • hat, onesie and socks
  • baby book
  • baby's car seat, installed in truck

Okay, is there anything you think I could be forgetting????


Anonymous said...

It sounds like things are really falling into place!

Instead of the blanket for Daryl to take home to the dog, ask the nurses to give you the first hat they put on Hunter (all my kids had a pre-bath hat and then a clean hat after getting their first bath.) That way the dog can have the hat and you won't be 'wasting' a blanket.

Aimée said...

I had my daughter without my husband (he was deployed) and the hospital I was in (of course this was 8 years ago!!!) didn't have wet WIPES, but let you use them if you brought them. That would be my suggestion. WET wipes really make that first poo not quite as bad, I guess. Sorry for not commenting so much...but I am always reading, thinking, and praying for you! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ditch the baby book. I wrote in mine ONLY because I had nobody coming to visit. You have family/friends, you'll have no time to write in it then. The hospital will also probably also provide you with a robe and slipper-socks. I say just use theirs, especially that first day, since you may bleed all over it. Towels to roll up and place around Hunter in case he is too small for the car seat. Or you can buy a body support thing.

And here is something I don't if you know. The nurses will come in during the middle of the night to check your blood pressure and temp. They come in several times. In case Big D sleeps in his undies (as David does, and we didn't know they'd be coming in). Also, they'll ask about your bleeding, and then want to physically look in your undies. That was shocking, with David right there, and a tad embarrassing.

The Captain's Wife said...


Robyn said...

I was glad I brought a robe. It was a cheap light one from wally world, but it was nice to be able to walk around the floor. Though I had a c-sect and was stuck there for 4 days. Think about maternity pants to wear home, I brought sweatpants and they were hard to get into and hurt(agian c-sect) Also I know you plan on beast feeding so did I so I didn't have any formula in the house when we got home and breast feeding wasn't working. I had about a days worth left from the hospital.

Emily Jean said...

Girl you are on it! Will be here before you know it!

Kat said...

Ah yes. The calm before the storm. I know all about that.

It looks like you have pretty much everything you need. It won't be long now! :)

Jaina said...

I don't know for sure, but my mom had heavy flow pads and stuff. Never done it myself though. You are getting SO close! I can't wait!!!!

Poltzie said...

WOW, you are getting so close! So exciting!

It depends on what your hospital supplies but I needed to bring diapers and wipes (although I used the hospital ones mostly) and pads, don't forget pads. Make sure you make some frozen pads too first (mist them with water, place in a ziplock and then freeze).

Also, for the baby: bring a couple of onesies and sleepers. The chemicals they use to clean all the linens at the hospital are really strong and they give most babies a rash. Also bring a few recieving blankets for swaddling.

Other than that you should be good to go. Oh maybe a book or a magazine!

Oh and snacks, you will be HUNGRY after labour and the hospital food isn't great!

Krystyn said...

I was glad I brought a cheap robe, too. I didn't want to wear any of my clothes until the last minute and those gowns don't have backs!

Other than look good to go.

Grandy said...

Hopefully you were able to get a few of these off the list over the weekend...and get some rest. :)

You're doing great!!

Melissa said...

Oh how exciting! I am new to blogging and just found your blog but it sure brings back memories!

Stephanie said...

Wow! You are super organized! And with only 27 days left. You'll get it all done and it will be perfect! :)

Heather said...

bring a pair of shorts that you may choose to go home in instead of sweatpants.
it was over 100 degrees both times i had the kids...catherine in june so expected but christian in october! i made jason go home and get shorts for me to go home in!

Peeveme said...

Hey thanks! I also brought my won pads and I use the hospital gowns because I didn't want to get mine all bloody.

The only other thing I am bringing is a file folder. I need a place to keep my admissions papers and birth plan. Also you will come home with stacks of papers (social security, birth certificate, literature) and it's nice to have one place to put them.

I think mine is going in the car tonight in case I have to go straight to the hospital and can't stop at home.

I also have a daily pack of things I put in my purse each morning just in case I don't have a chance to go home (makeup-hey, I'm vain- my fiction book, my sleep mask, night guard for my teeth).

Anonymous said...

My absolute favorite thing that I brought was my own pillow. It was a contoured pillow so it really supported my neck during delivery. My second favorite thing was a package of small bite sized Jolly Ranchers. You aren't allowed anything but water and ice chips and suckers. I brought these in leu of suckers and found they worked great for my constant dry throat.

I wish you nothing but the best delivery!