Monday, July 27, 2009

Just got home from the emergency room about a half hour ago.

But not for me, for Big D!!

This has been a day from hell.

First Daryl brought my little Daisy to the animal shelter this was emotionally draining and hard on the both of us. I stayed home cuz we both realized it would be too much for me. And right before leaving, it just "hit" Daryl and he teared up along with me. He started complaining about how his belly hurt so I suggested that maybe it was just due to stress.

And not to be TMI but he ended up having diarrhea before he left. When he got home we were both pretty glum and quiet. And after a few more bouts of diarrhea for him, Daryl said he really was not feeling well and was going to go lay down, and watch tv, in bed. About 30-40 minutes later I suddenly heard horrible, painful-sounding retching from the bathroom. I jumped up when I realized poor Daryl was puking his brains out and I quickly got him a glass of water.

I have never seen him throw up before. This man has a rock-solid stomach. He barely ever gets sick. I often joke that he has an iron-clad stomach. So for him to be throwing up this heavily, I was worried. And then he pointed out that he had spit up some pghlemy-looking blood. While I figured maybe it was from his forceful vomiting, I still felt anxious at the sight of that blood. By this point Big D was laying on the bathroom floor, clutching his stomach and moaning. I called my mom for advice and she suggested if he got worse, to take him to the emergency room. Then got Daryl back to bed with a pan, but by that time he said he was pretty sure he wasn't' going to throw up again. Got him a glass of ginger ale and less than five minutes later he was moaning and breathing even heavier.

I KNEW he was in serious pain cuz this is a stoic man who has a high threshold for pain. He hardly EVER complains.

"I think we should go to the emergency room." He murmured. I didn't question him, just threw on some clothes (I'd been in pj's all day), grabbed a bottle of water and some cookies for my preggo-self and a book, figuring we'd be in the waiting room for QUITE some time.

WEll, after hearing his symptoms, he was brought in after only about two minutes of a wait. This was at approximately 4:30-4:45pm. What followed was blood tests, urine tests, and then a cat scan. Daryl's sugar level was dangerously high...380! He was severely dehydrated, and the blood tests showed that he had a low white blood cell count signaling infection. His pain was out of control and it now wasn't just his belly, but in his back as well, and he kept writhing around on the bed until they finally administered some pain meds. Every time the pain meds wore off, he'd start moaning and rolling around in bed and thankfully got more pain meds.

The doctor on call said that Daryl had Gastroenteritis and the beginning of Pancreatitis. And he wanted to admit him overnight.

So after 6-7 hours, 3 bags of saline, being moved--Daryl still in bed-- into the hallway at one point when a severe emergency case came in (and I ended up resting my belly on Daryl's leg in his bed while my low back throbbed and ached (finally a nice nurse brought me a chair) for about an hour, endless cups of ice chips which is all they'd allow him while I munched on saltine crackers and Lorna Doones, then back into a cubicle still in the emergency room, an EKG, a chest x-ray, another sugar level check (down to 297) and some more poking and prodding...finally, for like the millionth time Daryl told me to please go home. He was more worried about ME and the fact that I was exhausted and my belly was so tight and i'd barely eaten all afternoon. So at 11:20pm, while poor Big D still waited to be moved to a "holding room" becuz there were NO ROOMS left in the hospital, I headed home.

I was tired, my back hurt, and I smelled from not showering earlier today. And our yellow lab, Tucker, had been locked up for hours and hadn't even gotten his dinner. I fed him immediately then hopped my stinky ass into the shower. Just had a cup of hot tea and now I'm in bed, tired but still not ready for bed after this crazy day.

I feel guilty that poor Big D is still in the hospital where it was so loud and crazy (the ER was INSANE tonight!) and I know he could not sleep. Every time he'd start to drift off, there was beeping and loud voices and machines and paramedics wheeling more people in. I PRAY he is in the holding room now, hopefully asleep.

I'm now exhausted and gotta get some sleep. I told him to call me in the morning. We have no idea yet if he'll be kept one night or two.


Heidi Renée said...

Oh NO! I'm thinking good thoughts for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts! A friend of my dad's was just diagnosed with pancreatitis. He was told basically to be more healthy, and stayed in the hospital a few days with fluids. Hopefully this'll be the same for D, and he'll be out soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I hope everything is okay for Big D. Just make sure you take care of yourself and Hunter as well. One sickie in the family is enough.

Kel said...

Oh my gosh! I hope he is ok and that you got a little rest last night. Please keep us updated on Big D's recovery!!

You're both in my thoughts!!

Sarah said...

Oh, poor big D! Please keep us updated.

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl,

Hope everything turns out ok and Big D comes home soon. Get some rest. Keep me posted, thinking about you guys.

Keri said...

BIG hugs for BIG D... and little April & Hunter.
Pancreatitis is def. painful but quite treatable... and hopefully big D feels better super soon.

Kat said...

Oh no!!! Poor Big D!!!! And poor you! My gosh. What drama to be happening right before this baby is due to come. So much stress!

I pray Big D gets out of the hospital soon and everyone is healthy and well.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I hope he is on the mend soon - the last thing you two need is adjoining hospital rooms!

Sarah R said...

How scary, April! Thinking good thoughts for him, and hope he gets out soon (before you have to go to L&D)! *hugs*

Stephanie said...

Please know I am thinking about Big D and praying for a quick and easy recovery!
Take care of yourself too..the last thing we need is both of you in the hospital!
Hope you both were able to get a little sleep last night.
Please keep us updated!

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! I hope he is ok. You're in my thoughts today! Please keep us updated! And keep yourself healthy too!

Poltzie said...

Oh no, poor D! Keep us updated and make sure you are resting yourself!!

Birdee said...

I hope he get's feeling better soon, that sounds horrible.
That would suck if you were both in the hospital at the same time but in different rooms :(

Emily Jean said...

Oh my! That's horrible! I hope to hear that he is home soon!

Julie said...

:( Oh Big D!!! Hoping he is feeling better by now!!

Take care you guys....what timing!!

Tabitha said...

Sending much love and great big hugs to you both.
Let us know how things go.
Take care ~ XXXX

Heather said...

prayers for you all!
and yes please keep us updated!

bekah said...

Oh NO! Ill be praying for you both!

Robyn said...

I hope Big D is better soon, no one want to stay in the hospital.

Anonymous said...

Hope he gets better, soon! You've both had enough stress.