Friday, July 24, 2009

Well, I didn't get the internal.

The doctor didn't want to do it, and explained all his reasoning why. And of course, I trust his (all of their) judgement.

Even though I will admit, I was mildly disappointed. ;-)

First we heard baby Hunter's heartbeat and man, oh man, did that sound so beautiful and healthy and STRONG! Then blood pressure was good and he checked out my ankles and said, "Looking great!" No visible swelling.

Then I asked about the nausea I've been experiencing the past two days, along with the feelings of pressure and crampiness, and the doctor explained that the baby is so low he is putting pressure on my rectum which in turn causes the nausea.

I learn something new every day with this pregnancy, I tell ya.

But, holy crap, is this kid ready to come out, in my opinion! Walking has become damn near impossible! And when I cough/sneeze/laugh I SWEAR it feels like I am about to pop him out! It was funny to realize as I sat on the doctor's table, when I was first waiting for him to come in...that's when I realized just how low my belly had dropped becuz I could barely sit there. It felt like my stomach was completely sitting on my lap and it certainly was not comfortable! And I had to keep rocking back and forth from one butt cheek to the other cuz my butt started to get numb from sitting in the same position too long. Heh heh.

The part of the doctor's visit that made me the most happy?? Finding out I get an ultrasound next week! There is still thought that this baby could be big, so I'll be having an u/s to determine his estimated fetal weight. If he is getting really large, then we will talk induction. Oh, and talk about me reading into everything?? When the doctor first started to tell me about getting an u/s next week, he said, "--if you make it that long." So I was thinking Ooh, ooh! He thinks I'm going to go soon! Is that what he said to me? No, it's just wishful thinking on my part. And then after the weight talk he followed up with, "--but I bet this baby is not as big as you think he is." I told him that since he's the doctor and I have nothing else to base this on, I'd like to believe him. I explained how it's hard to know what to think with so many people giving their advice and telling me how "huge" I am, etc, etc, and that's when he said (God, I love this guy! LOL) "People are idiots. They think they can say whatever they want to a pregnant woman when really, they just need to shut their mouth!"

Anyway, that was my appointment in a nutshell. I'm feeling a little more settled and relaxed with where I'm at, which is a good thing. I did not sleep well last night but not from anxiousness. I think I had the WORST bout of heartburn I've had yet, and had to keep repeatedly sitting ram-rod straight up in bed. I wanted to cry!

Oh, and a quick funny story Big D had a dream the other night that I urgently woke him up to tell him it was time to head to the hospital. Well, he proceeded to then wake up for REAL from his dream and there I was, sitting up straight as a stick in bed, staring off into space!

"Are you all right?" He asked me groggily. I had to disappoint him and explain I merely was going to get up to pee and pop some Tums for my killer heartburn and that no, I was NOT going into labor. Poor Big D...he is so ready for this baby and the wait is making him crazy!!

Now onto a sad note. This is Daisy's last week with us. We found a local no-kill shelter that will take her, despite all her issues. When Daryl explained that our absolute last option was having to put her to sleep (which I still don't think I could have done) the man he spoke to said, "Oh no, no, we'll take her!"

I've been bawling on and off all week since we determined she was leaving. Sunday is the day. I've already decided that i will NOT be making the trip with her to the shelter. Daryl and I both think it's best if he brings her, becuz otherwise I will be a freakin' horrible, emotional mess. And I certainly don't want Daisy feeding off of my energy that day.

I got copies of her vet records AND printed out a two-page note for him to bring that goes into some detail about her main, serious "issues". And I made sure to tell them in the letter about her need for a home with no children or pets...she needs a quiet home, no drama and change.

I don't think I ever mentioned it here, but we did give Timber back to Fidelco as well. While that was hard, it wasn't as emotional for me becuz (1) We went into the experience with him KNOWING he was not our own dog to keep and (2) I was proud of the time and love we gave him while we had him living with us for approximately nine months. And Fidelco assured us, we'd still get to hear all of his updates including getting to see him one last time before he goes to live with his future owner (which won't happen for another year at least...he has more training to go).

So it's been SUPER emotional for me lately and I've been trying to not let myself get too upset. I know these steps are for the best and for the safety and well-being of my family.


Sarah R said...

I think it's definitely going to be soon, especially considering how low he is.

I'm sorry about Daisy.... ((((hugs))))

Stephanie said...

I'm glad everything is looking good! You are in my thoughts girl and I'm glad the dr was able to ease your mind a bit.

Jaina said...

I'm sorry that you have to give up Daisy, but I'm so glad that you found a safe place to take her, that has to be some sort of relief for you at least. I'm glad you'll get updates on Timber and be able to see him before he goes on assignment. So glad that everything is going well with Hunter. I keep logging on hoping to see a post saying he's finally in your arms! (complete with fabulous pictures, of course!)

K13 said...

I'm sorry to hear of all the emotional sadness you've been dealing with. That is awful. I sure hope Daisy finds a great home!! She is adorable!!!

Peeveme said...

It's probably better that you did not get the internal. First, they HURT! Like a Mo Fo. HURT!

Second, they really don't tell you much.

Third, no reason to introduce any (even if it's rare) possibility of infection, broken bags of water etc.

Maybe at 40 weeks internals might make sense...but even then they just are done for curiosity's sake. They do tell you a little bit of info but it's nothing you can bank on.

Poltzie said...

I agree with Peeveme, internals are risky and don't tell ya much anyways!

I have so much empathy for you with the baby being low. Chicken was head down and fully engaged at 32 weeks and I had him at 39 weeks. I felt like I had a watermelon in my vagina for 7 whole weeks! I mostly stood or laid down for the last month of my pregnancy haha!

But I promise you, he won't pop out! Ah, if only it were that easy LOL!

And BIG hugs about Daisy! I know I would have been heart broken if Belle wasn't able to go to my parent's house. Thinking of you lots!!

bekah said...

1. AMEN Dr! Why do they do that?! Stupid people! They keep telling me how 'tiny' I am. Makes me feel like they think my baby is not growing. I know thats not what they mean, but come on!

2. So sad about Daisy, but I am glad you found somewhere that will give her a shot at finding a new family!

Kat said...

Aww. :( I can see why you are emotional. I don't blame you.

I do, however, LOVE your doctor. He sounds awesome! Love his comment about other people shutting their mouths. hehehe

I hear ya on the heartburn. Last night was super bad for me with that too. I think I am starting to get to the point where I am done (well almost, maybe) being pregnant and ready for baby to come. There is just a lot of pain involved. ;)

Hang in there. It will come soon enough! :)