Thursday, July 23, 2009

What do you think?

Yesterday afternoon I left work early cuz I had a doctor's appointment and while in my car I got a phone call that the office had to reschedule to the next day (today), because the doctor was on the way to the hospital to go deliver a baby. The nerve! Ha, kidding. So, feeling thankful I had an extra two hours to myself (off from work) I went home and immediately, randomly, started cleaning the baker's rack in my kitchen (we have a small kitchen and the microwave and some other stuff is on the baker's rack, cuz we don't' have enough counter space). I started scrubbing out the microwave, and weeding through old mail and just generally cleaning. I had been having Braxton Hicks contractions since I got home but I was so focused on cleaning, that instead of going to lay down and drink water, I sorta ignored them.

I did drink water, at least.

Then Daryl got home about an hour later so we ran out to do a quick grocery shopping, just to get some main staples. I ended up leaning on the carriage as we walked cuz I was so tired and my back was sore. AND those damn BH's were still coming. It wasn't painful at all, so I wasn't worried that they were real contractions, but it was definitely uncomfortable with how tight my belly was feeling. I also had started to feel nauseous but I attributed it to eating too much sugar that afternoon.

So off we went back home and I put away the groceries and then went to lay down while Big D made a quick dinner for us of hot dogs and green beans. The nausea was very mild, so I wondered if maybe I was just hungry, but yet when I had dinner in front of me I had to force it down (I even fed the rest of my green beans to the dogs, sssshhhhh! Don't tell Big D! Ha ha!). Starting from like 7pm for the next two hours, Hunter was extremely active and mobile...and PAINFUL to his poor Mama.

While Daryl had been hoping earlier in the night, that the nausea was maybe a beginning sign of labor, I reassured him that this baby was WAY too active for that. I thought I remembered reading that their activity level dies down a bit when labor is beginning. And when I felt better, I decided to have a small bowl of vanilla ice cream, after which I felt gross again. And my low belly started to gently (not painfully) ache.

Finally at bedtime around 10:30pm, I was getting ready to crawl into bed when I realized that I was having a new my low, low belly I had a feeling of "fullness" in addition to the slight ache--I was trying to determine if it was a PMS-feeling type of ache, cuz I have not felt it before(at least not anything like it since the VERY beginning of this pregnancy). I woke up a bajillion times to pee through-out the night, as always, and almost always felt that low "fullness" and achiness.

My questions now. Do you think this "fullness" I feel could be that Hunter has moved down even lower?

And also, I don't think my office was going to start internal checks until I hit 38 weeks, but as of today I am 37 weeks and 4 days, so like 37 and a half weeks...and I want to request they do an internal.

Do you think I'm crazy? I just feel like I am going insane with the not-knowing and feeling these things changing with my body. I'm over-analyzing everything and trying my best at the same time, NOT to. At least if I DO get the check (the doctors had told me before they would do an internal if the patient requested one, before 38 weeks) I will know that something is/is not happening and maybe I can try to RELAX???


Birdee said...

I think it's cool you'll have your appointment after all this was happening so you can ask your Dr. and maybe even get an internal check (wierd your Dr. doesnt check till 38 weeks, I got one yesterday). But if you had your appt before, you'd have to wait a whole nuther week ;)
(yes I know "nuther" is not a word)
Hoping to see some progress for you today!! GL!! =D

Aimée said...

I would ask for an internal. My daughter came early, without much warning and was active until I was almost fully dialated. My water never broke, but I did lose my plug (gross, sorry) so you might want to watch for that every time you have to go to the bathroom. I'm excited to hear what your doctor says!

Sarah said...

Sounds like little Hunter is getting ready to make his appearance.

Cant wait to hear how the appointment went.

The Captain's Wife said...

You can certainly ask for the internal...but DO NOT be dissapointed if you are not dialated...and don't get too excited if you are :) Remeber now, as uncomfortable as you are, you want Hunter to cook as long as possible.

I never nested...good for you for doing it.

Also Kira was super active till the moment she came out, so I am not sure if the "less movement" thing is totally true for all. HOWEVER a lot of what you are describibg does in fact sound like Hunter could be getting ready to meet his dogs and cats!

I asked before...have you set up your blog so you can text updates??

Morgan said...

I think it's possible he moved down and thats what you are feeling! Update us as soon as you can after the appointment! I would ask for an internal! They started giving me mine at around 37 weeks I think! Like Captain's Wife said, don't be disappointed if you are not dialated because that can change in a matter of minutes! I just am too freaking excited for you April! I just wanna scream!! LOL! :)

April said...

K-I did update my phone so I could text you guys updates...but now I'm having problems with my dang text messaging!! ARGH! So I was gonna go to the store I bought my blackberry at tonight to see if they can fix it...I will feel horrible if I can't keep you guys updated cuz that was my intention all along. ;-)

And don't worry everyone, I'm not going to feel disappointed (or insanely excited if I AM LOL) if not dilated/effaced...but I just feel like I need a frame of reference. You know?

Anonymous said...

I think it is a legitimate request. All of my kiddos were active straight up to delivery, I never made it 37 weeks without being 3 centimeters dialated (though Maren was the only baby that came early), I never lost my plug (despite being complete with Briar when I made it to the hospital), and my water never broke. I would explain the frame of reference thing to your doctor - I contracted off and on with Cooper for days without knowing that what I was feel were contractions! Good luck!

Sarah R said...

I'm not sure. When I went into labor, I woke up and had timed contractions 5-7 minutes apart. I just knew it was the real thing. Then I also had diarrhea.

Poltzie said...

I agree with the Captain's Wife, don't get excited or dissapointed. In all honestly, I would not ask for an internal. It causes a great risk of infection and complications and it honestly doesn't mean anything anyways. I know lots of women who were dilated 3cm for six weeks, had BH for like a month and had their baby two weeks late and lots of women who are the opposite.

I read somewhere that 87% of first time pregnancies are late, so who knows when Hunter will make his appearance.

I know you are uncomfortable but you really do want that baby to cook as long as possible. Chicken was a week early and he had a few issues because things wern't totally developed. NOt a big deal, but life sure would have been easier without the acid reflux!!

Either way, make sure you update when you can and TRY (I know, so hard right now) to get as much rest as you can!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't get the exam either. It's not going to make a difference in knowing and the doctors wait for a reason. I know you're anxious, he'll be here as soon as he's ready.

My Two Army Brats said...

I got checked and they stripped my membranes and I had the boys each time two days later. They were very low and very uncomfortable. I had BH for months it sucked.

I disagree about not getting checked. It's all about you knowing whats going on in your body so if you feel like you wanna know go for it! It's not all that uncomfortable and I was one who had to know what was going on.

Good luck! I can't wait for the post saying that it's time, or that Hunter has arrived!

bekah said...

yeah, get an cant hurt anything. But remember that even if you are could stay that way for a few weeks. I remember thinking my sister in law was GOING to have the baby too early B/C she was dilated a cm, but then I learned that you can just stay that way.

Jaina said...

I wish I had something to share here, but I've never been through this. Good luck April! I'm sure the doctors will help you to relax. :)

Stephanie said...

Just checking back to see if there was an update!
I have a feeling Hunter is getting ready to come! I hope the doctor gives you some idea!
I lost my plug and was dialated for 3 weeks before I had Landon, but know people who went right into labor after they lost theirs! Gotta love the human body! ;)

Sarah said...

I rushed in from work to see if there was an update....nothing. Damn!
Hope all is well, update us when you can. =)

Kat said...

Oh man, I know this so well. It is so hard not to over think every little thing right now. It is all just too exciting.
I would have the doc to the internal just to make you feel better. But I also have to warn you that I was not dilated at all with my first and then out of the blue my water broke and by the time I got to the hospital I was already 7 cm. Then with my last one I was 3 cm dilated for like 3 weeks and the baby was overdue. It was nuts. Signs sometimes don't help much. You just never can tell.
Either way. It won't be too long now. Hang in there!

Stephanie said...

I think it's just your body getting ready for the coming weeks. You will go through lots of changes during this time and lots of new feelings as well - such as the "fullness" you are describing. Don't be upset if you aren't dilated or haven't made any outward signs of progress though. That happens. When you lose your plug, things will happen more quickly! Good Luck!