Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I love Fall!

I had a great weekend with my family, enjoying the first weekend that actually felt like Autumn had arrived! The leaves are all starting to change colors, the air is crisp and the sun is shining.

Thursday I made a trip to the orchard with Sarah and her girls. I strapped a snoozing Hunter into the Baby Bjorn and grabbed a bag, ready to pick. Of course due to the crappy weather this year, crops have suffered. Most of the apples had holes or were dimpled and bruised from a hail storm we had this summer. So it took us a little bit longer to pick and find a decent bagful of apples, but we were determined!

And then like a jackass, I accidentally dropped an apple on my child's head. Heh. The poor thing startled so hard and gave out a huge cry before immediately going back to sleep. I felt like THE worst mother!

Friday, Daryl called me around 10:100am to ask what I thought if he came home from work early, so that we could go to the Big E. For those of you not from New England, the Big E is this HUGE fair (I use the term fair loosely!) located in West Springfield, Mass. Six eastern states take part in the fair: Massachusetts, Connecticut (my state!), Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont and New Hampshire. While I LOVE the Big E, it is an all day thing, between driving there, finding parking, and all the insane walking that is involved.

So by the time Daryl got home around one, then I had to feed the baby again and get some other stuff ready, we decided instead to go to the Durham Fair, which is local. Hunter's first visit to the fair was fun! He slept through Mommy and Daddy chowing down on yummy food but then he woke up by the time we reached the animals. I think his favorite, no doubt, were the cows. Hunter's eyes were as large as half dollars every time he heard a bellowing "Moooo!" echo through the building! I did take a couple pics/video but we haven't uploaded it to the computer yet. Anyway, the most memorable part of the day was feeding a screaming, hungry baby in the parking lot and then realizing he had an insane blow-out diaper that required the bed of the truck, a naked baby and LOTS of baby wipes. Lord, kid.

Saturday was another day of firsts for Hunter! Our original plan was to take Hunter to Lyman Orchards to pick some pumpkins and get some cute pictures.

Well, due to the pumpkin shortage (damn crappy weather again!) there were NO pumpkins! After that disappointment we headed to our friend Joe and Erin's for a fun day. They recently had bought a pontoon boat and wanted to show it off so we went on the lake for Hunter's first boat ride. It was chilly with the breeze blowing on the water so I bundled him good in his car seat and when he woke up, I put him in the Baby Bjorn again and wrapped some blankets around his legs. After our boat ride, it was off to a local farm that Erin had found who DID have pumpkins!

After Hunter's first hayride, we hopped down from the tractor to hear the farm employee warning us that the pumpkins were still green (due to the first crop being ruined, they had to replant later in the season). He reassured us that after picking them they WOULD still turn orange. So if we are the only losers in town with green pumpkins on our front porch, now you know why. Ha! Anyway, this was a HARD CORE pumpkin patch! It was on a hill which made it hard enough to maneuver as it is but then you add in the leaves and greenery that came up to our knees,k and dodging piles of deer poop here and there. So needless to say, I did NOT get my cute Hunter-pumpkin patch pictures that I had envisioned since before he was born.

Back at Joe and Erin's we ate our take-our dinner form this deliciously yummy BBQ place nearby. Then we headed home with a sleepy baby.

Sunday we had to get up and out early to go to our friend's son's 1st birthday party. And of course, being the procrastinators that we both are, we were buying his gift on the way to the party. Daryl teased his friend J0hn all month about how he was going to buy Joey the most loudest, most obnoxious toy ever but I begged him to keep it only sightly annoying. Payback is a bitch, I had to remind him of that! The weather was totally crappy, pouring on and off all day, and the party was outdoors BUT they had like six tents set up so we were under the tent at all times which was good. After catered meal, cake and some fun, we headed home around 4pm where we relaxed and watched a movie together before bed.

My two cute boys! If you didn't know they were related, I think those matching noses (at least!) give it away! LOL

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ladies Man
Oh lord.
It's starting already.

The "women" are flocking to my boy.

I might have to lock this kid in his room until he grows up. Heh.

I mean, come on...who can resist a face this cute??

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

So, life is pretty good right now.

(sorry pic so grainy....took it with my cell phone)

I've been enjoying my maternity leave (so much so that I've started having nightmares about going back to work...I wake up practically in tears) and spending time with not only my sweet baby boy, but my Mom as well! The house is amazingly clean (something I can never seem to get it to on a daily basis while working full time)and almost all the laundry is done. It looks great!

I love my hubby so much...he's been such a great Daddy and watching him cuddle and whisper to his son makes me feel like I can't breathe. It's blissful. Daryl has been picking up some overtime lately so I feel like I don't get to see him as much as I'd like, but I know he is doing this for the sake of his family, and I'm so grateful. He is the reason I'm ABLE to take a 14 week maternity leave (half of which is already over. Boo). I am enjoying every second (poop, spit-up and all) that I get to spend at home with Hunter.

One of my favorite holidays is coming, Halloween, and even though Hunter is so little I can NOT wait for his first real holiday! And yes, I do plan on dressing him up. Haven't figured out in what yet, though. Any ideas?

My friends rock. I know they understand that things have been crazy-busy so I don't feel like I have to constantly explain myself about why I've been scarce. Being a Mommy is definitely time-consuming but I wouldn't trade it for anything. However, it was freakin' AWESOME to get out the other night with my bestest, April #2, for a little "ME" time. I really, really enjoyed a heavenly White Chocolate Martini and some nachos, along with INSANE amounts of laughter. We even got hit on by some 21-year olds which was an ego boost considering I've been feeling so fat and blah lately (although I just found out at my appointment yesterday that I've lost 27 lbs since Hunter's birth, woo hoo!).

Hunter is a very easy going baby. He doesn't cry just for the sake of crying. And he's entered into a fun stage right now of smiling, talking and laughing.

The other day my neighbor popped over and was holding him and suddenly Hunter turned his head and saw me and smiled in recognition. I swear his whole face lit up like sunshine. And it was such an overpowering moment to me that in the middle of my sentence, I floundered, stuttered...and started to giggle like a girl with a crush. I couldn't get back my train of thought at all, I was so blinded with love by my little man's smile at me! We've seen him smiling before that point, oh yes, but this time I could say 100% without a doubt that he was smiling at ME. That is wasn't gas, or his fascination with the ceiling or the lamp. He was happy to see his Mommy!

And then the other morning came the giggles. Daryl, Hunter and I were lying in bed together, being silly...when suddenly Hunter let loose with a peal of laughter directed right at his father. It was infectious and I couldn't help but laugh myself!

Anyway, I've finally started using the video camera and have some silly clips of Hunter "talking" and I'm posting one here below. I love this stage! He's so stinkin' cute!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey you Mommies out there...I have a question.

Lately (I'd say within the past two weeks) Hunter has been having a really hard time trying to poop. It's not every day, but on and off. I can tell that it is NOT fun for my little man, and he grunts and groans, kicking his legs out, and cries as he tries to go to the bathroom.

The worst was one night last week, where he cried almost ALL night (which is not the norm for him. Hunter has been either sleeping through the nights fully or just waking up one time to eat so for him to cry all night--and it had NOTHING to do with him wanting to eat--I knew he was hurting.). He will also often times be very gassy and toot but STILL not be able to poop.

It breaks my heart to see him trying so hard and red-faced and crying!

I did ask another Mommy I know, and she said her child had a similar issue and that there was really nothing anything I could do about it other than soothe him.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was told by another friend last night to try giving him a little water (like an ounce or less). But do you have any other suggestions, blog-Mommies? Is it a question of ME needing to eat more fiber (I am still breast feeding, and Hunter does get about 1-2 bottles of formula a day in addition.)? Should I call the pediatrician or will he just tell me the same thing, just to soothe him? I feel so helpless as he cries and grunts, especially cuz this is interfering with his napping/sleeping. My little man is exhausted.

Yesterday he hadn't pooped at ALL and then he finally went around four am this morning, poor baby. But now here he is pushing and grunting and groaning again like he still needs to go! :-( So I soothed him till he fell back asleep, but I can guarantee in five minutes, it will wake him up again.
Is there anything more you think I can do? Did you have this problem with one of your children?

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hunter is one month old!

This letter should have been posted on Friday, September 4th, but I was too busy packing for 2 adults, 1 baby and 1 dog for a weekend trip to upper state NY to visit Daryl's mom and stepdad...we were on the road by late afternoon. But this letter is better late than never!

Dear Hunter:

You are now one month old, buddy! And my, how you have already changed. You went from a little skinny bundle of newborn baby to the chubby cheeked and double-chin sweet face that you are today!

I love to stare at you...I swear I could do it all day and never get tired. Your eye lashes are longer and let me tell you, some women would die for those eyelashes. Your lips are often pursed and quite kissable as you make that same face you often made while still in the womb. I have an ultrasound picture of you making the same pursed-lip face! Your legs have the sweetest little baby fat rolls and your forearms rival those of a baby Pop-Eye. It won't be long before you can arm-wrestle your Daddy! :-)

And you have come so far in such a short time span! You hold your head up like a champ, and you roll over already. You did sleep through the night once, and I hold out hope it will happen again soon, but still you are doing great right now with only waking up once during the night usually after 5.5-6.5 hours of sleep. Mommy loves the fact that I can get some sleep again!

You make the cutest noises now when you "talk". Cooing and Mommy's favorite drawn-out and forceful "Gaaaaa!" when you are mad about a dirty diaper or an empty tummy. You smile often and while I'm pretty sure it's mostly due to gas, sometimes I think you are imitating what you see your Mommy and Daddy beaming down at you. I caught this one smile on film today that absolutely melts my heart, and while I'd like to think it wasn't due to gas (cuz I was smiling and talking silly to you at the same moment) you DID let out a big 'ol burp right afterwards.

Your favorite past time right now is to stare in awe at the ceiling and walls. Sometimes you have cooing conversations with the wall for minutes on end and it makes me laugh. You also are infatuated with looking at lights. If there is bright light coming from a lamp or an open window, you are all about being nosey and trying to check it out.

When you are mad, your forehead and nose wrinkle up just like Daddy's. I love to see how much you look like him even though I often joke to Daddy, "Geez, I carried this baby for nine months and all I see of myself is his chin, long fingers and big feet!" :-) But one thing that amazes me, Hunter? Sometimes, in a picture or in a certain facial expression you make, I see your Pop-Pop's face. Your Pop-Pop's smiling brown eyes shining at me. I know he would be so proud and excited by you, his first grandchild.

Your favorite way to fall asleep is belly to belly against your Mommy or Daddy. I think you love it the most with Daddy though...I often times snap pictures of the two of you snoozing on the couch. I'll never get tired of it!

You are eating great and I can't wait to see what your weight has gone up to. Between Mommy's milk and the occasional bottle of formula, you love to eat! When you are especially hungry, you have been eating about 4 and a half ounces. Keep on growing, little man!

I can't believe a full month has gone by. A month that I've been privileged to be your Mother, Hunter. To love you and care for you and be amazed by you every day. Some days I find myself staring at you in surprise...did this perfect little being really come out of me? Did Daryl and I really and truly create this miracle? And when I realize, that YES, we did, I am so in awe that tears well up in my eyes and I realize just how proud I am to be your Mommy.

Mommy and Daddy love you to infinity and beyond little man! You are our world.

Love Always,

Your Mommy

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My little man did it!

At exactly four weeks old, he slept through the entire night last night.

Hunter's last feeding was at about 9:30pm and around 10:45pm he drifted off to sleep by my side in his bassinet next to our bed. He woke up and fussed a little about 20 minutes later due to a dirty diaper but after that, he fell right back to sleep and stayed that way until 6:00 am this morning!!

I slept so soundly myself (of course that could be due to the fact that I feel like crap...I think I have a cold and was physically spent) that I didn't wake up till Hunter did, so no frantic checks this time by me during the night to make sure the baby was still breathing!

I'm hopeful this will happen again soon (if not tonight) becuz he has been sleeping anywhere from 4.5-6.5 hours straight each night. So he was slowly building himself up for it.

And on the adult-front, Big D and I are doing well. I'm finally feeling very NON-zombie like and more like myself! More sleep has that affect on me, I guess. And while I do still have my frantic, meltdown moments here and there, they are coming few and far between. I'm less nervous and anxious and more relaxed as a Mommy. I'm LOVING it!

And here is a brief video clip of Hunter's first nap in his own crib! Please ignore the crazy camera angles at first as you would THINK Daryl was drunk while filming...but I swear he was not. And yes, you will see the flashes of Mom-arazzi...I was trying so hard to get a picture from the perfect angle. Heh. Yes, we're obviously new, excited parents!!