Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hey you Mommies out there...I have a question.

Lately (I'd say within the past two weeks) Hunter has been having a really hard time trying to poop. It's not every day, but on and off. I can tell that it is NOT fun for my little man, and he grunts and groans, kicking his legs out, and cries as he tries to go to the bathroom.

The worst was one night last week, where he cried almost ALL night (which is not the norm for him. Hunter has been either sleeping through the nights fully or just waking up one time to eat so for him to cry all night--and it had NOTHING to do with him wanting to eat--I knew he was hurting.). He will also often times be very gassy and toot but STILL not be able to poop.

It breaks my heart to see him trying so hard and red-faced and crying!

I did ask another Mommy I know, and she said her child had a similar issue and that there was really nothing anything I could do about it other than soothe him.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was told by another friend last night to try giving him a little water (like an ounce or less). But do you have any other suggestions, blog-Mommies? Is it a question of ME needing to eat more fiber (I am still breast feeding, and Hunter does get about 1-2 bottles of formula a day in addition.)? Should I call the pediatrician or will he just tell me the same thing, just to soothe him? I feel so helpless as he cries and grunts, especially cuz this is interfering with his napping/sleeping. My little man is exhausted.

Yesterday he hadn't pooped at ALL and then he finally went around four am this morning, poor baby. But now here he is pushing and grunting and groaning again like he still needs to go! :-( So I soothed him till he fell back asleep, but I can guarantee in five minutes, it will wake him up again.
Is there anything more you think I can do? Did you have this problem with one of your children?


Sweetly Single said...

formula can and often does dehydrate babies. The other idea is he may be sensitive to the milk products in your formula.

He definitely needs water first and foremost and if that doesn't work they do have soy based formula that worked for my son.

Good Luck Mommy!

My Two Army Brats said...

I agree with Sweetly Single. The formula would be the first and easiest thing to change or cut out completely.

We used a warm wash cloth on our soons belly to soothe him and that seemed to help. I've also heard of using warm baths. You might also try to flex his legs toward his abdomen.

Talk to your doctor for sure. No one wants to see their baby in pain.

Good luck!

Poltzie said...

Eek - sorry! I had the opposite problem, too much poop! I've heard though that the iron in formula can back a baby up. Maybe try switching to a lower iron formula? Also, my doctor told me that some babies can go up to ten (honest TEN) days without pooping and that it's totally normal. If he's in pain it's obviously not normal but still?

Also, have you tried the fart workout or baby massage? The last one really worked for Chicken when he was all gassy. Google "baby massage" for lots of how to videos.

Good luck Mama!!!

Sarah said...

What you eat, he eats. If you are eating things that may make you gassy, there is a good chance it will make him gassy as well.

You could try switching his formula.

Grab his little feet, and push his legs up so he is kinda crunched up. (not to hard though lol) like so that his legs are squished into his belly a little. Do it a few times every once in a while.
Or make him peddle his legs as if he were peddling a bike. It helped my son. Dunno if any of that made any sense what so ever.

OHmommy said...

Karo syrup for infant constipation. Call the nurse at your doc ofice. She will say it's ok. You can find it at the grocery store and just add a teaspoon to your formula. Then pump his little handsome legs in a bicycle motion and chant, "Go. Hunter. Go. Poop for Mommy."

Stephanie said...

I have heard of the pumping the legs too.
We had the exact opposite when Landon was little..wish I had more advice for you :(
I would call the pedi and just let them be aware. You could also try changing the formula.
Hope it gets better..that is the worst to watch your baby in pain :(

Kelly said...

I would try not giving any formula to little Hunter for a week or so and see if that makes any difference. It may be that his body is having a hard time processing the formula. Also make sure that you are ingesting enough fluids. When I was nursing I made sure that if the baby was drinking then so was I.
Good Luck April...

Sarah R said...

I hate to say it, but it could be the formula. It is harder to digest than breastmilk and can bind them up.

What I have heard to try is to give a small amount of apple juice, put the baby in a warm bath and gently insert a thermometer into the rectum. It is supposed to help get things going. Good luck!

Kat said...

Actually, from what I've read it is completely normal for babies to go from pooping constantly to pooping every other day (or even more). Their systems are still adjusting. If it makes you feel better though, I would call your pediatrician.

Morgan said...

Mason had the same problem and the Pedi told me when he is grunting and you know he needs to go, take his temperature rectally. He said for some reason just inserting something even that little in the rectum can induce a bowel movement, he said do it once or twice. If this doesn't work I would call the nurse and see what other advice they may have to offer. So sorry little man is having such a hard time pottying, bless his little heart!! :(

msprimadonna67 said...

I had the same problem with one of my little darlins'. It turned out that she just wasn't processing the kind of formula we were giving her (she was still being breastfed, but we gave her formula sometimes, too). Once we switched formula brands, that seemed to help a great deal.

Krystyn said...

I agree....change the formula. Also make sure you are getting enough water!

Another thing that might help is a warm bath with a tummy massage...but watch out. You might have to clean your bath tub.

Birdee said...

Poor guy, I have no idea, sounds like it could be the formula, was it just recently introduced? I'd say a call to the Dr. couldnt hurt.
GL with him, he sure is a doll.

Tendrils said...

Poor guy! My little guy had the same issue too. We ended up putting 1/2 - 1 tsp of prune juice in every single bottle of formula (My baby was 11 lbs 4 oz, so I had to supplement breast milk with formula). We also did the tummy crunches to help relieve some of the gas.....and the baby gas drops work PHENOMENALLY for little guys.

Good luck!

The Captain's Wife said...

Kira went 5 days without pooping when she was around 3 weeks old. I switched here to SOY and she totally stopped up. Within 24 hours of putting her back on milk she pooped gallore!

My pedi said that formula fed babies could ealiy go a week without pooping....since you are doing some FF and some BM...I would think a day or two without a poop would be fine.

Julie said...

I'd call you dr...Lots of babies have pooping issues. Emmy did when she was alittle older and the dr suggested prune juice, diluted with water of course, but that worked too well for me-lol. So I started her on apple juice, diluted again, but that worked. There is something in certain sugars that helps....Your dr can tell you which is best. Oh and the leg thing works-almost like making him squat...I even had to grab (with a wipe) and assist Em when she was really little....O

Jaina said...

If he was older, I'd say have him drink a glass of water, but I don't know if that will work for a baby. Maybe if you drink more water? I'm just grasping here, I've unfortunately had no experience with this.

kittyconcerto said...

I've known people to give their babies some prune juice in a bottle and it seems to help. That was advice given by the pediatrician by the way. Poor Hunter!

Fishsticks and Fireflies said...

I would definitely call the pediatrician just to give them a heads-up. I agree with most of the previous posters - try cutting down the formula, massage his belly, bicycle his legs, warm baths, etc. Do you give him Mylicon when he is gassy? We find that to be a big help. Is he doing tummy time during the day? Pressure on his belly may help him get some of the gas out.

(And just for clarification . . . what does his poop look like? After all the squirming and fussing, is he producing hard, rabbit-like pellets? Or softer, semi-formed poop? Is it genuinely constipation or is it just being really gassy?)

Welcome to the joy of motherhood!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Hope you found some answers out kids are too old and I don't remember (or think)if we had this problem.