Wednesday, September 02, 2009

My little man did it!

At exactly four weeks old, he slept through the entire night last night.

Hunter's last feeding was at about 9:30pm and around 10:45pm he drifted off to sleep by my side in his bassinet next to our bed. He woke up and fussed a little about 20 minutes later due to a dirty diaper but after that, he fell right back to sleep and stayed that way until 6:00 am this morning!!

I slept so soundly myself (of course that could be due to the fact that I feel like crap...I think I have a cold and was physically spent) that I didn't wake up till Hunter did, so no frantic checks this time by me during the night to make sure the baby was still breathing!

I'm hopeful this will happen again soon (if not tonight) becuz he has been sleeping anywhere from 4.5-6.5 hours straight each night. So he was slowly building himself up for it.

And on the adult-front, Big D and I are doing well. I'm finally feeling very NON-zombie like and more like myself! More sleep has that affect on me, I guess. And while I do still have my frantic, meltdown moments here and there, they are coming few and far between. I'm less nervous and anxious and more relaxed as a Mommy. I'm LOVING it!

And here is a brief video clip of Hunter's first nap in his own crib! Please ignore the crazy camera angles at first as you would THINK Daryl was drunk while filming...but I swear he was not. And yes, you will see the flashes of Mom-arazzi...I was trying so hard to get a picture from the perfect angle. Heh. Yes, we're obviously new, excited parents!!


Emily Jean said...

So dear! Congrats! That is a big special event!! 7 months later I still wake up and check that he is breathing!! LOL!

Morgan said...

Mom-arazzi...haha love it!!

April he is so darling...I just want to give him smooches all over his perfect little face!

As a "kind of" new mommy I can tell you that things get better...and the frantic, meltdown moments get so much better after about 8-12 weeks. Of course you will still have the occasional frantic moments, what women doesn't- with or without a baby!! HAHA! :) It's going to take some time but the crazy emotions and feelings slowly drift away and then you will wake up one morning and go "hey I haven't had any emotional meltdowns lately!!!" :)

p.s.- are you SURE Big D isn't drunk? I got a little dizzy watching that!! (haha kidding!)

Poltzie said...

Aww, this brought back lots of good memories - thanks for posting April!

Now that you are loving it can you come here and post more often; I totally miss you tons!!

Also, what is going on with Big D - tell the truth LOL!

Heidi Renée said...

I was holding my breath because I was so sure he was going to wake up and start crying. Way to go, baby!

Grandy said...

YAYAYAY!!! Congratulations April!! I haven't been over in a while, and I'm sorry. I feel like you've shared so much with us, as I've witnessed you plan your wedding, prepare for your baby, and now as you memorialize your child's milestones.

Thank you for making us a part of you!! I love checking in on you and the family!!!

bekah said...

So precious!! And YAY on a full nights sleep!! Do you think maye he could give my child a lesson in sleeping once it is born? That would be GREAT!

Stephanie said...

Oh my exciting!
Hope you get alot more nights of that!!

Sarah said...

hahaha! Mom-arazzi...thats hilarious,

Your son is beautiful and his room looks great(from what I could see.)


Kat said...

That is so exciting, and I am so jealous!!! I hope he keeps up the good sleeping pattern for you! :)