Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Hunter's growth and Breastfeeding

Hunter had his two month check up on Monday.

He now weighs....DRUMROLL PLEASE....14 lbs. 6 oz. and is in the 95th percentile for weight. He is 24 inches long and in the 90th percentile for height! All my joking around about his pumpkin head that is like his Daddy's, but his head is in the 50th percentile.

The nurse jokingly asked if my breast milk was pure cream. Ha ha. Very funny.

Like I explain to everyone, I didn't expect to have a tiny little munchkin for a child, after all, look at his parents! Neither Daryl or I are tiny!

Hunter is doing fabulous all around, healthy and on track, meeting the milestones he should for his age. He also received his shots and oh my LORD, did my poor baby scream. His little cheeks turned bright red! I felt so bad for him. After one oral vaccine, and three shots, I immediately nursed my upset little man and he settled right down.

And speaking of nursing, I have to say, I am so glad I decided to breast feed. It's such an amazing experience and definitely a way that Hunter and I bond together. I am sad at the thought of it ending too soon, although I have no intentions of stopping just yet! I would love to nurse him to at least 5-6 months.

We do give him about one (sometimes two) bottle(s) of formula a day and that is usually so my mom or Daryl can give him a bottle. I was religiously pumping in the beginning so that we could give him breast milk in the bottles more often than anything AND I was trying to build up a frozen supply as well, however I was getting very discouraged at the puny amount of breast milk I produced through pumping.

I will admit, I was feeling like a failure. I know so many people that can pump a ton and they were able to freeze it for when they went back to work, so their babies never had a need for formula. I cried over this to both Daryl and my Mom, and made myself crazy...I was like a pumping soldier who HAD TO GET IT DONE. I felt like a robot, a motorized breast, a milking cow. And not getting the results I expected, I felt horrible and like I had failed (even though I breast feed him all day and Hunter is obviously thriving!).

It took me a couple of weeks to turn my mindset around.

I have come to the realization that I have done an awesome job...nursing Hunter has completely exceeded my expectations so I had to stop beating myself up over not being a pro-pumper. I have a nursing plan for when I got back to work in another month. I am determined to keep my milk flowing but I do realize that when I'm back to work, there is the potential for a decrease in my production,, due to less nursing throughout the day AND also the stress that I anticipate at work.

But I can't focus on that!

In the morning, I leave for work approximately 8:45-9:00 AM and I get home from work at approximately 6:15 PM in the evening. So my plan is to hopefully get in two nursing sessions in the morning before work, then pump at least twice throughout the day while at work, and then nurse two times in the evening. Right now, Hunter nurses between 6-7 times a day.

I know pumping is not as productive as a baby nursing, but I'm hoping those two times I do it will be enough to convince my body to keep producing! But I remind myself daily, if I am unable to continue to breast feed, at least I have done the best I could! I will have at LEAST nursed him for three months.

And I am proud of myself for nourishing my son and helping him grow and thrive.


Jaina said...

I think it's great that you're breast feeding April, what a wonderful experience it must be! Just hang in there. You might try seeing a lactation specialist at the hospital...they're supposed to be really helpful. Hunter is SOOOOOO adorable, I just want to squeeze him all up!

Stephanie said...

You go girl!!!
You can do it!

Poltzie said...

Hey good for you! It's possible that you just didn't have the right pump (for your boobs that is). I've heard some women say that they had trouble but then they tried another pump and got 4oz in 5 minutes. You obviously have lots of milk so maybe that's it?

Either way - good for you. I loved nursing!!

Sarah said...

Nice job Mama!

Robyn said...

Great Job.

Krystyn said...

WTG, You've done so good thus far and whatever else you can give him is great!

Sarah R said...

He's doing great, and so are you!!!

If you do notice a decrease in supply when you go back to work, I have heard wonderful things about both fenugreek and mother's milk cookies (there are recipes online and I believe they use oatmeal). :)

Julie said...

Isn't greAT!

Don't beat yourself up. I was the same way. I had a horrible time pumping. When I saw what was happening I thought how is my child eating with that stuff. I tried but it didn't work.

You have a happy, healthy, beautiful baby boy and he will love you forever no matter what!

I went through a withdrawal when I stopped, I think the hormones do that. But it goes by quick. Oh and be careful after you stop- I put on weight when I stopped.

Tiaras said...

I was never good at pumping either - the only way it would work was to start a baby on a breast and once the letdown began - pull the baby off and pump