Friday, December 04, 2009

Dear Hunter,

You are now FOUR MONTHS OLD, baby!

You just had your wellness appointment today with the pediatrician and you now weigh 15 and a half pounds and are in the 70% percentile. You are 26 inches long (you've grown 2 inches since the last wellness visit!) and are in the 85% percentile! And your pediatrician always comments on how perfectly nice and round your head is. I told her you get that from your Dad, heh heh.
You're becoming even more fun than Mommy or Daddy could have ever imagined.You spend lots of time bonding with your Daddy, being silly and making funny faces at each other. Your favorite is Daddy blowing raspberries on your belly or piggy-toes. There was also one exceptionally cranky day and the only thing that seemed to calm you down, was your Daddy singing Pearl Jam songs to gazed solemnly up at him and just listened. It's obvious you two already share a special bond!You spend lots of time with Mommy, as well, cuddling and listening to me sing silly songs. You especially seem to like when I sing your name into the song. It makes you laugh so joyously!

We have some silly nicknames for you: Munchkin, Hunter-Bunter, Bunt or Bun(d)t Cake (or even Bunty), Baby Boy, Little Man, Big Boy, Bubs, Bubba, Pumpkin-Head, Muffin-Head or Muffin-Butt, Lovey....the list is endless!

You have a pretty good routine down now when it comes to eating and sleeping. You wake up approximately 6-7am and eat then stay awake with Mommy for about an hour and a half. Mommy entertains you (while she drinks her coffee!) by singing lullabies or crazy-made up tunes and other times you are perfectly content to lay on your play mat cooing and giggling--and kicking!--at the toys hanging above you. You sometimes watch Sesame Street (or Handy Manny or Mickey's Playhouse...) and even if you are not paying attention whatsoever to the TV, as soon as the Sesame Street or Elmo jingle comes on, you turn your head to the TV with wide eyes (Mommy sings both these tunes to you so she is sure you recognize them). You take about an hour long nap normally in your swing, and if you fight going to sleep even when you are exhausted then Mommy has to turn the volume up on the TV loud. It's just enough "noise" for you to fall asleep to. You do sleep best when there is some white noise...if it's silent, you will usually wake up (except for at night). Oh! And just this past week Mommy has been able to put you in your crib for naptime and you FALL ASLEEP there! This is a huge excitement for Mommy, since before this you would ONLY nap in your swing during the day.

You eat approximately every three hours and take one more nap (or sometimes even two more....lately you seem to be getting into more of a "normal" napping routine) for the day. Throughout the day you like to spend some time in your Exersaucer where you gnaw on your fists and stare at the toys in amazement.

You tried cereal for the first time on Thanksgiving morning, little man, and it was a success! Mommy fed you while Daddy held you, and Grammie video-taped. You made some funny faces but every single time that spoon came back your way you opened your mouth wide for more. The rice was a tad bit binding for you but already your little belly is adjusting to the change. And Mommy also introduced a little bit of baby apple sauce a couple of days ago (for fiber!) and after your first initial funny face, you eagerly opened your mouth for more! And your newest thing (new as in it started about a week ago) is holding your own bottle. Mister Independent, you want to do your own thing and that includes both hands on your bottle. You still haven't mastered tilting it up enough but otherwise you are constantly wanting to hold it yourself!

You had your second set of professional pictures done this month for the Christmas season (the first time was when you were one month old). Mommy and Daddy also posed with you for a nice family portrait. Of course, as cute as those pictures are, that didn't stop Mommy from taking a bunch of holiday pictures herself!
You started teething this month as well (it started a couple of weeks ago). The drool picked up, the fist/finger gnawing increased, and your poor little cheeks flushed warm and red. Mommy felt so bad for you when it first began, and did the best she could to soothe you. You especially enjoyed gnawing/biting down on other people's fingers, as well as your frozen teething rings and wash clothes. Mommy and Daddy can even see little "nubbies" in your bottom gums already...amazing! And the pediatrician, today, confirmed that your teeth are close to the surface.

You saw your first Christmas tree farm when Mommy and Daddy took you to pick a fresh Christmas tree for our house. After decorating the tree, Mommy turned the lights on and your eyes lit up in surprise. Every now and then, when laying on your playmat, you turn and stare contentedly at the bright, shining tree. I hope you end up loving Christmas as much as your Mommy does, little man.

As always Hunter, we love you with all of our heart and soul. Neither of us could imagine life without you in it. Kisses to you on those adorably chubby cheeks! You amaze us (and we are SO thankful for you) every SINGLE DAY.

Love Always,

Mommy and Daddy (or as Mommy tries to drill into your head, "Mama" and "Dada"!)


Morgan said...

This was such a beautiful post April! You are Daryl are doing SO good as parents, and I knew you would before he was even born!
He is getting big with each new picture you put up, he is so precious and I wish I could hold him! Just when you post a pic of him I think he can't get any cuter than that and you post another and he just gets cuter and cuter everytime! He looks like such a happy baby! :) Good job mama! :)

Sarah R said...

Aw, sounds like he's doing great! What a great post. He is so cute, April.

Stephanie said...

You 2 are such wonderful parents!!!
Such a great posts!
He is just so stinking cute!!!
love ALL the pics!

Robyn said...

Great Post

bekah said...

how is he already 4 months??? Wow!

I call Jack Muffin-head too! No idea just comes out!

Kat said...

Aww. What a little cutie! It just goes too fast, doesn't it?

Erin said...

He is so adorable!!! You are truly blessed.