Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm a tad sleepy.

My baby boy, Hunter (who had been sleeping through the night EVERY night for like a month and a half now) has taken to waking up a couple of times a night.

And I think it's my fault!

I decided about 4 or 5 days ago that I was going to change Hunter over from his swaddle blanket to a sleep sack. What brought it on is the morning Daryl walked into his nursery to check on him (he normally always woke me up in the morning with his little cries) and found Hunter with the swaddle around his ankles, turned completely around and facing his Mommy Bear, "talking" and giggling away as he waved his arms!

Hunter has been busting free of his swaddle for quite some time now but I was hesitant to stop using it, becuz he goes to sleep so nicely wrapped up all burrito-like. But here he was happy as a lark that morning, sucking on his little fists and fingers.

My other reason for deciding to use the sleep sack instead was due to Hunter's nighttime workouts...he is NEVER in the same position that I've laid him down in the night before. One night i went in to check on him cuz he was squawking a little bit...his poor head was wedged against the slats of the crib! And he was trying so hard to move that he almost completely rolled over to his belly. This wouldn't'have bothered me except for the fact that in the swaddle, he had no use of his arms or legs, and I worried about him smothering himself. (Yes, just call me anal Mommy.)

Anyway, the first night of the sleep sack I put Hunter into his crib with his Mommy Bear on, and his soother, and rubbed his belly. He flailed his free arms around for a bit and fussed but as soon as he realized he was able to stuff them into his mouth, he settled right down.

This might just work! I thought to myself, pleased, as I drifted off to sleep myself a few hours later. And then it began. The middle of the night crying that I'd almost (but not quite!) forgotten about! He'd flail his arms around and wake himself up so I kept going back in and soothing him and popping his pacifier in. And holy crap, was this kid moving all over the crib! I'd put him in the crib at night with his head at one side, then walk in hours later to find him with his head at the other end OR facing the side, right up against the slats again.

So obviously it wasn't going to be a quick adjustment to the sleep sack! Thankfully we are down from 4-5 wakings to only 1 a night, after almost a week. Last night, selfishly wanting sleep, I started to swaddle him back up but guilt took over when I thought about how he'd be cranky not being able to suck on his fists. So I left his little arms free.

And I woke up at 6:30am this morning to the sounds of giggles and cooing...no crying!

Let's hope this keeps up!


Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

I am sure he will adjust and be sleeping (un) tight through the night.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he is almost through the adjustment of moving from swaddle to sleep sack. I had to stop swaddling because both girls would bust out, and Gabrielle especially wiggled all over the place. But, if he still seems to miss the swaddle, have you tried swaddling him with one arm out? I did that, and it got me a few more weeks with the swaddle. It gives them both the freedom to suck their fingers and the security of the swaddle.

CanadianMama said...

I remember this exact same issue when Chicken was that age. Have you tried the wedges? They helped with us for a bit.
Good luck!!

Birdee said...

What swaddle blanket do you use?
Just curious because Baby B was breaking out of his walmart (velcro) swaddle blanket so I bought a miracle blanket. He's back to sleeping like a champ with that. BUT I found an great alternative solution that I taught his daycare for his naps. Just use a regular swaddle blanket. fold it into a triangle (One corner to the opposit corner) lay him down with his shoulders on the folded edge and use the spread corners like the miracle blanket, wrap around the arms and under his body so his body weight keeps his arms down. Then if it's cold, tuck a warmer blanket around him. Wokrs great and doesnt squish him in efforts to keep his harms in.
Also maybe try just keeping one arm out for him to suck on and swaddle the other.
Just thoughts.

Kat said...

Oh dear. This all sounds so familiar. I always had the worst time transitioning my boys from swaddling to not. Ugh. I hope Gracie's transition goes a little more smoothly.
Hope your sleep woes are all behind you now! :)
Good luck!

Robyn said...

If you are worried about him getting stuck in the slats you can use a breathable bumper. I used one.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

I had the same problem with my kids. I think I kept Peyton swaddled until she was 4 months old!!! I think the dr said that's the cut off where you cant swaddle them anymore. Every time she would get her little hands free she would cry. I feel your pain April. Don't worry you'll get through it and figure it out.

Much love from NJ,

Julie said...

:) Em used to wiggle around like that too...

Jaina said...

I hope he keeps sleeping more and more ;) My favorite picture of my little brother sleeping is of him asleep the short way across his crib with his feet sticking out from between the slats...SO funny.