Monday, November 30, 2009

What a great weekend we had!
Okay, I have a bunch of pictures to share so I'm just going to dive right in.

We left Tuesday night for upper state NY to visit Daryl's mom and step-dad John and we had a great time! Daryl's parents got lots of grandson-smooching, holding time and I loved seeing them LOVE on him so much. Wednesday I baked pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving and in the evening the five of us went out to dinner. Hunter dined on his bottle then was passed around the table as we all ate (he will not sit in his car seat if it's stationary!).
Thanksgiving morning was fun...we fed Hunter rice cereal for the first time
and he did such a great job! He took to the spoon like a champ and most of the cereal stayed IN his mouth, with minimal bits ending up on his chin and turkey-bib. Of course we got it all on video and in photographs! Momma-razzi wasn't about to let that opportnity not be recorded!
Friday Big D took me out on the quad through the orchards (his mom and stepdad have land on an apple orchard) and Tucker, our crazy lab, raced along beside us.
(Sorry for grainy pic...I took it on my cell phone.)
At one point Daryl had the quad up to 30 mph and Tuck held pace! It was amazing to watch and even though the Mom in me was worried about accidentally running him over, I did love watching him have SO much fun. It makes me feel guilty cuz I know we don't give him enough exercise so now I'm vowing to start playing with him a lot more!

Saturday we headed home around twelve thirty and it was a nice smooth ride. Thankfully no holiday traffic (I'm assuming most people would have been heading home Sunday). We spent the evening unpacking and cleaning up and moving furniture around the living room in preparation for...our Christmas tree!! Sunday afternoon we headed out to Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm (isn't that the coolest name?) and picked out our tree. Hunter's first Christmas tree! The baby seemed to enjoy himself. I carried him in the Baby Bjorn and he was looking around, cooing and staring at all the trees. It was too cute!
So last night I spent hours decorating the tree (I'm anal about it, I admit) and the worst was the lights. But I'm thrilled with how it came out! And seeing my son's big, round brown eyes taking it all in once I turned the white lights on was PRICELESS.


Jaina said...

Sounds like a great first Thanksgiving for Hunter! Great pictures April, I can just imagine the wonder in Hunter's eyes. :)

Robyn said...

Very pretty tree. I love your little guys smile!!!

Flea said...

Your tree is beautiful! And I'm so glad y'all had such a great Thanksgiving!

msprimadonna67 said...

The tree is gorgeous, and I love the picture of Hunter looking at it all wide-eyed: )

ALF said...

Hunter has such a wonderful smile.

Morgan said...

April you have the most adorable family, the three of you look so perfect together and Hunter truely completes your family..well for now haha! I love your new blog picture up top...Hunter is soo freaking cute! I want to squeeze and kiss him! LOL! Glad you all had a wonderful T-day!

CanadianMama said...

The tree looks awesome! I'm the worst tree decorator ever; I wish I had you to help!

And good for Hunter with the eating. Chicken was SO bad when we started him LOL! He took forever to figure the whole thing out!

Krystyn said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

I love how Hunter is checking out the tree.

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Great pictures. I bet Hunter loves all those lights!