Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Tonight we have NO plans other than chilling out at home and eating some yummy apps for dinner. Staying off the roads and away from the crazy, drunk drivers. Plus I'm just too damn tired to make it till midnight. I'm normally in bed BY ten o'clock. And I'm perfectly content to ring in the new year on a quiet--or sleeping!--note. Does that mean I'm an "old" 34-year-old now? No more wild parties, up all night? ;-) (Ok, sorry for the weird/lack of spacing in this post. My damn laptop is giving me issues.) Anyway, I went to my OBGYN check-up yesterday and all is good and on track! I only gained about 2 lbs, despite the fact that I failed my first 1-hour glucose test. Well, I shouldn't say "failed"...the glucose level was "slightly elevated" as the nurse put it. 163. So not necessarily that I have Gestational Diabetes. But I'm NOT looking forward to the damn 3-hour test. It means I have to have my Mom come over at the butt-crack of dawn and then go sit in the lab, on an EMPTY STOMACH, and get poked and prodded during those three hours. Ugh! But I'm sure it will all be fine, in the end. Also, my fundus (pretty much this is the measurement of my big 'ol belly!) is measuring at about 30 weeks which is fine considering tomorrow I'll be exactly 29 weeks! So physically, Avery and I are doing good (she is SUPER active and I love all her movements)! However, mentally? I'm a mess lately. LOTS going on in our life, not all of it good, but aiming to make it better. So that coupled with the hormonal changes, makes me very emotional at the drop of a hat. I WILL NOT miss THAT part of pregnancy, no sirreee! Daryl and I are just really looking forward to meeting our little girl and completing our family. Eleven more weeks (approx.) and counting! And we are looking forward to some positive changes in our life in the New bring it on, 2011~!!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I can't say enough good things about Christmas this year!

Despite some of the stresses in our lives (mainly FINANCIAL, ugh!), it turned out to be a magical day.

First there was Christmas Eve which was only MILDLY painful with Daryl's dad and grandma. We went to dinner and then did our gift exchange and were home relatively early. Big D put his Daddy duties to the test when it was time to put together one of Hunter's new toys.
Seeing the utter amazement on my son's face when he first walked out into the living room, Christmas morning, and spotted his (most favorite!) present--his new kitchen--was the best gift I could have received all day (well, beside the beautiful family birthstone charms Big D got for my bracelet.... .....and the awesome Cuisinart Keurig coffee maker my MIL and step-FIL gave us, LOL)!This was Hunter's face (he was squatting to grab a remote off the floor) JUST as he saw his kitchen!! Then that was it! He moved too fast across the room for Daryl to get another shot of his cute expression. LOL

I also got Daryl two items he REEEEEALLY wanted..a new hunting knife and some tip-ups for ice fishing. And his smile was as big as Hunter's.

Even Tucker got in on the action...with his new bone!The three of us had our quiet early morning family time opening gifts, drinking coffee and eating Christmas cookies (there was more powdered sugar on my living room carpet and on Hunter's jammies than in his belly!). Then a while later my MIL and step-FIL, who are in town for the holiday, came by and the presents started all over again! Hunter's OTHER favorite gift was the cool trike his Grammie and Gpa got him. At first, Hunter couldn't even wait for Gpa to put his trike TOGETHER before he started hopping on!We had bagels for breakfast and just relaxed and after I finally got around to getting dressed, a little while later my Mom and her bf, John, arrived to join in the festive fun!
Hunter's favorite gift from his Nana was, hands-down, the shopping cart. He has been wheeling it ALL OVER the living room and kitchen since then, filling it up, then dumping it out!
This little man was certainly blessed and very spoiled yesterday!
My brother arrived and then we all sat down to dinner: ham, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli/carrot mix and lasagna. Kept it pretty low-key and I didn't even have time to clean the kitchen before family arrived! No nice tablecloth, no pretty table set-up or candles going...and seriously it was THE most relaxed and yummy dinner! I definitely didn't have time to make my homemade cheesecake beforehand but the store bought sufficed for one complained, that's for sure!

And now today, the impending snow we are going to be getting put a damper on more holiday fun (two family parties but only ONE of which I'm sad about missing). However, SNOW, people!!! I'm so psyched! I've got Hunter's brand new snow pants (from his Grammie and Gpa) all set and ready to go and on the way home from fixing his grandparents boiler this morning, Daryl is going to pick him up some snow boots. The ONLY reason I need to run out today is a couple basic necessities we are unfortunately out of (milk!) but that's okay. After that, we're going to cozy up indoors with a movie and each other and I can't wait!

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas holiday!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I've had a busy past week!

For one thing, my very best friend April had her baby last Tuesday! Matthew was born December 7th (the day after his grandfather's birthday and the day BEFORE his grandmother's, how funny is that?) weighing in at 8 lbs. 11 oz. and 20 inches long! He was almost the EXACT same size as Hunter, same weight but only off by one half inch. Hunter was 19 1/2 inches at birth.

I got to go visit them at the hospital and OH did it feel good holding a newborn again! And it was nice to feel helpful to April and her hubby, when they had questions for me about breastfeeding, or baby's gas, etc. I'm really looking forward to this little boy growing up and playing with Hunter and Avery!

This past Sunday marked my (ugh!) 34th birthday and man, did my husband do GOOD this year! First he installed a car starter in my car and for that I will be eternally has gotten damn COLD lately! And then he also got me two charms for my Pandora bracelet, one of which he gave me days before my birthday when I was having such a hard time (and missing my Dad so, so much). It is a dangling heart with wings.

Then Saturday night we went out to dinner with another couple we are good friends with. Mindy's birthday was Saturday and mine was Sunday, so it was the perfect occasion for the four of us to go out, minus the kids, and have some fun. My mom and her boyfriend watched the baby boy, and Daryl and I discussed how it was time to really look into getting a babysitter so we can go out sometimes (without me feeling like I'm burdening my mom, since she already watches Hunter four days a week for about 4-5 hours).We went to a place that used to be called Pettibone's Tavern (now renamed Abigail's)...and it is a business and building rich in history! It has been around long before the Civil War (and it had even been featured on GhostHunter's one episode!!) The food was utterly AH-MAZING and I ate to my heart's content. I indulged in one glass of merlot (my second glass of wine this pregnancy...and SO worth the wait) and for an appetizer had this delicious stuffed and baked zucchini. To die for! And then for dinner I had Rigatoni A La Vodka with sausage and chicken in it...again, delicious. Dessert was decaf coffee and a slice of pumpkin cheesecake (which sadly, I could not finish it all, but I gave it my valiant effort). Then on the way home we took kind of a detour and checked out some Christmas lights and just talked. I had a blast!
On Sunday Daryl ran out and got me a Starbucks latte for my birthday, and Panera bagels. I spent the morning lounging and wrapping Christmas gifts during Hunter's nap, then later on I baked my little heart out and got a jump start on the Christmas cookies I give out each year.
At one point, Big D asked me if he did good this year...and I told him he did GREAT. Best birthday ever with my family and friends. I couldn't ask for anything more!
Let's see, Hunter is doing good. He's still teething (when ISN'T he??) but I know we're getting close to being done. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! He's talking a LOT more now and parroting everything we say (awesome, pretty, idiot---yup, Mom and Dad need to remember to watch what we're saying in front of the little stinker now!) and while probably only me, Daryl, and my Mom would understand him (pretty sounds like "geety") I am still in awe as his vocabulary grows! He also knows how to open up a present all on his own it's ON for Christmas! My friend Erin stopped by yesterday with a gift for Hunter and she went and put it under the tree. Well, that silly boy ran right over, picked it up and ran to center of the room where he proceeded to tear into it, no invitation needed!

On the pregnancy front, it's hard to believe...we're under 100 days now left!!! Yikes! And what a difference this time around in the preparation front. No nursery to work on, no furniture to order. Little Avery will be in our room for a while in the bassinet, after she's born, and when I feel it's time to move her, she's going to share Hunter's room with him for now. Until least until we have more time and money to start working on bedroom situations (or move! LOL). It's not my ideal set-up for the two babies to have to share a room, but we'll make it work! I've slowly started washing a few baby clothes here and there, hand-me-downs of Hunter's that are unisex enough, some hand-me-downs from my friend Sarah's two girls, and also a few cute sleepers and onesies that both Avery's Nana and Grammie have picked up for her already. I still have another friend who said she has a BOATLOAD of girl clothes to give me so that will keep me busy once she gets it to me!

It's definitely less stressful this time around, and I'm enjoying the process more. We have mostly all the major necessities for a newborn (pack n play, bassinet, baby blankets, burp cloths, etc., etc.) and unlike with Hunter where I had to do a lot of waiting (waiting for the nursery to be finished, waiting for the baby shower to organize the stuff), this time around I'm doing it at my leisure (leisure? ha, what's that?).

And most importantly? I'm trying to enjoy every little second of my family of three, while we still ARE a family of three. Not that we aren't looking forward whole-heartedly to becoming a family of four, but I am cherishing all the time I get to spend with Hunter playing with him, hugging him, kissing him and giving him one-on-one time cuz i know it will change drastically when Avery is here. And trying to spend time with my husband as well, enjoying the simple quiet after Hunter is in bed and we are just watching TV together. I'd love to maybe get out another night or two before March, with just Big D, and spend some time together.
On the ME-front, I'm feeling much better this week. I definitely do think last week's feeling so sick (and exhausted) was very much emotional, and anxiety. Daryl was so good to me the whole week no matter HOW bitchy or crazy I sounded at times and I really thank him for being so patient with me. There was one night after I yelled at all three of them, that I felt bad so I went into the bedroom where Daryl and Hunter where goofing around on our bed and I called up the dog, Tucker, and I apologized to everyone for being so mean. I'm trying to take better care of myself, I'm trying to eat better and I am currently trying to make plans for a girls-night with one of my friends. I'm on the right path, people! I know the anxiety won't disappear overnight, but it's a start.

So that's that! Sorry these blog posts are so few and far between but our lap top battery is shot and can only be used while plugged in, and with working and Christmas preparation...time is sparse! I hope you all are doing well!

Friday, December 10, 2010

I had a rough week. But I'm happy to say it seems to be ending on a lighter note.

Just lots going on, lots of life stress, money stress, baby stress, toddler stress, friend stress...and not a great system for me to work through it all when I'm so hormonal and tired and blah.

Tuesday morning I stood in the shower, fighting back the tears as the water pounded down on me, feeling so exhausted and fatigued I just wanted to cry my heart out. I know I'm pregnant, and also working part time and chasing after a toddler and trying to keep our house from turning into a scene out of Hoarder's, but this fatigue was different. It just felt bone-weary, like my limbs were heavy and leadened. It wasn't simply a matter of being sleepy-tired, ya know? Anyway, I got out of the shower and proceeded to blow dry my hair and I was shaking like a leaf, heart racing, feeling a tightness in my chest a little similar to either anxiety or when I drink too much caffeine. I lifted my arm up above my head holding the blow dryer and had to keep lowering it back down, it felt like lifting a lead weight. I sat down on the side of the tub a couple of times to try to catch my breath, sweating, and finally giving in to tears.

I finally called my boss and told her I wasn't coming in and then i called my OBGYN to see if this warranted a visit or if I should just suffer through it. I admitted to the nurse I did have ea lot of sugar the past two days so maybe that was the reason? She said it could be sugar shock, or maybe I was anemic, but obviously she couldn't say over the phone. I was not hungry but figured shaking like that I should probably eat. So after the nurse told me they couldn't squeeze me in till 3:45pm (it was 11am) and that if I felt worse, to not be afraid to go to the ER, I went out and to the kitchen and had a granny smith apple and some cheddar cheese. Then I sat my hiney on the couch and even after getting Hunter up from his nap, I let him play on the floor while I laid back and tried to relax and slow down my pounding heart.

Of COURSE by about 3pm I finally started to feel better and by the time we made it to the doctor i was feeling much better, albeit STILL utterly exhausted. The doctor had me do bloodwork for mono, Lyme and something else...NONE Of which I figured was my problem. I personally think it could have been an anxiety attack. I've never been anemic before so I have no idea what that feels like, and I have nothing to base it on. So all week I've been tired, cranky, irritable, crying nonstop and snapping the heads off of anyone who got in my way: Daryl, my Mom, Hunter (although I tried to have MUCH more patience with him) and Tucker (our doggie).

But I'm happy to say as of today, Friday, I'm feeling MUCH BETTER! Not quite as tired, not quite as overwhelmed (although don't get me wrong, the stressors in my life have not gone anywhere) and not quite as MEAN to my family. Heh heh. Even Daryl said he noticed a difference last night, cuz he's been trying to get me to calm down and relax ALL WEEK.

So I spoke to a patient at my work who I have a very friendly relationship and she reminded me of something that I think I now often forget about it:

To take care of myself.

I admitted it is hard, once you've donned the cap of wife and mother, to make yourself a priority anymore. And I'm not even talking about just having a social life (which I no longer have) but I am not eating as well as I should be and I am very upset with myself cuz not only is that not benefiting me but I worry about Avery too. I have a hard time getting in enough fruits and veggies and healthy food.

And I don't ever give myself a BREAK. It's go, go, go all the time vacuuming, doing laundry, washing dishes, feeding and bathing Hunter, running to work, back home, eat dinner, checking up on Daryl's day and asking him if he took his diabetes meds (yes, I know he's my hubby and not my child, but I worry SOOOOO much about his health), clean up the dinner mess and then rinse and repeat all the housework before falling exhausted into bed. I can't even remember the last time I've read a BOOK, something I never thought I'd give up. I cry a LOT, feeling overwhelmed by it all. When does it get easier? Is it just the pregnancy hormones exacerbating everything?

I'm just so...very...tired. And I know that's not gonna get any better once a newborn is thrown into the mix but I just have to start making myself a priority again too!

WHY is this so hard to do??

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Our Thanksgiving weekend was a blast! Very busy (not to mention exhausting...see Tucker yawning so hugely in the pic???), but full of family and lots of fun.

Wednesday I was off from work so while Hunter stayed home with his Nana, I went to get my hair cut (it was LOOOONG overdue) then made a quick last minute stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my cheesecake. When I got home, my sweet Mom had already started making the stuffing for me, and also peeled all the onions for creamed onions. So while she did that, I was able to start my broccoli cheese casserole. I was determined to get as much made ahead of time as I could, so that way I wasn't losing my marbles Thursday. Then when Hunter went down for his afternoon nap, I tackled my cheesecake! It was a labor of love, that's for sure. But I'm happy to say it was WELL worth it and now I have "orders" in for cheesecake on Christmas, too!

Thursday I was up early (as I am every day!) and while Daryl was out hunting, Hunter and I had cinnamon buns for breakfast (my Thanksgiving morning tradition). Usually I watch the parade while having coffee and cinnamon buns but this year? I had to immediately dive into peeling and cutting the potatoes and getting the turkey in the oven. And of course Daryl was LATE coming home (he gavce his uncle a ride, and his uncle was almost an hour an a half later than he was supposed showing back up at the truck despite the fact Daryl had told him he needed to be home early to lend me a hand) so basically I did EVERYTHING. Cleared off and set the table, bathed Hunter and myself, vacuuming literally five minutes before the first family started to arrive! My Mom and her boyfriend, Daryl's Dad and his girlfriend, and his grandma all came over. Despite how tired I was, and how much work was done, the dinner came out AWESOME. I seriously think this was my best turkey yet (and I've been making Thanksgiving dinner myself for about ten-ish years now).

Black Friday I was up and out early, picking my Mom up at 5:30am and heading to IHOP to get breakfast and coffee before starting our shopping. I have to say I got the best deals (and most stuff) at Kohl's! I was very excited! We only did about three stores cuz I was getting very tired from walking/standing and HUNGRY. And I still had a busy day ahead of me. After dropping mom off and having lunch at home with Daryl and the baby, we went to visit his Mom and Stepdad who had arrived that morning in town for a visit. They were staying at Daryl's grandparents so we visited a while, then the five of us headed to Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree! Hunter had an absolute blast running through the farm (or riding on his G-pa's shoulders!) and kept pointing and touching the tree and saying "Tree! Ooh!" So stinkin' cute. After about an hour (I'm VERY particular when it comes to tree picking) we loaded up and headed back to the grandparents for more visiting and yummy pizza for dinner! Poor Hunter was exhausted from only one short nap (he normally takes two decent ones) and was VERY cranky and it was almost past his bedtime so we called it a night. While everyone else was in bed, I put the lights on the tree, the tree skirt and the ribbon and decided to wait on the ornaments till the next day when I wasn't so tired.

Saturday morning I turned the white lights on and then lead Hunter out to the living room. At first he didn't see the tree cuz he was too busy realizing I"d moved the furniture around, including his toys. But all of a sudden his eyes lit up in awe and a huge smile spread across his face and he ran to the tree and pointed his finger to a branch. I'm still mad at myself for not having a camera ready cuz it was such a classic moment! But I made up for it later and took some pics. I finished decorating the tree, while he napped then we headed out again for some family fun, this time at Daryl's aunt and uncles house, where all the family had gathered. Despite how cold it had gotten, the kids had a blast bouncing in their moon bounce!That would include the biggest kid of all, Big D!

After some spaghetti with homemade sauce, garlic bread, 1/2 a glass of red wine (only my second this whole pregnancy and OH MY GOD was it delicious) and a ginormous piece of canoli pie that Hunter and I split, I was ready to be rolled home and sleep.

Sunday my mother in law and step father in law, came over for some more visiting (they try to get as much in during these visits since we don't see them all as much as we'd like. They live about 3 1/2 hours away). Bagels and coffee and a movie later, and then after Hunter's morning nap, we went to Daryl's cousin's house for more visiting! Seriously, it was a JAM PACKED weekend of that. We stayed a few hours for dinner (more pizza! LOL) and Hunter had a blast playing with their almost 3 year old daughter, Aubrey. He kept bear-hugging her from behind and every time she'd run he'd happily chase after her and giggled at almost everything she said. So cute. Of course I brought the camera but was so tired and had such a stomach ache that I totally forgot to get any pics there (except for like one or two when we went outside to check out their new goats).

All in a all, a great weekend, but I was almost happy to get back to the normal "grind" and relax a bit. But Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We have a name for our Baby Girl!

Daryl and I have chosen/agreed upon what to call this baby, and we're both very happy. I love being able to call the baby in my belly by name, when I talk to her (and it was the same way with Hunter, as well).

Avery Irene C______ (sorry I don't wanna put our last name out into the Internet world LOL)

Avery was the girl's name we had chosen when I was first pregnant with Hunter, before we knew whether the baby was a boy or girl. I remember being at Babies R US and buying two sippy that said HUNTER and one that said AVERY, so I'd be prepared when we found out. I put away the Avery cup and kinda forgot about it until we were trying to come up with a girl's name we both agreed on. Avery was still at the top of the list but there were a couple other names we were throwing around...and yet, nothing else sounded right for the girl in my belly.

I was cleaning in my bedroom one day and found that AVERY sippy cup and it just clicked. This is our girl, this is her name. And Daryl agreed 100%.

Irene, her middle name, is after my Nana who passed away suddenly when I was thirteen. She was seriously THE BEST GRANDMOTHER EVER and her death was a huge blow to me. Not only was it the first time anyone close to me had passed, and the fact that it was traumatic (she was taken out by ambulance in the middle of my dance recital. No one told me till the end, of course. She passed away early the next morning), but I loved that woman more than words can say. My last memory of her is a great one, eating hot dogs and giggling before we left for my dance recital. Smelling the dozen red roses her and my grandfather had given me. I still have the card she gave me that night, "To our little dancing doll...".

And what better way to acknowledge and honor her, then to name my child after her?

Obviously, I love family names. Hunter's middle name, Richard, is my father's name. I will LOVE being able to tell my children all about these important people in their family, about their namesakes and what they each meant to me.

And Daryl is very happy with our decisions becuz unfortunately he never got to meet my father (nor my grandmother, who coincidentally this is my Dad's mother) and he told me it helps him to connect to that part of my family and to feel close. I tell him all the time how he would have loved them both and they would have LOVED him. He's heard so many stories and now he will get to hear me tell our children about their paternal grandfather and great-grandmother, when they are old enough to understand.

So there you have it, a baby name is born! (Now, just gotta wait for the BABY. Heh heh.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just checking in, everyone! Hope life is treating you well!

Hunter had his 15 month check up a week or so ago and all is well with my little (big!) man. He is 28 pounds, and measuring in at a whopping 32 1/2 inches. He's gonna be tall like his parents, and his Pop-Pop!

His eating habits are changing a little bit. He is still NOT a picky eater, however, he no longer eats EVERY morsel of food in front of him. Granted, he's teething big time right now so that could have something to do with it (we are down to the wire! It looks like only a good 4 teeth left?). He's had a fever of 102 degrees for two days now...although last I checked it had gone down one degree this afternoon. He's been a drooly mess and yesterday only seemed happy while gnawing away on the pizza crust while ignoring the rest of the pizza (normally his favorite part!).

And Mommy's sciatic pain is kicking in, woo boy! It's only in my right butt cheek and not insanely painful but still ANNOYINGLY uncomfortable. Especially when/if I've been carrying Hunter around a bit.

Oh, and get this? As flabby as I feel right now (and as HUGE as I feel), I've only gained TEN POUNDS SO FAR THIS PREGNANCY!! Holy crap! That amazes me becuz I gained something like 10-12 lbs. the first TRIMESTER with Hunter. LOL I guess the reason I look so huge and flabby (at least to myself...Daryl seems to think I look good but he's my hubby, so he could be biased!), other than the fact that I went into this pregnancy at my heaviest weight, is that everything is SO stretched out from the big belly I got last time. Makes me wonder how big this girlie is gonna be. I wonder if she'll be another 8 lb 11 oz-er like her brother was?

And speaking of Baby Girl, I am feeling her move SO much more now which has me thankful. I was feeling very down becuz of how rarely I felt her movements (due to her position. Last we checked she was breech and facing my back). I kept saying to myself that this being my second and last pregnancy, I really want to savor and appreciate every kick, punch and karate chop she delivers. It's bittersweet! And going back through my pregnancy journal from when I was preggo with Hunter, I remember JUST how active he was and from like 19 weeks on. So even though I felt this little girl MUCH earlier this time around, it was movements few and far between.

Well...not anymore! I'm happy to say that I think she most likely spun around so that she is facing my belly (even if I'm not sure if she still breech) becuz not only am I feeling her so much more but now I can feel and see her move from the OUTSIDE of my belly! Yay!

Also, we HAVE chosen little girl's name already but just haven't announced it yet. We were still trying to decide/agree on her middle name and I'm pretty positive her middle name will be after my Nana. So I promise to share it soon, once we've told family!

Now, onto facebook. I am NOT one to say how wonderful facebook is. HOnestly, it's just something to pass some time with, be nosey with what's going on in everyone else's lives and catch up on fun pictures my friends post. However, occasionally, facebook just gets it RIGHT. I reconnected today with an old friend who I literally haven't seen in years and years and I'm SO excited to have found her! Beth used to date my uncle, starting back when I was like a junior or senior in high school (she was in her early 20's at the time) and we became close. Even after she broke up with my uncle, she was a big part of mine and my mom's lives. But time, distance, some awkward family stuff caused us to lose touch and i was always sad about it. Today after "Friending" her on facebook, we chatted through email back and forth for an hour or two. Granted, a LOT has changed for both of us (my father died, my grandfather--who she knew well--died, I'm married now, own a house, have a baby and another one on the way....and for her she moved out of state, met an awesome man, moved back in state, went through some bad health issues, went back to school, got a a great career, and is talking with her man about adopting) but it was like no time had passed. We are going to meet for coffee probably the weekend after Thanksgiving, and i can hardly wait to reconnect in person.

So I'm admitting it here, FB DOES have it's advantages. Finding a long-lost friend ROCKS!

Now, onto the holiday-front. I've started my Christmas shopping already! WOO HOO, go me! I'm determined to enjoy my Christmas this year and not stress over last minute shopping and "will I have enough money to get gifts?" like last year. I've already purchased one of Hunter's and it's set to arrive next week and I've started saving up for Big D's gift. Now I just gotta focus on our parents and g-rents. ANy ideas of good thoughtul gifts?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Well, today is a great day, cuz we had our appointment this morning to find out whether our little Peanut was a boy or girl!!

So, any last minute guesses? Thinking blue or pink?

Okay, I won't leave you hanging....

....we are having a....


......BABY GIRL!!!!

I swear I'm in total and utter shock! While I wasn't 100% sure either way if the baby was a boy or girl, I think a part of me really believed it WOULD be another boy. This pregnancy has been SO different than my first, lots of nausea and puke in the 1st trimester, but I'm not one one to believe the old wive's tales so I still didn't think "Oh it could be a girl!"

And Baby Girl is modest! LOL When the u/s first started she had her little legs crossed, just about at the ankles. SO the tech continued to take all the measurements and every time we glanced at her legs crossed I'd joke about how this baby was modest so maybe it WAS a girl. I remember with HUnter his legs were spread WIDE!

The other issue making it harder to see is she is breach and she is sitting upright, using my bladder as a pillow under her behind (no WONDER I've been peeing even more so lately!) and her head kinda bent down towards her chin. SO she wasn't in the best position for viewing. I honestly started to wonder if we'd even GET the money shot!

Finally it was time so the tech had me flip on my right side facing the screen. No luck. So she asked me to flip to my left, facing AWAY from the screen. Longest few seconds ever becuz i couldn't see a darn thing but the wall!

When the tech announced, "It's a girl", Daryl said my mouth fell wide open. So while he hugged Hunter against him and said, "I KNEW it!" I was saying "Wow, I think I REALLY thought this would be another boy!"

She is doing great so far. 14 oz (so a little less than a pound!) and everything looks fabulous. MY low-lying placenta is no's up high where it should be so that is a relief as well. Her heart rate was about 149...perfect! Unfortunately, no prize winning MONEY shot to share with you guys...Daryl reminded me later on that our u/s tech (she told us this with Hunter) doesn't do them becuz she doesn't feel it's appropriate. Whatever, it's my kid, lady. But I'm too happy to be annoyed!

Hunter is going to have a little sister and I couldnt' be happier!!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had a fantastic weekend!
We went to my in-laws this past weekend in upper state NY (around Saratoga Springs) and while we missed their peak fall foliage colors, we still had a blast. Dinner at Olive Garden, my MIL's homemade apple pie, watching Hunter play in the leaves for the very first time (Daryl and I laughed SO hard!), my MIL treating us both to pedicures (aaahhhh, quiet time!) and another first...Daryl's step dad, who is a volunteer firefighter, bringing Hunter on to the firetruck!
And of course we can't forget a belly shot!
So without further adieu, I'll inundate you with pictures!
Here I am--HUGE-- at 19 weeks. While I'm not psyched to look like a moose, I'm also a lot more laid-back about it this time around.
After all, I'm doing my best to grow a healthy baby in there!

Fun in the leaves! This child could NOT take his eyes off of them!!

My cutie pie boys.

Cutest smile EVER.

Every time one of us threw some leaves up in the air, Hunter SQUEALED with delight!

Taking a peek into the apple orchard, in Grammie and Gpa's backyard.

Time for a family shot!

This is what happened every time you took your eyes off this crazy boy for a second, he was racing back into the orchard and Daddy would tickle and whisk him back out.

Oops! Lost my footing!

And now onto the firetrucks! Obviously, Hunter wasn't quite sure what to make of it...and got a little bit nervous!

He looked like such a peanut on this huge truck!

Geez, this hat is heavy, guys!!
A great weekend, and I was so sorry to see it end! Although Hunter refused to sleep/nap at ALL in the pack-n-play so I WAS happy to get him back to his crib and not sleeping with us all night. This kid is a BED HOG!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just checking in for a quick update!
Life is so busy as all the holidays get closer. But mostly busy-fun. :-)
First of all, my baby boy is turning into SUCH a big boy! Holy crap! Yesterday when Daddy was leaving for work, Hunter was wigging out (this happens all the time now...he is a huge Daddy's boy). He was practically climbing the front door, trying to turn the handle and banging on it with his little fists. So of course I had to take a couple pics on my cell phone to send Daryl. After I sent them, I really stared at the two photos and immediately though "Oh my lord! Look how TALL Hunter has gotten!" Not only is he able to fully grasp the doorknob, but he's standing completely flat-footed while doing it. I think I'm in trouble! Time to break out those baby safety doorknob thingies someone gave me! (okay I'm getting really irritated that blogger will NOT separate most of my paragraphs, WTH???)
I also love to think how even though he isn't saying a ton of words yet, he still realizes and understands exactly what I'm saying! Every time I say I'm going "pee pee on the potty" he goes running to the bathroom with me. If i ask him to "mow the lawn" he pulls out his toy mower...or to put a magnet on the fridge that he's taken off, he dutifully does it. He tries so hard to repeat all the words we are saying but the enunciation is just not there yet. He CAN say mama, dada, dog (although it sounds more like "daw"), ball, hi, nana, pa (for Gpa), wa-wa (for water), dat (as in "what's that?), who dat (which makes me laugh every time), and he will gladly repeat specific words I say like cup, scoop, eye. He strung two words together for his first sentence "Where Nana?" and even though he's only does it like once or twice since, I still thought it was awesome!
He knows where his eyes/nose/ears/mouth are on his face or ours (and he loves to stick his fingers UP our nose when pointing it out LOL). He "bahs" for a sheep, "quacks for a duck". Hunter waves, claps, dances, points, climbs on and off of the couch, blows raspberries on our bare skin (he's recently started doing it on my belly which makes me laugh). He hasn't used a bottle since about 12 months, he gets his milk and water strictly in his sippy cup and he LOVES to sip out of a straw when his Mom or Dad have one. He still eats just about everything we put in front of him and his favorite, easily, is veggies and fruit. Last night we had chicken, grilled asparagus and a pasta/broccoli mix and he ate ALL of his asparagus before touching anything else. And then he reached over and started grabbing asparagus spears right off of my plate! LOL

Let's see what else has been going on lately? Last Sunday was my very best friend's baby shower. April #2 is pregnant with her first child and I couldn't be happier for her! She is having a boy who will be named Matthew and not only am I excited that her son and Hunter will grow up together, but her son will only be about 3 1/2-4 months old than OUR Baby Peanut! I hope our kids always stay friends! Here are a couple pics from her day.

Since I am going to be "Auntie April" to little Matthew (just as she is to my kid(s)), I couldn't resist buying this onesie: MY AUNTIE IS AWESOME.

Here are the two pregnant April's: me at 18 weeks and her at 32 weeks (doesn't she make you sick? The baby is ALL in her belly and nowhere else! That brat! LOL). Meanwhile I'm still at the point of only looking fat to some people (I know it's hard to see ANYthing in black). Well, in my defense it kinda depends on what type of shirt I'm wearing. Mostly it's just women (and people who already know me) who realize I'm pregnant. But I remember with Hunter I REALLY exploded after 20 weeks so I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

And speaking of my belly...Big D and I find out VERY SOON what the gender of this baby is!! November 4th to be exact! I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Does anyone want to wager a guess? Girl or Boy? Not to influence your decisions but my feeling is that it's another Boy and both Daryl and my Mom think it's a Girl. But honestly I think Daryl feels it's a girl only becuz he knows how badly I WANT one. ;-) I would LOVE to have my boy and girl, and knowing Hunter would be the caring big brother to a little sister would just warm my heart! And since this is our last pregnancy/child (unless an "oops" happens!) if I don't have a girl now, I will never have a daughter. I admit that does make me a little sad.

However, I wouldn't be sad to HAVE another boy becuz Hunter brings me more joy than I can ever articulate to anyone. I love the sweet and special bond we share and I would love to have that with another little baby boy. I love watching him push his cars around and say "Brrrrr" to imitate the motor and watch him try to ride his quad, while beeping the horn. And when he continually falls and tries to play in the dirt I just have to laugh becuz I know it will only continue as he grows. And to think of him having a special little brother to play with? I admit, it does make me feel all goose-bumpy and happy. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I will be thrilled no matter what! I just can't wait to find out so that I can start some clothes shopping! We won't be working on a nursery for this little one, at least not right now, becuz we can't afford to do our upstairs (we live in a cape) which is where Daryl and I would move. Then our room would eventually become Baby #2's. So for now, I'm just gonna work on cleaning up and rearranging the furniture in our room to make space for the bassinet. And once I clear off the top of my long dresser (that no longer has the mirror on it) I will set up a changing station on top of that. Baby #2's clothes will hang in Hunter's closet, since we have plenty of room in there with the closet organizer. But I WILL have to clean out Hunter's closet cuz stuff that I put in there for storage will have to be relocated to either upstairs or the basement. While I'm kinda bummed I won't have a nursery to decorate this time around, I just keep reminding myself that eventually Baby Peanut will get his/her own room. :-)

So that's what happening in our lives currently! And now I'm off to go catch up on your blogs!