Monday, January 04, 2010

Dear Hunter,

Today, my sweet boy, you are five months old.
I'm so proud of the amazing little boy you are becoming that I feel like I'm often glowing.
Where to start?

You are getting so strong and sturdy. You love to stand up straight in your exersaucer, as well as standing up on our laps. The look on your face when you do it is hilarious, so excited at your accomplishment! You love to stand SO MUCH that we joke around that you will skip crawling and go right to walking. You also spend more time on your belly (belly time is NO LONGER a crying shame! ha!) and can lift your whole upper body up and off the ground. Mommy props you up quite often into a sitting position and you are slowly strengthening up your core muscles and working on balance. You can even sit up on your own for about 30 seconds before toppling over (don't worry...Mommy always catches you!). You flip over constantly (front-to-back, back-to-front) and it's a typical night for you to roll to your belly quite a few times in your crib. Mommy will often roll you immediately back onto your back, and sometimes you'll even roll back yourself in your sleep. And you've really gotten into rolling around the living room. I now know that you will never remain in the spot I lay you on! You are quite a dare-devil and are constantly arching your self back in our arms when we hold you, so that your head is in an almost-up side down position. And you still love when we do "Super-Baby" with you...holding you up high in the air in the super-man position.

You absolutely LOVE eating solids and have completely mastered eating off of a spoon and swallowing it down. You now reach for the bowl and spoon as I feed you, trying to grab them away from Mommy, but I don't think you've quite grasped the concept that you can feed yourself yet...when I dipped your fingers into the bowl the other day you just smiled and smeared it on your high chair tray. Your absolute favorite foods currently are sweet potatoes (you cry if I take too long to get the spoon back into your mouth) and peaches, however you will eagerly eat everything I've introduced to you so far (rice cereal, oatmeal, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, apple sauce, pears, peaches, bananas). You don't discriminate between store-bought baby food or when Mommy makes it homemade, pureeing in her food processor. And you had your first "big people" food on Christmas day! Mommy let you eat a little bit of her mashed potatoes off your baby spoon and you LOVED it.

You can completely hold your own bottle now and you grab it right out of our hands if we try to hold it for you. Mommy is NOT ready for you to grow up too fast yet. You are still her little baby boy!

Your two bottom teeth have completely broken through the gums and are sprouting up so fast! Can you see them? You look so different to me, with teeth! You love to nibble on everything, t0ys, books, our fingers, but now with sharp teeth Mommy and Daddy aren't so keen on your finger-biting! Everyone keeps assuring me it will be a while before your top teeth come in, but I'm not so sure. You've started up again here and there with the red, flushed cheeks, and the warm head and random cranky moments. I think it will be sooner than anyone expects!

You are SO aware of everything around you now. Any little movement or sound, and you are immediately curiously inspecting. I can almost see the gears in your brain turning as you take it all in. Even the dog snorting in his sleep can quickly grab your attention! Speaking of the dog, Tucker, you are in love with that furball and no matter how cranky you may be, one quick lap of the dog around your exersaucer and you are grinning ear to ear and giggling. It melts Mommy and Daddy's hearts that you love your "doggie" so much! (and we call him "doggie" so much that now Tucker is responding to it!).

You KNOW and LOVE your parents so much that it is just plain amazing. If someone else is holding or talking to you, and you suddenly catch a glimpse of either me or Daddy, or hear one of our voices, you have instantly forgotten the person holding you and are smiling, giggling or staring intently after us. To think that we have this affect on you is just crazy and wonderful! If you are overwhelmed or upset for some reason, often all you need is a simple cuddle and reassuring whisper from Mommy or a neck-kiss and silly talk from Daddy.And it seems within the past two weeks or so you've now started reaching out to us with your extended arms, which often makes Mommy want to cry with happiness!

You are extremely ticklish on your neck, feet, and upper thighs so we shamelessly take advantage of that fact quite often just to hear your endless peals of laughter.

Some of your current favorite past times: matter what, the cry of "Peek-a-boo!" always elicits a happy reaction. Handy soon as the Tools start singing, your eyes are big and round and you are watching it. Mommy hopes you'll even pick up some Spanish from it (Hola, Manny!). Your piggy that you have found your feet, you NEVER want to let go of them! They are a constant source of fun and learning for you and I love to watch as you pull them up to your mouth.

You are starting to outgrow your swing so we don't use it that often anymore. You nap almost solely in your crib (and occasionally still in Mommy's welcome arms) and while you are a total cat-napper (from 15 minutes minimum to 40 minutes maximum) you DO take approximately 3 naps a day. Without at least two naps, you are a total bear so Mommy does her best to keep you to your napping routine.

You are still nursing but we're down to twice a day. You nurse first thing in the morning and last feeding at night, before bed, as it is when you are most calm and less fidgety. During the day, you take 2-3 bottles of formula. This works best for both you and Mommy as it was getting to be like a WWF wrestling match when we were nursing during the day. Not relaxing or productive for either you or Mommy. Now I look forward to our nursing sessions so much. I love to bring you into bed with me in the morning when you wake up (after Daddy does your first diaper change). We lay side by side and and Mommy listens to you "talk" and laugh and I smooch your cheeks and neck, then we follow it up with nursing while you stare up at me with your beautiful brown eyes and pinch the skin on my chest (ouch!). Perfect moments I wouldn't trade for the world.

Two new things for you this month, silly little man...tub-time and spitting! First of all, Mommy started bathing you in the regular bath tub (as opposed to your baby tub) and you now actually enjoy bath-time! You have a little reclining seat Mommy sits you in and you suck on the face cloth or try to grab and put your toes in your mouth while rubber duckies and turtles float all around you. Mommy also got you a bath tub you can sit up in but it's a little harder since you still don't sit up for long on your own.

And spitting? Daddy taught you that quite a while ago and you razzed here and there, but there was suddenly two days in a row where it just *clicked* where you did it every day, ALL DAY. Between the drooling from teething, and the spitting, you were soaking wet. Mommy now puts a bib on at you at certain points of the day!

You celebrated your very first Christmas this month and while you didn't know what was going on, Mommy and Daddy sure did and we tried to make it a very special holiday! We only bought you a couple of gifts (jumper that goes in the doorway, couple books, some toys that light up with sound and colors, a couple crinkly books and board books, and a photo album for you that you can mouth the pages of while looking at pics of your family) becuz we knew you'd be spoiled by your grandparents. And you were! Lots of clothes for the growing boy (you are now wearing 9-12 months in onesies, shirts, sleepers, one piece outfits and size 6-9 mo. or 9 months in pants) and even some fun educational toys. Your book collection is growing quite nicely!

Oh Hunter, we love you so much! Mommy was just thinking back to when you were first born, how it simultaneously feels so far away, and yet like just yesterday. And how much you have changed already in five months; that I just can't believe it! And I often get sad when I think that your Pop-Pop (my Daddy) is not here to see you and hug you and hold you and love you. And to laugh with me at how much your baby face looked like Pop-Pop's when HE was a baby (I can't wait to show you pictures!). But then I realize that no matter what, he is here with you, little man, he is here with all of us and he is watching you grow. He is loving you as a grandfather but also looking out for you as your very own personal Guardian Angel. Don't ever forget that, baby boy, and know that even though he never met you in person, your Pop-Pop LOVES YOU. You are a little piece of him.

Hunter, you are the reason we get out of bed in the morning and thank God for making us so lucky and blessed. While Daddy and Mommy often find ourselves saying "I can't wait till Hunter can do _______" we then have to stop and remind you PLEASE DON'T GROW SO FAST! Take your time, little man, so we can enjoy your babyhood. It's been the best five months of our lives!

Love you always and forever,

Mommy and Daddy


Robyn said...

Wow, he is growing so fast. He is also doing so much. My girls favorite food was sweet potatoes too. Be ready when he skips crawling, that is when you life really changes.

CanadianMama said...

Aww, Hunter is so old now!! He's so cute April; great pics!!

Stephanie said...

I have always loved how you take the time to point out so many things in these posts!
You will look back and enjoy these so much!
Believe me, as many cute things as Landon did when he was little, I have forgotten about so many of them until I read them in his baby book!
Hunter, you are sure one lucky little boy! Your mommy and daddy love you so much!!

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

What a lovely post. You have so much to say and I love that you get to share it with us! Hunter is just too handsome and yes he needs to stay little for a little while longer.

Happy New Year!

Birdee said...

I have to say it, you little Hunter reminds me so much of my little man. I even think they look a lot alike (different but alike in many ways, perfectly shaped bald head, olive complection, sweet as heck face, brown (or hazle in our case but mostly brown) eyes, I miss my LO every time I log in here.

Peeveme said...

I am so happy to read this wonderful update. He is doing great and adorable!

April said...

I always thought the same thing about our LO's, that they do resemble each other a bit! That's why I especially love looking when you post pics of Baby B to see if him and Hunter still look similar. :-)

Jaina said...

5 months already, sheesh...I remember when you first told us you were pregnant! Seems like just yesterday!! Hunter is SO adorable, I loved all those pictures and stories. I am so happy for you all. :) Give Hunter a kiss for me!

Morgan said...

I love letter to Hunter from mommy..adorable! He is getting so big, I can't believe he is already 5 months old...way to go big boy! :) So Hunter's a dare devil too huh? Mason does the same thing, he throws tantrums and flings his head back...more scary for mommy than baby though! :)

Morgan said...

*letterS to Hunter

Kat said...

Aww. What a sweet letter. And what a wonderful, darling little man. :)
It really does go by so quickly, doesn't it?

Krystyn said...

Oh, I can't believe he's already 5 months! And, aren't the raspberries fun?

Erin said...

Can you believe our babies are 5 months old already? Time is flying by!

FYI - We are not doing so well weaning off the paci. I am still sticking that silly thing in her mouth a couple times a night. Ugh.

Also - I left you a piece of bloggy love on my blog. Check it out!