Friday, February 26, 2010

Cloth diapering and some questions...

So I took the plunge!

I've been thinking of cloth diapering Hunter since before he was even born. I held off cuz things were so chaotic at the end of my pregnancy and with Daryl getting sick. Then after the baby was here, and a newborn (and pooping all the time!) I was a little overwhelmed by the thought of CD'ing.

Cut to now, when Hunter is about six and a half months. I finally decided, we are ready! It was a combination of still being interested in CD'ing but also becuz I've been noticing that quite often, Hunter has had a redness/rashiness on his belly (and belly button) and upper thighs where the diaper was rubbing against his skin. It almost reminds me of heat rash. (He has very sensitive skin that gets red often even just from holding him.) So I've been wondering if cloth would be better for his already sensitive skin, not as abrasive.

This week I placed my order of gDiapers (I got them from cuz of free shipping and the fact that they arrived TWO days later, woo hoo!) and Bum Genius (which I ordered from CottonBabies and unfortunately will be taking a little longer to arrive, like 5-10 days. I'm so impatient!). I had already researched a ton on Bum Genius--and have two friends who use and love them--so I felt pretty confident. But then I read Birdee's experience (I actually read her experience on her private blog but I linked to her public blog here) with Gdiapers as well, and her Pros list swayed me. I decided to try both! I'm also thinking of trying out some Knickerknappies after hearing about them on Sarah's blog. I kind of like the idea of snaps, as opposed to applix tabs.

Anyway, I'm probably going to do a combination of the biodegradable/throw away liners and the cloth liners. I don't have the time to do a ton of laundry for one thing, and another I'm afraid the cloth liners nonstop might be a little too much for my Mom (who watches Hunter four days a week) and Big D. I want to ease them into CD'ing. So that's my plan!

Today was the first day of CD'ing with gDiapers. I'm curious to see how it goes! I put one on him first thing when he woke up this morning. And then changed him about two hours later. He had peed and it was strictly on the throw away liner. Awesome! Granted, that was not one of his BIG pees so I'm interested to see how the liner handles it. I know we can double up at night, so I might try that tonight to see how it goes.

Anyway, I'll post more as we progress...and of course more pictures. ;-)

Now onto my questions. If any of you out there CD, can you please help me out here?

  • First, when you do a diaper change, do you just change the liner and keep him in the same diaper? Or do you change the entire diaper?
  • How long can he wear one diaper shell before it should be washed...the whole day? Less? More?
  • Do you find that the cloth or throw away liners are more absorbant? I'm wondering which would be best at night. Obviously I'll give them both a try to see how it goes.
  • Is it okay to wash the diaper shells in my regular laundry? I use All-Free and Clear for all our laundry. (I do realize you have to wash the cloth liners separately and that there is a certain way to do it.)
  • I'm sure I had more questions but my brain is blank right now...

Monday, February 22, 2010

I know, I know, I've been a crappy blogger lately. I'm still getting used to juggling being back to work, having baby time, cleaning the house and spending time with Big D. I never used to be able to juggle before but now I'm turning into a pro!
Hunter is doing great. He has finally figured out how to move forward, and not just backwards or sideways. He scoots his little hiney up into the air and then flings himself forward. It's hilarious to watch! Also, just this weekend he's figured out how to sit himself upright from a laying-down position. He still needs to keep himself propped on one arm but he's close. He's also sitting up completely unassisted, albeit still wobbly and occasionally tipping over. Most of the time, someone is able to catch him but he has bopped his head on the floor (or a toy) a few times. Usually if you quickly make him laugh, his fall is forgotten! He's got a hard head like his Daddy.

And scarily enough? He's already tried to pull himself up from the floor, using the tv stand! He's been standing pretty sturdy enough with help from us since approximately before Christmas. He pulls himself to a standing position (while holding our hands) often. Well last Friday, my mom was watching Hunter while I was at work. She quickly ran to pee (our house is teeny tiny, so she was literally two seconds away from him, in the bathroom) leaving him in the middle of the living room floor where he was playing with his toys. When she hurried back into the living room, he was partially upright on the tv stand and my mom was so freaked that she called his name out which startled him and he bumped his little head. Good lord, I'm not ready for this yet!

We are doing a modified Baby Led Weaning since about five and a half months. I say "modified" becuz we did, indeed, start Hunter on purees and baby cereal at four months but we've slowly been weaning off the purees altogether (well we don't shovel them into his mouth anymore. I refuse to throw away good baby food so instead I've been spreading fruit purrees on his bagels, etc or mixing veggie purrees into his pasta). This child LOVES to eat, and he especially seems to enjoy eating his dinner at the table (in his highchair) side by side with his Mommy and Daddy. So far he eats (and loves!): bananas, waffles, pancakes, whole wheat toast, green beans, carrots, peaches and pears (I get the kind in the fruit cup and drain the syrup and rinse with water...its so convenient to serve cuz it's already chopped up!), egg yolk scrambled up, whole wheat mini bagels, Annie's Mac and cheese, sweet potato fries, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, cheese, pasta, garlic bread, grilled cheese, cucumbers, whole wheat pitas, broccoli, lasagna, graham crackers...can't remember if that's everything! And this week we're going to try with him: avocado and yogurt. I have no doubt he'll love it all. My child LOVES to eat!

This weekend we took a trip to see Hunter's Grammie and Grandpa. We had a great visit and his grandparents really enjoyed getting their cuddle-time in. They've missed him so much since Christmas!
What else? We celebrated Big D's 34rd birthday early with his Mom and step-dad while we were in NY. His birthday is not actually till March 6th so we'll still be celebrating it here, but this way his Mom got to pamper him by making him dinner and a birthday cake, and also giving him his gift. She is buying him a new cell phone which he desperately needed! I have an idea about what I want to get him for his gift...something he likes and has already said before that he wants (although he's thrown a wrench into my plans by mentioning something ELSE he wants me to get him, so now I'm torn!). So you'll have to wait and sees what I end up getting him (since Mister Nosey sometimes reads my blog and I don't want him finding out his gift early!). And my MIL spoiled ME as well this weekend. I have been desperate for some new bras since having the baby. Any of the bras I already had were too big or too little and so we went shopping. Not only did she buy me two new bras, but I ended up leaving with a new winter coat (something I haven't had all season!), two pairs of work pants and a sweater! Woo hoo!
And then there is ME. I'm fat. Disgustingly fat. Ugh. I know I gave birth to a baby six months ago, but I can't use that as an excuse anymore. I feel like instead of trying to get healthy, I've been going to shit. I'm trying to lose weight now and I have to stick with it...for my self esteem more than just fitting into my clothes. Big D has promised to help support me and we did our healthy grocery shopping yesterday. I've lost 2 and a half pounds but man, oh man, there is SO MUCH more that has to be lost, before I'll feel good about myself. Wish me luck!