Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Cloth Diaper Review

So far, I've tried four different types of cloth diapers on Hunter's cute little tush. I figured I'd share my experiences and opinions on each one for anyone else who may be interested in cloth diapering with any of these:

            • gDiapers

            • bumGenius

            • Flip

            • Gro Baby

            FYI: When reading reviews and trying to place my orders for which diaper I wanted to try, I found it very helpful when the reviewers described their baby's body shape and also age, so that I could compare it to my own child's. That being said, Hunter is currently seven months old and weighs 20 lbs. I don't have an exact measurement for his height but I can tell you that he is a very tall baby, with a long torso and long legs.


            I started with gDiapers becuz I figured they'd be the easiest transition from disposables for me, Big D and my Mom (who watches Hunter four days a week while we're at work).


            • Oh. My. Cuteness. These little g's look so stinkin' cute on his bum. Very trim, barely any extra "fluff" and they fit just fine under any of his clothes or pj's. This is due in part, I believe, to the fact that they are sized diapers. Hunter is currently in a size Medium.
            • The aplix is affixed on the back of the diaper so that little reaching fingers can not pry it open.
            • The removable plastic liner is held into the diaper shell with snaps so if it gets soiled you can unsnap the dirty liner and put a new one in, reusing the shell. The liner also does a good job of keeping poop off the shell. I think we've only had poop get on the shell ONCE so far.
            • We use both the disposable biodegradable inserts and the cloth inserts called gCloths. The disposable inserts are a great convenience when it comes to poop messes, that's for sure. Remove it from the plastic liner and throw away. Peace of cake! And we can use diaper rash cream when he is wearing a disposable insert.
            • The diaper shells can be reused multiple times throughout the day cutting back drastically on dirty CD laundry!
            • I don't feel that the gCloths contain enough pee. Hunter is a heavy, heavy pee-r. And the gCloth doesn't seem to absorb it enough so that we often have leaks onto the shell. At first I thought maybe it was becuz I only prep-washed the cloth like 3-4 times but they've been washed many more times since then and I still feel the same way. I actually prefer to stuff my g's with bumGenius or Flip cloth inserts (but more on those later!). Also, in my opinion the gCloths are expensive.
            • The aplix, while doing a good job keeping the diaper closed, is already starting to curl up a tiny bit on the very edges of some of the diaper shells.
            • It can be a pain in the hiney trying to restuff a plastic liner during a diaper change if you have a squirmy baby. I actually end up leaving a bunch of g's already stuffed and ready and during a diaper change, I just put on a whole new gDiaper and then later, when I'm not holding down a rolling baby on the changing pad/floor then I restuff the previously used shell so that we can use it again.
            • The diapers ARE sized so you do need to keep ordering the next size up as your child grows, therefore spending a bit more than you would on a One Size diaper.


            bumGenius was my first introduction to the world of cloth diapering! A couple years ago, a friend of mine had a baby and began cloth diapering with bumGenius diapers. I was intrigued from the start and began asking her endless questions, opinions and then started online researching myself. Before I even got pregnant, I told Big D I was curious and possibly interested in cloth diapering our own child someday. To my complete and utter surprise, he was all for it! Cut to now, I ordered the bumGenius at the same time as the g's but the g's came first. That didn't' stop me from still being excited to get my fluffy BG mail a few days later!

            • I bought the BG One Size diapers becuz I wanted a diaper that would grow with my boy. And since we do plan on having another child eventually, I know we'll reuse them again. They seem to be well made. My friend's son is now one and a half years old and she's been using them on him since he was born. They have held up great!
            • Very sturdy/sticky aplix.
            • Comfortable elastic around the legs. Especially on my baby's chunky thighs!
            • These diapers are super absorbent! I stuff the cloth insert into the diaper's pocket and at night I actually add the newborn insert as an additional booster since Hunter sleeps 12 straight hours. And like I mentioned above, he pees a lot. I've only had one leak with the BG's so far and it was overnight. I do know for a fact that Hunter had a lot to drink that day, now that he is drinking water from his sippy cup.
            • These are super easy to change, similar to a disposable. Literally take off the diaper, throw it in your diaper pail, and slap on another!
            • With each diaper purchase, you receive a cloth insert and the newborn insert as well. And if you don't have a newborn, the smaller insert is great as a booster.
            • Unless you have a SERIOUSLY mushy poop diaper, I think the BG's are easiest to deal with. The poop literally rolls off the diap and into the toilet, taking away much of the "ick" factor.
            • Very fluffy poofy baby butt with these diapers! While some people may like that, my preference is a trimmer look. There are some pants of Hunter's that I can't put on him when he's wearing these.
            • You can not use diaper rash cream on cloth diapers as it causes the diaper to lose its absorbency. So if Hunter gets a little red at all, I can't use a BG diaper on him cuz I like to put a little cream on his boy bits.
            • You do need more of these diapers in your stash since it is dirty after each change. So if you go with BG exclusively, there will be more of a cost commitment.

            Flip Diapers

            I was very interested in trying out the flips after reading about them on CottonBabies (the makers of BG and Flips). They seemed like a cross between bumGenius and gDiapers, to me.

            • The diaper shells are very thin which makes for a somewhat trim look on Hunter's hiney. Although, becuz of all the snaps (which make the diaper One Size), it is still not as trim as the gDiapers.
            • The Flip cloth inserts are awesome, in my opinion! Besides the BG cloth inserts, the Flips are one of the most absorbent we've used so far. This is very important for me with a heavy-duty peeing baby like Hunter. I don't recall ever having any urine leaks yet while using the cloth inserts. And I've used the Flip inserts in not only my flip shells, but in the gDiapers as well.
            • The cloth inserts can be taken out of the diaper after it's soiled and the outer shell can be reused.
            • These diapers have really strong snaps so the baby can't take his/her diaper off.
            • I don't like how the inserts just kind of "sit" in the diaper, merely secured by an inner flap of the diaper. This means that the insert slides around a lot and we've had a poop leak almost every single time we've used the Flips. Unless that changes (I'm trying to make sure I change him often enough becuz with cloth diapering you really can't go more than 2 hours) and they stop leaking onto the shell, I probably won't be investing anymore money into the Flips.
            • The cloth inserts are One Size so you have to fold them down to fit your child. It's just a fold, so no way to secure them at that size unlike BG's which snap.
            • These diapers have really strong snaps. I know I already listed this as a Pro but in some cases, it is a Con for our family. The snaps may be a little TOO tight for my Mom to undo during a diaper change, so she can't get it on/off as speedy as the aplix.
            Gro Baby Diapers

            • These diaps look super cute on Hunter! I ordered the color Seaside, which is blue and green stripes. I would love to see how some of the other colors look in person.
            • I like how the aplix can be afixed to any part of the top band of the diaper, as opposed to just the aplix tabs like the g's and BG's.
            • The cloth inserts snap in which holds them in place, and no sliding around inside the diaper shell!
            • Once the insert is peed on, you can unsnap it and still reuse the diaper shell, thereby saving on cost.
            • The cloth insert has an elastic in it so that it fits to the baby's legs, just like the shell.
            • The diapers seem to run pretty small. Even though they are One Size, I don't see them lasting through till Hunter is potty trained. I currently have them set on the Medium setting and I'm wondering how long he can last at that setting. (He is currently 20 lbs. and I can't remember what his height is but Hunter is a tall baby with a long torso and legs). Also, the leg gussets seem very tight on his chunky little thighs.
            • The Gro Baby's do seem to give Hunter quite a bit of extra fluff in the hiney area. So while they are quite as puffy as my BG's they are definitely not as trim as the g's.
            • I've only just started using the Gro Baby diaps so I don't have much experience to base this on when it comes to leaks. In essence, it seems like a nicely made and absorbent insert that would not leak much onto the shell however I have had one poop and one pee leak onto the shell. I'm curious to give them another try to see if it happens again.

            Wednesday, March 17, 2010

            Okay, it's official.

            I have an addiction.

            Hi, my name is April and I'm a cloth diapering addict.
            I just received some lovely fluffy mail. My Gro Baby diapers. I wanted to try them out. So far I have tried Bum Genius OS, gDiapers and Flips. Eventually I plan on telling you my experience with each but for now?
            Bask in the cuteness of this diaper.
            I can't wait to put it on Hunter's cute little bum!!

            And of course I can't leave you without a pic of my baby boy. Hunter, Mommy appreciates the fact that you want to help her with the laundry. You are an AWESOME child!!! Heh heh.

            Thursday, March 04, 2010

            Dear Hunter,

            You are seven now months old! In what felt like the blink of an eye, another month has passed us by, little man. And what a busy and productive month it's been, for all of us!

            Mommy is enjoying being back in the working world, despite missing you, and we've settled into a great routine. You are spoiled by seeing your Nana four days a week for five hours, while she watches you at our house while Mommy and Daddy work. Even though going back was tough for Mommy the "pay off" is worth it...coming home to see your smiling face and upraised arms to be picked up is so special! It makes Mommy and Daddy both feel so loved.

            You also took two trips this month! The first to Maine to visit our great friends and you had a fabulous time playing with their 2 and 5 year old (the 5 year old was WAY more interested in you!). Then to upper state NY to visit your Grammie and G-Pa! You got lots of loving and had some great fun. And Mommy and Daddy enjoyed the whole weekend too, and didn't want to come home!

            You are on a roll with changes this month, bubs. You can now fully sit up on your own (from a laying down position) and you've also begun occasionally trying to pull yourself up using the TV stand or exersaucer. We now have no choice but to baby-proof the house as you are into EVERYTHING! This includes (but not limited to) prying fingers near electrical sockets, trying to chew on electrical cords, and putting anything that you find on the floor (lint, dirt, paper, etc.) into your willing little mouth. We can NOT leave you alone longer than a few seconds as there is no doubt, you will be into something you shouldn't be. And diaper changes. Man, oh man, they are like pure torture now, for all of us! Every time we lay you down (whether on your changing table or on a blanket on the floor) to change your diaper, you fight us every step of the way! What a little stinker you are, arching your back and twisting your body, often ending up on your belly on the changing table--frantically trying to crawl away! And the tantrums? Oh yes, you have finally mastered your true potential in tantrum-throwing. You are quite a sight some days when you don't get your way: giant crocodile tears, flailing limbs and wails that could wake the dead! You definitely have a stubborn streak in you (inherited no doubt from both of your lovely parents!).

            You've really started exploring with your toys this month too! You finally realized, on your own, how to push the buttons on your musical books to make the music start up. The first time you did it, your face lit up in happy surprise! You also are quite content to entertain yourself by chewing on your toys and giggling at some unknown amusement. You "talk" our ears off now. If Mommy counts, you try to imitate the sounds. You've also "said" Da-da. You say it when you see Daddy walk in/out of a room so we know you are saying it TO him. Now, if only you'd start saying Ma-Ma, too!

            You are completely off of baby food. You still drink four bottles a day but we've cut back from the usual 8oz to about 6oz, as you seem to want less (half the time, I think you are too impatient to lay still to drink it! You start rolling around and usually want to get down and play!). Mommy also stopped nursing completely this month as you've become a bit of a biter! You eat approximately 3 meals a day of solid food and you are slowly learning your pincher-grasp. It's not quite there yet but it's only a matter of time. You love big-people food and eating is definitely a good time! You tried for the first time this month: lasagna, Annie's mac and cheese, yogurt and garlic bread. ALL big hits! You've also learned, this month, how to drink out of a sippy cup! At every meal Mommy gives you a sippy cup with some water in it and the first week or two you just played with it: sucked and chewed on the spout and threw it on the floor. Now? You've come to the realization just in the past 2 weeks, that you can actually drink from it.

            While you still only have two visible (bottom) teeth, we now know there are FOUR (upper) teeth ready to cut through! FOUR. Daddy said about you last night, "Go big, or not at all, Hunter!" You have not been a happy camper lately due to teething. Lots and lots of spitting up (after every single bottle), endless scratching inside your ears, lots and lots of random crying and even waking up sometimes during the night--something you haven't done in months. Two nights ago, you woke up crying and inconsolable three times throughout the night, and finally Daddy brought you into bed with us to calm you down. The next morning we made a quick visit to the Pedi (you now weigh 19 pounds, big boy!) who reassured us you did not have an ear infection but that you had four teeth with barely any gum covering them. Holy smokes! So Mommy has given you some Motrin and Oragel to help ease the pain. I also might try some natural, homeopathic teething tablets that my boss (an ND) highly recommended. Anything to make our Bubs feel better!
            Let's see, what else? Just at the end of this month, another change for you Hunter! You've been spoiled up till this point, with Mommy, Daddy or Nana completely rocking you to sleep before lowering you oh-so-carefully (so as not to wake you up!) into your crib. Well, about a day or so ago, I had to shower for work and you were fighting the good fight and not falling asleep. Mommy bit the bullet and lowered you, still awake, into your crib. While I showered, I could hear you over the monitor, screaming your little heart out. This went on for approximately 20 minutes (although the severity of the crying had lessened which is why I hesitated and didn't go in to get you, after my shower was complete) and sure enough? You had put yourself to sleep! Granted, Mommy cried as well, even though all's well that ended well. Heh. And now only a day or so later, you will go down for a nap/bed with either about 2 minutes of slightly miffed crying or NONE at all! Brilliant!
            Another change this month...Mommy has started cloth diapering your cute little tushy! So far so good. We started off, a week ago, with gDiapers using the disposable inserts (at least until Daddy and Nana have gotten the hang of it, and feel comfortable). But this week Mommy will try out the bumGenius diapers with the cloth inserts. You definitely look adorable in the brightly colored diapers, little man! Half the time, Mommy wishes she could just leave you dressed only in a diaper! Just to see that happy, fluffy butt on a regular basis.

            You've been a total ball of fun this month, Hunter. And Mommy really feels like time is starting to zip by when it comes to your growth. You amaze us every day! And just like Daddy and I tell you, constantly, we love you SO, SO much and could no longer imagine our lives without your smiling face in it.

            Thanks for making us so happy, little man. Thanks for being the sweet boy you are.

            Love you Always and Forever,
            Mommy and Daddy
            P.S. The whole family dressed in orange? TOTALLY not planned! But how hilarious and of course, Mommy thought, a perfect picture opportunity.