Sunday, April 04, 2010

Dear Hunter,

Today, you are eight months old. We've had a very fun month with you, little man. In addition to sprouting like a weed (you look as tall as some one-year-olds I know!) you also reached some exciting developmental milestones!

You finally said "Mama"! Granted, you only say it when you are upset, and want some lovin' but Mommy will take it! The first time I heard it you were crying in your crib while I quickly was blow-drying my hair one day, getting ready for work. When I heard you cry out, "Maaaaamaaaa!" I burst into your room and immediately scooped you up into my arms!

You started crawling this month and it is so amazing to see. Beforehand, you were on your hands and knees, belly up in the air and sort of inching/throwing yourself along. It was a slow process. And then literally, what seemed to have happened overnight, turned into fast, crazy crawling! You are constantly on the move, bubs, and getting into everything in sight! Mommy and Daddy began baby-proofing as soon as you attempted to stick your fingers in the electrical sockets and stuffed electrical cords in your mouth to chomp on. Yikes! We have two baby gates but in addition Mommy has random items strategically placed all around the house, blocking you from getting into what you shouldn't. Laundry baskets, the vacuum, a TV tray, a box or two...whatever can block your path!

Another exciting thing you've started doing? You now pull yourself up to a standing position, while holding onto whatever is in front of you (couch, exersaucer, laundry basket)! I can't believe my little boy is standing up on his own! You also have attempted to take a step away from the couch the other day and while it was awesome for Mommy to see, at the same time we are not quite ready! So when you plopped back down onto your heavily-padded hiney, Mommy and Daddy didn't mind in the least.

You've tried some new foods this month! And just like anything else you've tried and eaten so far, you loved them all! Pizza, green lettuce, quiche, tomatoes, mango...and while you drink from your sippy cup during meals, Mommy will let you sip from her own glass of water sometimes during the day and you drink like a CHAMP! You are such a big boy. It's rare that you dribble any down your chin.

Your personality continues to impress us everyday. You are the most incredibly happy, smiling and giggling baby that we know! Friends and family often comment on this. You love to have your picture taken and smile your big cheesy grin every time Mommy trains the camera on you. We had professional pictures taken of you the other day and they came out so incredibly adorable! You had a happy smile that showed off some of your teeth. Your newest noise, that causes Daddy and Mommy to laugh endlessly at you, is an excited half grunt/half squeal. You will hold your toy up high and let loose with the sound, even when we're shopping in Target. You've also become exceptionally feisty. And this month you started hearing "No!" almost on an every day basis. Ha ha! Most of the time, as you are reaching for a cord and Daddy is saying a deep, sharp "No!" you turn and look at him over your shoulder, smile that mischievous little grin and start giggling at him! You also love to fake-sneeze and find it hilarious!
You really are only cranky when you're suffering from teething. Which has been bad this month. :-( The drooling, which had slowed down, picked back up and you soak anyone within drooling distance. Your third tooth (in the upper left side of the front of your gums) broke through and three more are getting ready to follow! The fourth has slightly broken through the gum but hasn't descended yet. When they all come out, you will have FIVE teeth, little man! Your nighttime and napping schedules were thrown off this month becuz of teething, and many times throughout the night you'd wake up crying, fist wedged into your mouth, gnawing away on it. My poor boy! You got lots of extra cuddles this month.

One of my most favorite "tricks" you learned? KISSING! If you are feeling exceptionally lovey, and we ask you for a kiss, you lean in with your mouth wide open like a sucker fish and slime our cheeks! You had mostly been doing it for Mommy but last night after Daddy got home from work and picked you up, you leaned in unprompted and planted a big wet one on his cheek. The smile on Daddy's face was so sweet. Hunter, you are such a loveable boy! You enjoy cuddles and hugs and often lay your head on our shoulder for some snuggles.
You've also turned into QUITE the biter this month. While using Mommy or Daddy's pant leg to pull yourself up to standing, you'll often grab a hunk of our pant leg in your mouth and I have to keep reminding you, "No biting!"

So much has changed in the past eight months and you continue to surprise and and make us happy every day, Hunter. You are an amazing little boy! We love you so, so much.

Hugs and Kisses Forever,
Mommy and Daddy


Sarah said...

He is absolutely adorable, April! I cant get over how much he looks like Big D!

Noah used to do the biting thing...he would come up behind me and bite me right in the way upper thigh/ass cheek area. Talk about painful!

Stephanie said...

Happy 8 months Hunter!!! You are growing WAY too fast!!!
Love all the new tricks he is learning :)

Anonymous said...

I love reading these posts! I so enjoy reading about what Hunter is doing, and at just 3 months ahead of him, it is a great reminder of what Briar was doing just a few months ago.

LOVE the pictures - what a doll!

Robyn said...

He is so stinkin' cute. I'm sure he'll be walking in no time. Look out.

Cecily R said...

April, he is YUMMY. You will be so glad you've written these in a few years because even though there are things you will never forget, there are things you will. It will be so nice for both you and Hunter to look back on them.

CanadianMama said...

Oh the fake sneeze - love it! Happy 8 months Hunter :)

Jaina said...

Wow, what a cutie pie! Hunter is growing in leaps and bounds, he's such a handsome little guy. I love reading these letters April, how special they are and will be for Hunter when he is older :)

Peeveme said...


Birdee said...

Oh I just love that little boy of yours!

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msprimadonna67 said...

Oh, I miss the days of all those brand-new-firsts!