Friday, June 04, 2010

Dear Hunter,

You are now...drum roll please...TEN MONTHS OLD.

Oh my goodness, how did this happen so quickly?

So much keeps changing and you seem to learn something new daily. You blow Mommy and Daddy away!
You learned how to wave bye-bye at the very beginning of the month...after weeks of careful consideration when Mommy or Daddy did it. And you even said it one day as Daddy left for work, "Bye-bye!" Daddy stopped cold in his tracks and Mommy just about fell off the couch, we were so surprised! You still say Da-da all the time but you've added Ma-ma as a pretty common talking staple as well. Although I must admit, you call Ma-Ma usually when you are sad, hurt or cranky. And it sometimes sounds like a goat bleating out "Maaaaaa!" Regardless, Mommy still loves hearing it. So you say Da-Da, Ma-Ma, Bye-Bye, ba-ba (for bottle), Nana (which is another new one), 'Pa (for GPa)...and you recently added another "word" to your vocabulary that was completely unexpected. Mommy, Daddy and Nana have a nickname for you. We always call you Bubba, or Bubs, and the other day after Nana said it, you said right back to her with a happy grin, "Bubba!"

You love to look at your family in photographs. Every single day we look at the photo (that was taken at your baby shower) on the end table and I point out to you, "Mommy, Daddy, Nana, Gpa and Grammie!" You laugh hysterically after each name and then try to "kiss" (i.e. lick, sucker-fish) the glass frame.
You are so close to walking, Hunter, that it's crazy. You stand on your own unaided and no more wobbling! When we "walk" with you (holding your hands) you take perfectly sturdy steps. And the other day Daddy "walked" you over to Mommy and let your hands go and you took TWO STEPS on your own to Mommy! I could have cried with joy. However, I think you realize just how quickly you can get around by crawling so usually if you are standing you drop down to your knees and speed-crawl all over the living room.
Hunter, Mommy is so excited to see how much you love your books. I have to admit, most of the time you want to EAT them (and you actually did take a couple bites out of the spine of some thin hardcover books!) but often I will catch sight of you, book open in your lap, analyzing the pictures and words and talking to yourself. You seem to enjoy the picture book with animals the most and now we often hear you roaring like a lion! So incredibly cute.
You took your first trip to the Rainforest Cafe this month, little man, and it was hilarious to see how in awe of the place you were. Every time the animals moved or there was the fake "thunderstorm" and it got really loud and the lights flashed, bigger kids than you screamed in fear. You? Fearless Hunter? You looked all around with big eyes and slammed one of your favorite toys (a hard plastic dinosaur that you got at a birthday party) down on the table with glee.
You have been teething again this month, Hunter. Last week was NOT fun. And now you are cutting two more bottom teeth (to go along with your four on top and two on the bottom). You will have a full mouth of teeth by the time you hit your 1st birthday!

Something else we deal with almost daily's! You are such a mover and a shaker, buddy, that you never sit still. SO this means you are constantly standing, walking along furniture and getting into things you shouldn't be which means you are constantly banging your head, falling down, etc! Thankfully you are a sturdy boy who only cries briefly then moves on to the next thing you shouldn't be getting into!

Another first this month, Hunter, was you got to go swimming in a body of water bigger than the bathtub! Mommy and Daddy took you over to Grandpa's house at the lake and you and Daddy went into the water! Despite the fact that I worried the water was too chilly, you LOVED it and kept trying to get back in after Daddy sat you on the dock.

Hunter you are becoming such a big boy! You look less and less like a "baby" and more like a "boy" to us every day. Mommy simultaneously loves it and is so sad to see her baby growing up so quickly! You are the light of our lives buddy, keep on shining bright.

Love you always and forever,

Mommy and Daddy


Jaina said...

Oh gosh April, it seems like you just had him! I can't believe how big he is getting, he is SO cute! I love that last picture especially, but they are all so cute. Are you going to do swim lessons/mommy and me water classes with him this summer since he seems to enjoy the water so much?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! He's growing so fast!

Bekah said...

wow! 10 months!! the picture of you and him, you in in the blue tank, is awesome!! i would totally frame that one if i were you!!

Nishant said...

Great pictures!
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Sarah said...

Hard to believe it has been almost a year! I bet Hunter will be walking by next month :)
Oh, and you are very correct about the boo-boos! Alice has already had a bunch, and I don't see it letting up anytime soon! Good thing they are tough cookies!

Birdee said...

I just love reading your monthly letters to Hunter. They are so sweet and something he will enjoy reading when he's big, and somethign you will enjoy reading when he's big.

Krystyn said...

He's getting so big and not so baby anymore! And, it sounds like he's really ALL boy! What a cutie.