Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dear Hunter,

I think someone tricked Daddy and I.

There is no way you could possibly be 11 months old already! Didn't Mommy JUST write your 10 month letter? Daddy and I blink our eyes, and you are another month older.
We've had a fun month, Hunter, as summer kicks into full swing. We are enjoying every possible moment of it! After your first initial trip to the lake last month, and feeling a little hesitant about the water (and sometimes the waves) you've gotten SO much braver! You stand on the sandy, shallow bottom when Mommy holds you, and you also lean back your head occasionally on her shoulder while she "floats" you. Much different than the unsure boy who clung nervously like a baby monkey to whoever took him into the water! You splash your hands in the water and giggle endlessly. You are getting so strong and sturdy it amazes Mommy! You are walking occasionally and you have not been doing more than four or five steps at a time before you purposely drop down and finish crawling to your destination. You do a funny have stand/half crawl usually, flat footed on the ground and looking like a scuttling crab! You can stand fully from a squat and don't need to hold onto ANYTHING. You also surprised the heck out of Mommy today when you CLIMBED ONTO THE COUCH right in front her and Nana! Note to all family, NEVER leave Hunter alone in a room anymore, even if it's just for five seconds. Ha ha!

This month we celebrated our first Father's Day for Daddy! It was a great weekend all around. The day before, we spent the day at the lake with your Grandpa and Great-Grandma, too. Then on Father's Day itself, we gave Daddy his gift (a gift card to his favorite store, Cabela's, and new swim shorts. He was very pleased!) and we spent the day enjoying each other's company. But hands down, little man, YOU are Daddy's favorite gift of all.
You are such a silly little boy, Hunter. You love ice cream and sticking your tongue out, you make crazy roaring sounds like a dinosaur, and playing with Tucker has become one of your favorite past times! You are STILL the clown of our family, constantly trying to make Mommy and Daddy laugh at you.

Mommy and Daddy are currently planning your 1st birthday party, baby boy, and it is such a bittersweet moment. We are so proud of the little boy you are becoming but at the same time, it's so sad to realize that newborn Hunter is gone forever. So in the meantime, let's savor this last lovely month before you turn one year old!

We love you more and more each day and we make sure to TELL you this every single day of your life, Hunter. Your parents could NOT be any prouder!

Love you forever and always, buddy,

Mommy and Daddy

Friday, July 02, 2010

We're enjoying our summer so, so much already.

The sticky sweetness of watermelon slices.

The lemony yellow rays of sun warming our backs.

The pops and splashes of light in the night sky signifying firework-fun.

Tee shirts, chunky thighs and diaper butts as we try to stay cool in the soft wet blanket of summer.

The gentle rhythmic lapping of the lake water against the sun-kissed rocks.

The utter beauty of a pink and purple sky, like a paintbrush was dipped into warm colors and then streaked across that canvas of dusky blue. (My lame picture does not do it justice.)

Many firsts to celebrate.

Lots of sticky ice cream kisses.

Yes, yes, we are really enjoying our summer.