Friday, July 02, 2010

We're enjoying our summer so, so much already.

The sticky sweetness of watermelon slices.

The lemony yellow rays of sun warming our backs.

The pops and splashes of light in the night sky signifying firework-fun.

Tee shirts, chunky thighs and diaper butts as we try to stay cool in the soft wet blanket of summer.

The gentle rhythmic lapping of the lake water against the sun-kissed rocks.

The utter beauty of a pink and purple sky, like a paintbrush was dipped into warm colors and then streaked across that canvas of dusky blue. (My lame picture does not do it justice.)

Many firsts to celebrate.

Lots of sticky ice cream kisses.

Yes, yes, we are really enjoying our summer.


Stephanie said...

Oh I just want to pinck those chunky little legs!!!
Sounds like a wonderful summer so far!!!

CanadianMama said...

Great pictures and I am beyond jealous!! Looks like a wonderful lake you are privy to - I'm coming there one day for sure :)