Thursday, August 19, 2010

Well, it's been a busy couple of weeks! Hunter turned ONE on August 4th and the day was very quiet and low-key. Daryl and I both worked so after work we did cake, just the three of us. It was so special to be together as just a family, celebrating the day our baby boy was born a year ago! (Warning...this post is VERY pic-heavy!!)

Someone obviously needed a bath after chocolate cake! The tub was filled with floating chocolate crumbs after I set him into it!

Then a week later, we had the big shindig with our family and friends. Party time!

We decorated the hall all morning and I was exhausted but pleased!

Then it was time to eat! We did BBQ and I think Daryl and I went a little buck-nutty with food. While Mommy was too stomach sick from morning sickness to eat much of anything, Hunter chowed down on hot dog, potato salad and cole slaw!
I think this look is, "Um, Mom? Where the heck did all my cole slaw go???"

And then on to the cake! I found this amazing woman in my town who bakes out of her home (about three or four of my friends use her) and the cake she made for us BLEW AWAY any expectations I had. I was floored. And it was DELISH.

Hunter wasn't exactly sure what to make of his smash cake at first. Um, hello? Frosting? Dig in, buddy!

GPa was so kind as to smoosh a handful of cake in Daddy's face during the cutting.
One of our friend's daughters, Eva, lost her VERY first tooth at Hunter's party!

I swear, every single time I try to take a family photo, my son is STUFFING HIS FACE.

With two spoons. LOL
Hunter was very spoiled with some awesome gifts! Clothes for Fall/Winter, lots of books, a couple videos, and Daddy's favorite...mucho trucks!

And then Mommy's favorite, pinata time! A lot of the kids were already gone by this point, so the ones who were left? Lucky, lucky kids!!

It was so cute watching Hunter scrounge around for candy as well, efven though he had no idea what it was!

And last, but not least, moonbounce house time. It was a loooong day of food and fun, with no afternoon nap for Hunter, so he relaxed in his Daddy's arms.

What a beautiful, fantastic day. WE LOVE YOU, HUNTER BABY!!!


My Two Army Brats said...

Great pictures!! I was also too sick from a new pregnancy at my sons first birthday party to enjoy the food and we also had bounce house! How funny!!

I'm so excited for you with baby number 2 on the way I've enjoyed following your pregnancy with Hunter and his first year!!

Krystyn said...

What a great celebration!

Kat said...

Now THAT'S a party! WOW! It looks like a blast! And I think he enjoyed his cake. :)

Sarah said...

Looks like everyone had a blast at the party! I'm still planning Alice's party (which will be in a little less than a month-so we can announce the baby news).

Oh, and I know I have already told you, but congratulations!!! I wish you lived closer. We could get Alice and Hunter together, and these next two, for some play dates!

Bekah said...

I cant believe he one already!!! II love all the pictures!!! He is so cute with that grin!!

And awesome party!! Loved that cake!`