Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In the past month or two, I feel like Hunter has grown into a little boy right before my very eyes. He is just amazing me every day with everything he says or does and I love it! I've been sick as a dog this whole week so there has been a LOT of nose blowing going on. Well, it didn't dawn on me that Hunter was observing me until the other day when he got a hold of my box of tissues, pulled one out and held it up to his nose blowing a hilarious raspberry sound out of his mouth. Is THAT what he thinks his Mommy sounds like when blowing her nose??

He also is gibber-gabbering a TON (interspersed with the words he CAN say: Mama, Dada, wa-wa (for water), dog, dat?, Nana, ball, etc.) But the difference is that instead of it sounding like just random sounds/words as it has in the past, it sounds like a CONVERSATION. Man, oh man, I wish I spoke "baby"! The other morning, around 1:00am I brought him into bed with us when he woke up crying and coughing (he's got Mommy's cold). Instead of letting him crying it out after soothing him, like I normally have been, I just swept him up and into my exhausted arms (I'd been coughing from 9:30-midnight straight before finally passing out, only to be woken up at ONE) and brought him into bed with us.

Never mind the fact that Hunter is a WILD sleeper, punching guts, throwing 'bows and smacking cheeks throughout the night and also that he was coughing like me, this little man woke up around 5:30am and thought it was time for some good early morning conversation. Gabbing away, then randomly smacking one of us (Daryl's' belly or my boob!!) I think maybe to make sure we were "listening" he'd then start laughing as if he'd said the funniest joke in the world. Despite how tired I was, I couldn't help but smile at my silly son!

We've also been talking about babies a LOT with Hunter lately. I know he's little and may not understand ANY of what we're saying, but I still feel the need to sorta try to prepare him for his little brother or sister due to arrive mid-March. Hunter has a baby doll (I bought it when first preggo and wanting to help the doggies adjust, and after that I left it in the toy box for when friend's daughters came over to play) which he has fallen in LOVE with.

He carries this little doll around cradled in his arms, kissing (sucking, licking) on baby's head often. I tell him to "Hug Baby" and he squeezes that little doll with a smile. If I kiss his baby, then he has to immediately kiss it too. We tell him to "be nice" or "be gentle" with Baby (just like we tell him about the dog...Hunter thinks Tucker is his personal jungle gym that he can pinch and climb on at anytime!) and I've even started telling him that "Mommy has a baby in her belly" while pointing to my baby. I don't think he gets THAT part at all though cuz he just laughs and sticks his pointy little finger IN my belly button.

Despite the fact that chasing after him is becoming more and more exhausting, the more preggo I get, I LOVE watching Hunter walk like such a big boy. I'm so proud of him and how sturdy he is. Monday I took Hunter to Walgreens with me so that I could buy myself some plain Robitussin (becuz HOW ANNOYING, Target didn't have plain Robitussin...only CF or DM...which pregnant ladies can not use!). I was standing in the aisle, juggling his 27 lb wriggly body while trying to figure out what I needed, so I put him down and he started pulling out bottles of cough syrup off the shelf, like a great helper for his Mommy.

I finally found the (plain!) Robitussin and handed it to him and off we went. Watching him toddle down the aisle, clutching the box of medicine in his chubby-handed, yet determined, grip and eagerly squealing at any person he saw filled me with such an incredible feeling of awe and love for this kid. How funny does that sound? I started to envision him in my head, growing into a big boy, and it just blows me away.
I helped to create this happy, healthy, self-assured little toddling boy before me! It still often feels like just yesterday that he was a wriggling, crying newborn who slept, ate and pooped all day. Don't get me wrong, I DO miss that sweet little ball of baby who smelled like lotion and sweetness and cooed happily. Yet now? He's a little man, a little PERSON with this amazing personality. I feel so blessed to see this boy he is becoming!

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Kandi said...

Can't believe how much Hunter has grown! And I LOVE how sweet he is to the baby doll. Melts.My.Heart. He is going to be an amazing big brother. =)

fyi--no joke, the captcha word I got? SPERM. Nice.