Sunday, September 19, 2010

Okay, I feel really guilty. I've been SUCH a bad blogger within the past few weeks, months (ahem...year) but I do miss it so!

Yeah, sure, I miss all you guys, but what I miss the most? Chronicling my life, my simple daily life and being able to go back and reread it. When I became a blogger years and years ago, back before ANYone read me, except maybe Michele, I was an avid journaler. I would whip out my journal at night and go to TOWN, sometimes writing for an hour. But slowly this crazy world of bloggin' took over and I--gasp--stopped journaling! (I still randomly pick it up but it's like one written post every 8-9 months or so).

And now that I've been a bad blogger, I feel like I am not journaling ANYwhere and that kills me! So, be prepared for more stuff for me but seriously? Don't expect Pulitzer prizes or'll more be like "what I ate for lunch" and "how Hunter enjoyed his walk today" but you know what? Years from now, I will enjoy rereading it ALL.

Anyway, life has been great lately. The air is getting crisp and cool, my Pumpkin Spice candles are burning deliciously, and Daryl and I are enjoying showing Hunter all that we love about Fall.
Last weekend, we hit up the Hebron Fair and I'm still kicking myself in the pants for forgetting my camera. The nerve, right? But regardless, we had a blast. Preggo stuffed her friggin' face to heart's content (I'm not exaggerating, people. A fried dough pizza with sauce, a steak and cheese sandwich--which I DID share with Hunter, and didn't devour it all myself--and yummy kettle corn. Oh and Big D and I split one of this icey lemonade drinks. Mmmm...). Hunter was a tad tired by the time we made it to the animals so he wasn't as enthused with the cows and pigs as I had hoped but the goats/lambs? OH MY kid is in love. And even though his "bah-ing" sounds like the Count's devilish laugh (TWO peanut butter and jelly sandwiches...ah...ah...ah...) it is adorable as HELL. I have to catch it on video...I am determined.

This past Friday Hunter and I went apple picking for the second time this season with our friends, Sarah and the girls. For the most part he was more interested in eating his apple, again, but he did try to pick a couple of apples off the trees. I can't WAIT for Big D and I to bring him pumpkin picking. I think it will be hilarious to see my muscle man trying to hoist up a pumpkin on his own (cuz he definitely will! He tries to lift/carry EVERYTHING).
And then there is today, what I've been calling my lazy Sunday. I have done absolutely NOTHING today! And enjoyed it! Hunter and I went in the backyard for a bit so he could chase the dog around and we came in and ate yummy, delicious jonamac (my second favorite kind now, after granny smith) apples. Then Big D came home from work just in time for lunch. And later on, after a Target and quick grocery run, I'm going to make a delicious recipe I've done before for Apple Butter Pork Loin. Perfect for the season!

So, what have you been up to so far the beginning of this Fall season and are you enjoying the weather wherever you are???


Kat said...

That is what I love about blogging too. Journaling. Everytime I get bored and say I'm going to quit blogging I go back and read my old posts and talk myself into keeping it up. It is SO nice to go back and read all that I wrote and remember the kiddos when they were little, etc.

Anywho, I just LOVE fall. Summer is my fav but fall is a very close second. I decorated the house a couple of weeks ago with all my fall leaves and everything. It looks so warm and pretty. LOVE IT.

I can't wait to go to the pumpkin farm! That is one of my boys' favorites. :)

Those apple picking pics are so cute! I can't believe how big Hunter is. You look great! I love the lighter hair! :)
Hope you are feeling well!

Emily said...

I love fall! We went to pick out pumpkins this past Friday and I have MUMS all over! Glad to be seeing more of ya!

Bekah said...

I am LOVING the weather! Jack painted his first pumpkin, and we have been getting outside as much as we can in this beautiful season