Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I had a fantastic weekend!
We went to my in-laws this past weekend in upper state NY (around Saratoga Springs) and while we missed their peak fall foliage colors, we still had a blast. Dinner at Olive Garden, my MIL's homemade apple pie, watching Hunter play in the leaves for the very first time (Daryl and I laughed SO hard!), my MIL treating us both to pedicures (aaahhhh, quiet time!) and another first...Daryl's step dad, who is a volunteer firefighter, bringing Hunter on to the firetruck!
And of course we can't forget a belly shot!
So without further adieu, I'll inundate you with pictures!
Here I am--HUGE-- at 19 weeks. While I'm not psyched to look like a moose, I'm also a lot more laid-back about it this time around.
After all, I'm doing my best to grow a healthy baby in there!

Fun in the leaves! This child could NOT take his eyes off of them!!

My cutie pie boys.

Cutest smile EVER.

Every time one of us threw some leaves up in the air, Hunter SQUEALED with delight!

Taking a peek into the apple orchard, in Grammie and Gpa's backyard.

Time for a family shot!

This is what happened every time you took your eyes off this crazy boy for a second, he was racing back into the orchard and Daddy would tickle and whisk him back out.

Oops! Lost my footing!

And now onto the firetrucks! Obviously, Hunter wasn't quite sure what to make of it...and got a little bit nervous!

He looked like such a peanut on this huge truck!

Geez, this hat is heavy, guys!!
A great weekend, and I was so sorry to see it end! Although Hunter refused to sleep/nap at ALL in the pack-n-play so I WAS happy to get him back to his crib and not sleeping with us all night. This kid is a BED HOG!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just checking in for a quick update!
Life is so busy as all the holidays get closer. But mostly busy-fun. :-)
First of all, my baby boy is turning into SUCH a big boy! Holy crap! Yesterday when Daddy was leaving for work, Hunter was wigging out (this happens all the time now...he is a huge Daddy's boy). He was practically climbing the front door, trying to turn the handle and banging on it with his little fists. So of course I had to take a couple pics on my cell phone to send Daryl. After I sent them, I really stared at the two photos and immediately though "Oh my lord! Look how TALL Hunter has gotten!" Not only is he able to fully grasp the doorknob, but he's standing completely flat-footed while doing it. I think I'm in trouble! Time to break out those baby safety doorknob thingies someone gave me! (okay I'm getting really irritated that blogger will NOT separate most of my paragraphs, WTH???)
I also love to think how even though he isn't saying a ton of words yet, he still realizes and understands exactly what I'm saying! Every time I say I'm going "pee pee on the potty" he goes running to the bathroom with me. If i ask him to "mow the lawn" he pulls out his toy mower...or to put a magnet on the fridge that he's taken off, he dutifully does it. He tries so hard to repeat all the words we are saying but the enunciation is just not there yet. He CAN say mama, dada, dog (although it sounds more like "daw"), ball, hi, nana, pa (for Gpa), wa-wa (for water), dat (as in "what's that?), who dat (which makes me laugh every time), and he will gladly repeat specific words I say like cup, scoop, eye. He strung two words together for his first sentence "Where Nana?" and even though he's only does it like once or twice since, I still thought it was awesome!
He knows where his eyes/nose/ears/mouth are on his face or ours (and he loves to stick his fingers UP our nose when pointing it out LOL). He "bahs" for a sheep, "quacks for a duck". Hunter waves, claps, dances, points, climbs on and off of the couch, blows raspberries on our bare skin (he's recently started doing it on my belly which makes me laugh). He hasn't used a bottle since about 12 months, he gets his milk and water strictly in his sippy cup and he LOVES to sip out of a straw when his Mom or Dad have one. He still eats just about everything we put in front of him and his favorite, easily, is veggies and fruit. Last night we had chicken, grilled asparagus and a pasta/broccoli mix and he ate ALL of his asparagus before touching anything else. And then he reached over and started grabbing asparagus spears right off of my plate! LOL

Let's see what else has been going on lately? Last Sunday was my very best friend's baby shower. April #2 is pregnant with her first child and I couldn't be happier for her! She is having a boy who will be named Matthew and not only am I excited that her son and Hunter will grow up together, but her son will only be about 3 1/2-4 months old than OUR Baby Peanut! I hope our kids always stay friends! Here are a couple pics from her day.

Since I am going to be "Auntie April" to little Matthew (just as she is to my kid(s)), I couldn't resist buying this onesie: MY AUNTIE IS AWESOME.

Here are the two pregnant April's: me at 18 weeks and her at 32 weeks (doesn't she make you sick? The baby is ALL in her belly and nowhere else! That brat! LOL). Meanwhile I'm still at the point of only looking fat to some people (I know it's hard to see ANYthing in black). Well, in my defense it kinda depends on what type of shirt I'm wearing. Mostly it's just women (and people who already know me) who realize I'm pregnant. But I remember with Hunter I REALLY exploded after 20 weeks so I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

And speaking of my belly...Big D and I find out VERY SOON what the gender of this baby is!! November 4th to be exact! I'm so excited I can barely stand it. Does anyone want to wager a guess? Girl or Boy? Not to influence your decisions but my feeling is that it's another Boy and both Daryl and my Mom think it's a Girl. But honestly I think Daryl feels it's a girl only becuz he knows how badly I WANT one. ;-) I would LOVE to have my boy and girl, and knowing Hunter would be the caring big brother to a little sister would just warm my heart! And since this is our last pregnancy/child (unless an "oops" happens!) if I don't have a girl now, I will never have a daughter. I admit that does make me a little sad.

However, I wouldn't be sad to HAVE another boy becuz Hunter brings me more joy than I can ever articulate to anyone. I love the sweet and special bond we share and I would love to have that with another little baby boy. I love watching him push his cars around and say "Brrrrr" to imitate the motor and watch him try to ride his quad, while beeping the horn. And when he continually falls and tries to play in the dirt I just have to laugh becuz I know it will only continue as he grows. And to think of him having a special little brother to play with? I admit, it does make me feel all goose-bumpy and happy. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I will be thrilled no matter what! I just can't wait to find out so that I can start some clothes shopping! We won't be working on a nursery for this little one, at least not right now, becuz we can't afford to do our upstairs (we live in a cape) which is where Daryl and I would move. Then our room would eventually become Baby #2's. So for now, I'm just gonna work on cleaning up and rearranging the furniture in our room to make space for the bassinet. And once I clear off the top of my long dresser (that no longer has the mirror on it) I will set up a changing station on top of that. Baby #2's clothes will hang in Hunter's closet, since we have plenty of room in there with the closet organizer. But I WILL have to clean out Hunter's closet cuz stuff that I put in there for storage will have to be relocated to either upstairs or the basement. While I'm kinda bummed I won't have a nursery to decorate this time around, I just keep reminding myself that eventually Baby Peanut will get his/her own room. :-)

So that's what happening in our lives currently! And now I'm off to go catch up on your blogs!

Monday, October 11, 2010

We had a great Fall weekend!
The weather was perfect and the activities were fun. Saturday Daryl and I took Hunter to a place called Pickin' Patch, to find the perfect pumpkins!
Our silly man LOVED the hay ride to the pumpkin patch (just as much as he loved playing with my sunglasses!)

It was SO sunny and Hunter was very preoccupied with the hay at our feet, on the tractor, so getting him to look at the camera was practically impossible. But hey, it's a family shot where we didn't accidentally cut our son's head out of it!

As always, the only one to get a smile out of Hunter was his Daddy. He IS a Daddy's boy.
"How do these look, guys?"
Daddy man-handling our two big pumpkins back to the tractor, for the ride back.
And playing with the hay on the hayride!
Sunday, we had to go to a 1st birthday party for Hunter's future-wife, Arianna! It was being held at Bushnell Park in Hartford, at the Carousel. I have to admit, it was pretty amazing to see this 1914 carousel (it was brought to Hartford in 1974) housed under a pavilion and looking like a page out of history. I've lived in CT all my life and never seen it!
And knowing that Hunter had never been on a carousel (or any ride for that matter!) and this would be his first time? I was excited to get some pictures of it.
Before the carousel started moving, Hunter was mildly interested in the horse he sat on.
But our boy, who had only had a 30 minute nap ALL DAY (don't ask!) was nervous once the ride began and eventually ended up in his Daddy's arms as they whirled around and around!
By the time Mommy brought him on, we played it safe and sat in the Chariot. (Although I must admit, I was attempting to get on a horse--not the kind that goes up and down, but a stationary one--when my silly husband "yelled" at me that a pregnant lady shouldn't be riding on the horse, with a toddler in my arms. He's such a worry wart sometimes. Heh.
Sleepy Hunter eventually twisted around in my arms and laid his head on my shoulder during the ride. It was very peaceful.
And then here is the ONE pic I was able to get of the birthday girl. The spot we were in, next to the carousel, was so narrow. And we were at the very end of the tables, so Daryl couldn't get any closer with the camera, unfortunately. But doesn't she look cute in her crown and tutu???
After a fun afternoon, we headed home and suddenly Hunter (who got a balloon at the party) decided he had a burst of energy and started laughing hysterically as he batted the balloon all over the living room.
We had a fabulous Fall weekend!

Monday, October 04, 2010

The pregnancy hormones are kickin' into full swing.


I cry over Baby Story on TLC (that's a given for preggos, right?). I cry over a TV show on baby orangutan orphans whose parents were slaughtered (okay, I guess that makes sense. Monkey BABIES). I cry over that silly Luvs diapers commercial (come on, you know the one...with those creepy little cartoon babies dancing around at a baby woodstock) becuz my son dances his little heart out every time it comes on...and realizing that his life as an only child will be very short-lived. I cry over the guilt that I won't be able to give him as much attention and love as I'm used to, when the new baby is here. I know we'll adjust, and that he'll be JUST fine, but I worry nonetheless.

And this pregnancy has certainly been different than my last! Heh. Let's see, chasing after a super hyper and into-everything 14 month old while still having to keep up on the laundry, the dishes (that's a losing battle, let me tell you), keeping my house from looking like an episode of Hoarders all while battling the typical PG symptoms and fatigue that strikes without warning. I am in the second trimester now, so I admit to having a bit more energy, but still some days are harder than others. I laugh out loud when I think back to being pregnant with Hunter and and how "hard" I thought it was, as I stole a nap on my hour long lunch break at work, working full time OR came home from work and passed out on the couch. And now? I work part time at my job, full-time as a Mommy and wife and my discomfort often takes a back burner while I'm taking care of the house, cleaning up after dinner (thankfully Daryl has been doing most of the cooking), cleaning up/bathing Hunter and getting him ready for bed, and then dealing with him waking up every night (which he does when sick/teething).

I've been sick approximately the past three weeks with what I believe started out as a cold but evolved into a virus. Runny/stuffy nose and green snot, scratchy throat and coughing all night long, pounding headache on and off. And a week ago, I realized my eyes were looking VERY I'd been hitting the bottle a bit too hard. Red, veiny, bloodshot and I'd wake up in the morning with at least one crusted shut. Then I noticed the fabulous white pus oozing out of the inside corners. Oh yes, I'd developed a viral (non contagious) Pink Eye, from being sick. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC.

Well, four days of prescription eye drops and the Pink Eye is better. But the coughing? Not so much. And basically all I'm relying on is cough drops and plain ol' Robitussin, neither of which is cutting it. And seriously the worst part? I have NO BLADDER CONTROL anymore...thanks to Hunter! Every single time I cough (or sneeze) especially hard, I'm leaking urine. This makes for MORE damn laundry to do, which pisses me off. And when the coughing is REALLY bad, I put a small towel under in my bed, just in case. Sexy, right?

And while the random puking/dry heaving seems to have died down, I can't say it's completely over. The puking maybe, but when I cough too hard I immediately start gagging and thought I was gonna puke in the car on the way home from work on Thursday. Really? I thought this would be over by now! So I can't help but laugh at myself, and how naive I was the first time around. But taking care of Hunter does keep me on my toes and keeps me from focusing too much on any of the discomfort. It's harder on my upper back (which didnt' bother me during my pregnancy with him, just my lower back) with constantly having to hoist and lift this almost 30 pounder around, and I'm sure it will only get worse as I gain more weight and belly gets bigger. I gotta start doing some squats and back exercises to strengthen up in prepartion! ;-) And it's true what they say, no two pregnancies are the same!!