Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We have a name for our Baby Girl!

Daryl and I have chosen/agreed upon what to call this baby, and we're both very happy. I love being able to call the baby in my belly by name, when I talk to her (and it was the same way with Hunter, as well).

Avery Irene C______ (sorry I don't wanna put our last name out into the Internet world LOL)

Avery was the girl's name we had chosen when I was first pregnant with Hunter, before we knew whether the baby was a boy or girl. I remember being at Babies R US and buying two sippy cups...one that said HUNTER and one that said AVERY, so I'd be prepared when we found out. I put away the Avery cup and kinda forgot about it until we were trying to come up with a girl's name we both agreed on. Avery was still at the top of the list but there were a couple other names we were throwing around...and yet, nothing else sounded right for the girl in my belly.

I was cleaning in my bedroom one day and found that AVERY sippy cup and it just clicked. This is our girl, this is her name. And Daryl agreed 100%.

Irene, her middle name, is after my Nana who passed away suddenly when I was thirteen. She was seriously THE BEST GRANDMOTHER EVER and her death was a huge blow to me. Not only was it the first time anyone close to me had passed, and the fact that it was traumatic (she was taken out by ambulance in the middle of my dance recital. No one told me till the end, of course. She passed away early the next morning), but I loved that woman more than words can say. My last memory of her is a great one, eating hot dogs and giggling before we left for my dance recital. Smelling the dozen red roses her and my grandfather had given me. I still have the card she gave me that night, "To our little dancing doll...".

And what better way to acknowledge and honor her, then to name my child after her?

Obviously, I love family names. Hunter's middle name, Richard, is my father's name. I will LOVE being able to tell my children all about these important people in their family, about their namesakes and what they each meant to me.

And Daryl is very happy with our decisions becuz unfortunately he never got to meet my father (nor my grandmother, who coincidentally this is my Dad's mother) and he told me it helps him to connect to that part of my family and to feel close. I tell him all the time how he would have loved them both and they would have LOVED him. He's heard so many stories and now he will get to hear me tell our children about their paternal grandfather and great-grandmother, when they are old enough to understand.

So there you have it, a baby name is born! (Now, just gotta wait for the BABY. Heh heh.)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Just checking in, everyone! Hope life is treating you well!

Hunter had his 15 month check up a week or so ago and all is well with my little (big!) man. He is 28 pounds, and measuring in at a whopping 32 1/2 inches. He's gonna be tall like his parents, and his Pop-Pop!

His eating habits are changing a little bit. He is still NOT a picky eater, however, he no longer eats EVERY morsel of food in front of him. Granted, he's teething big time right now so that could have something to do with it (we are down to the wire! It looks like only a good 4 teeth left?). He's had a fever of 102 degrees for two days now...although last I checked it had gone down one degree this afternoon. He's been a drooly mess and yesterday only seemed happy while gnawing away on the pizza crust while ignoring the rest of the pizza (normally his favorite part!).

And Mommy's sciatic pain is kicking in, woo boy! It's only in my right butt cheek and not insanely painful but still ANNOYINGLY uncomfortable. Especially when/if I've been carrying Hunter around a bit.

Oh, and get this? As flabby as I feel right now (and as HUGE as I feel), I've only gained TEN POUNDS SO FAR THIS PREGNANCY!! Holy crap! That amazes me becuz I gained something like 10-12 lbs. the first TRIMESTER with Hunter. LOL I guess the reason I look so huge and flabby (at least to myself...Daryl seems to think I look good but he's my hubby, so he could be biased!), other than the fact that I went into this pregnancy at my heaviest weight, is that everything is SO stretched out from the big belly I got last time. Makes me wonder how big this girlie is gonna be. I wonder if she'll be another 8 lb 11 oz-er like her brother was?

And speaking of Baby Girl, I am feeling her move SO much more now which has me thankful. I was feeling very down becuz of how rarely I felt her movements (due to her position. Last we checked she was breech and facing my back). I kept saying to myself that this being my second and last pregnancy, I really want to savor and appreciate every kick, punch and karate chop she delivers. It's bittersweet! And going back through my pregnancy journal from when I was preggo with Hunter, I remember JUST how active he was and from like 19 weeks on. So even though I felt this little girl MUCH earlier this time around, it was movements few and far between.

Well...not anymore! I'm happy to say that I think she most likely spun around so that she is facing my belly (even if I'm not sure if she still breech) becuz not only am I feeling her so much more but now I can feel and see her move from the OUTSIDE of my belly! Yay!

Also, we HAVE chosen little girl's name already but just haven't announced it yet. We were still trying to decide/agree on her middle name and I'm pretty positive her middle name will be after my Nana. So I promise to share it soon, once we've told family!

Now, onto facebook. I am NOT one to say how wonderful facebook is. HOnestly, it's just something to pass some time with, be nosey with what's going on in everyone else's lives and catch up on fun pictures my friends post. However, occasionally, facebook just gets it RIGHT. I reconnected today with an old friend who I literally haven't seen in years and years and I'm SO excited to have found her! Beth used to date my uncle, starting back when I was like a junior or senior in high school (she was in her early 20's at the time) and we became close. Even after she broke up with my uncle, she was a big part of mine and my mom's lives. But time, distance, some awkward family stuff caused us to lose touch and i was always sad about it. Today after "Friending" her on facebook, we chatted through email back and forth for an hour or two. Granted, a LOT has changed for both of us (my father died, my grandfather--who she knew well--died, I'm married now, own a house, have a baby and another one on the way....and for her she moved out of state, met an awesome man, moved back in state, went through some bad health issues, went back to school, got a a great career, and is talking with her man about adopting) but it was like no time had passed. We are going to meet for coffee probably the weekend after Thanksgiving, and i can hardly wait to reconnect in person.

So I'm admitting it here, FB DOES have it's advantages. Finding a long-lost friend ROCKS!

Now, onto the holiday-front. I've started my Christmas shopping already! WOO HOO, go me! I'm determined to enjoy my Christmas this year and not stress over last minute shopping and "will I have enough money to get gifts?" like last year. I've already purchased one of Hunter's and it's set to arrive next week and I've started saving up for Big D's gift. Now I just gotta focus on our parents and g-rents. ANy ideas of good thoughtul gifts?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Well, today is a great day, cuz we had our appointment this morning to find out whether our little Peanut was a boy or girl!!

So, any last minute guesses? Thinking blue or pink?

Okay, I won't leave you hanging....

....we are having a....


......BABY GIRL!!!!

I swear I'm in total and utter shock! While I wasn't 100% sure either way if the baby was a boy or girl, I think a part of me really believed it WOULD be another boy. This pregnancy has been SO different than my first, lots of nausea and puke in the 1st trimester, but I'm not one one to believe the old wive's tales so I still didn't think "Oh it could be a girl!"

And Baby Girl is modest! LOL When the u/s first started she had her little legs crossed, just about at the ankles. SO the tech continued to take all the measurements and every time we glanced at her legs crossed I'd joke about how this baby was modest so maybe it WAS a girl. I remember with HUnter his legs were spread WIDE!

The other issue making it harder to see is she is breach and she is sitting upright, using my bladder as a pillow under her behind (no WONDER I've been peeing even more so lately!) and her head kinda bent down towards her chin. SO she wasn't in the best position for viewing. I honestly started to wonder if we'd even GET the money shot!

Finally it was time so the tech had me flip on my right side facing the screen. No luck. So she asked me to flip to my left, facing AWAY from the screen. Longest few seconds ever becuz i couldn't see a darn thing but the wall!

When the tech announced, "It's a girl", Daryl said my mouth fell wide open. So while he hugged Hunter against him and said, "I KNEW it!" I was saying "Wow, I think I REALLY thought this would be another boy!"

She is doing great so far. 14 oz (so a little less than a pound!) and everything looks fabulous. MY low-lying placenta is no more...it's up high where it should be so that is a relief as well. Her heart rate was about 149...perfect! Unfortunately, no prize winning MONEY shot to share with you guys...Daryl reminded me later on that our u/s tech (she told us this with Hunter) doesn't do them becuz she doesn't feel it's appropriate. Whatever, it's my kid, lady. But I'm too happy to be annoyed!

Hunter is going to have a little sister and I couldnt' be happier!!!!!