Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year's Eve!

Tonight we have NO plans other than chilling out at home and eating some yummy apps for dinner. Staying off the roads and away from the crazy, drunk drivers. Plus I'm just too damn tired to make it till midnight. I'm normally in bed BY ten o'clock. And I'm perfectly content to ring in the new year on a quiet--or sleeping!--note. Does that mean I'm an "old" 34-year-old now? No more wild parties, up all night? ;-) (Ok, sorry for the weird/lack of spacing in this post. My damn laptop is giving me issues.) Anyway, I went to my OBGYN check-up yesterday and all is good and on track! I only gained about 2 lbs, despite the fact that I failed my first 1-hour glucose test. Well, I shouldn't say "failed"...the glucose level was "slightly elevated" as the nurse put it. 163. So not necessarily that I have Gestational Diabetes. But I'm NOT looking forward to the damn 3-hour test. It means I have to have my Mom come over at the butt-crack of dawn and then go sit in the lab, on an EMPTY STOMACH, and get poked and prodded during those three hours. Ugh! But I'm sure it will all be fine, in the end. Also, my fundus (pretty much this is the measurement of my big 'ol belly!) is measuring at about 30 weeks which is fine considering tomorrow I'll be exactly 29 weeks! So physically, Avery and I are doing good (she is SUPER active and I love all her movements)! However, mentally? I'm a mess lately. LOTS going on in our life, not all of it good, but aiming to make it better. So that coupled with the hormonal changes, makes me very emotional at the drop of a hat. I WILL NOT miss THAT part of pregnancy, no sirreee! Daryl and I are just really looking forward to meeting our little girl and completing our family. Eleven more weeks (approx.) and counting! And we are looking forward to some positive changes in our life in the New bring it on, 2011~!!!!


Kat said...

That is what we do every year too. We stay home and have a bunch of apps with the kiddos. It's fun! :)

If you ate breakfast before the test then that is why it was elevated. They always told me I could eat first and when I did I had to do the 3 hour test. When I didn't eat first the test was fine. Boo.

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Sarah R said...

Happy New Year to you and your family! ♥ I can't wait to "meet" your little Avery. :)

Jaina said...

Happy New Year April!! Sounds like you are starting the year off well and have many exciting things coming :)