Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Our Thanksgiving weekend was a blast! Very busy (not to mention exhausting...see Tucker yawning so hugely in the pic???), but full of family and lots of fun.

Wednesday I was off from work so while Hunter stayed home with his Nana, I went to get my hair cut (it was LOOOONG overdue) then made a quick last minute stop at the grocery store to get the ingredients for my cheesecake. When I got home, my sweet Mom had already started making the stuffing for me, and also peeled all the onions for creamed onions. So while she did that, I was able to start my broccoli cheese casserole. I was determined to get as much made ahead of time as I could, so that way I wasn't losing my marbles Thursday. Then when Hunter went down for his afternoon nap, I tackled my cheesecake! It was a labor of love, that's for sure. But I'm happy to say it was WELL worth it and now I have "orders" in for cheesecake on Christmas, too!

Thursday I was up early (as I am every day!) and while Daryl was out hunting, Hunter and I had cinnamon buns for breakfast (my Thanksgiving morning tradition). Usually I watch the parade while having coffee and cinnamon buns but this year? I had to immediately dive into peeling and cutting the potatoes and getting the turkey in the oven. And of course Daryl was LATE coming home (he gavce his uncle a ride, and his uncle was almost an hour an a half later than he was supposed showing back up at the truck despite the fact Daryl had told him he needed to be home early to lend me a hand) so basically I did EVERYTHING. Cleared off and set the table, bathed Hunter and myself, vacuuming literally five minutes before the first family started to arrive! My Mom and her boyfriend, Daryl's Dad and his girlfriend, and his grandma all came over. Despite how tired I was, and how much work was done, the dinner came out AWESOME. I seriously think this was my best turkey yet (and I've been making Thanksgiving dinner myself for about ten-ish years now).

Black Friday I was up and out early, picking my Mom up at 5:30am and heading to IHOP to get breakfast and coffee before starting our shopping. I have to say I got the best deals (and most stuff) at Kohl's! I was very excited! We only did about three stores cuz I was getting very tired from walking/standing and HUNGRY. And I still had a busy day ahead of me. After dropping mom off and having lunch at home with Daryl and the baby, we went to visit his Mom and Stepdad who had arrived that morning in town for a visit. They were staying at Daryl's grandparents so we visited a while, then the five of us headed to Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm to pick out our tree! Hunter had an absolute blast running through the farm (or riding on his G-pa's shoulders!) and kept pointing and touching the tree and saying "Tree! Ooh!" So stinkin' cute. After about an hour (I'm VERY particular when it comes to tree picking) we loaded up and headed back to the grandparents for more visiting and yummy pizza for dinner! Poor Hunter was exhausted from only one short nap (he normally takes two decent ones) and was VERY cranky and it was almost past his bedtime so we called it a night. While everyone else was in bed, I put the lights on the tree, the tree skirt and the ribbon and decided to wait on the ornaments till the next day when I wasn't so tired.

Saturday morning I turned the white lights on and then lead Hunter out to the living room. At first he didn't see the tree cuz he was too busy realizing I"d moved the furniture around, including his toys. But all of a sudden his eyes lit up in awe and a huge smile spread across his face and he ran to the tree and pointed his finger to a branch. I'm still mad at myself for not having a camera ready cuz it was such a classic moment! But I made up for it later and took some pics. I finished decorating the tree, while he napped then we headed out again for some family fun, this time at Daryl's aunt and uncles house, where all the family had gathered. Despite how cold it had gotten, the kids had a blast bouncing in their moon bounce!That would include the biggest kid of all, Big D!

After some spaghetti with homemade sauce, garlic bread, 1/2 a glass of red wine (only my second this whole pregnancy and OH MY GOD was it delicious) and a ginormous piece of canoli pie that Hunter and I split, I was ready to be rolled home and sleep.

Sunday my mother in law and step father in law, came over for some more visiting (they try to get as much in during these visits since we don't see them all as much as we'd like. They live about 3 1/2 hours away). Bagels and coffee and a movie later, and then after Hunter's morning nap, we went to Daryl's cousin's house for more visiting! Seriously, it was a JAM PACKED weekend of that. We stayed a few hours for dinner (more pizza! LOL) and Hunter had a blast playing with their almost 3 year old daughter, Aubrey. He kept bear-hugging her from behind and every time she'd run he'd happily chase after her and giggled at almost everything she said. So cute. Of course I brought the camera but was so tired and had such a stomach ache that I totally forgot to get any pics there (except for like one or two when we went outside to check out their new goats).

All in a all, a great weekend, but I was almost happy to get back to the normal "grind" and relax a bit. But Thanksgiving is definitely one of my favorite holidays!


Bekah said...

Looks like a great weekend, but sheesh you must be exhausted!

Im glad your turkey came out great, Im terrified of the first year I have to make one! EEEEK!

Kat said...

Wow! That sounds like a PERFECT Thanksgiving weekend. Busy but fun.
Your tree is gorgeous! I love it! :)

Now go take a nap! ;)

Kandi said...

You've been making the turkey for 10-ish years?! I'm so impressed! I've never had to make anything for thanksgiving, but I'm looking forward to when they will let me. (I can cook, my family are just control freaks).

I'm SO jealous that you had a glass of wine. I have been w(h)ining that I can't have one, but maybe one glass won't kill me... or hurt the baby.

Sarah said...

Sounds like a lovely Thanksgiving weekend with lots if family! Your tree looks absolutely beautiful :)