Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter Storm Benedict 1/12/11

We got a lot of snow! Living in New England, you kind of expect that, but the last few years (okay, more like TEN years) have been pretty weak in the snow department. We've only had one somewhat memorable storm that I only vaguely recall...back in 2006.

But yesterday brought me back to my childhood! Two feet of snow (and some parts of the state got about 30 inches)! Now THAT'S what I remember New England winters to be like.

Here is the view out of our bedroom window, and this was about 6:00ish am, so the storm hadn't dumped the worst of it yet (although it had been snowing all night).So, where did my front steps go? It looks like you can walk straight out of my house onto level ground, but there is a drop to the cement porch!I loved it! Although I was warmly ensconced in my home all day and not trying to manuever around in snow up to my neck (and higher) like poor Tucker, when he needed to do his business. Let's just say, my doggie had to poop REALLY bad yesterday...and he NEVER WENT. He normally doesn't mind the snow, but I don't think it's ever been as high as his head before (he is about four years old he's only been around for the weak winters).If dogs could talk, Tucker would probably be saying, "Dude. This sucks."Big D was snow blowing ALL DAY LONG. When it snows he not only snow blows our driveway, but 2-3 of our neighbors. So he did four around the neighborhood before I finally dragged him in for lunch. Then he had to load up the trailer and take his snow blower out to his grandparents house and do their driveway. Then he did the lake house's driveway. Seriously? I didn't really SEE the man till 5pm! He's a good egg, my hubby. (And I promise, he really DOES have legs...they're just kinda buried at the moment. Heh.) Oh, and those big white mounds behind him are the truck, car and his work van!
So, I feel like MY pictures really don't do it justice, but it was a good storm. More snow to come this weekend!!


~**Dawn**~ said...

Stay warm & cozy up there in all that snow! =)

Jaina said...

Oh my goodness April, that's crazy!! I'm glad you are safe and warm inside. Poor Tucker though. Daryl is such a sweetie for helping everyone out. I hope you have plenty of hot chocolate and hot spiced cider to help keep you warm!

Flea said...

WOW. I am so jealous.

Bekah said...

How sweet is your husband!? Looks like a good snowstorm! Did Hunter go out and play yet? What does he think of it?

Daleen said...

I wish it would snow here... stupid southern hemisphere lol