Friday, February 25, 2011

Yesterday I had an interesting afternoon. :-)

I've been having pretty regular Braxton Hicks contractions for about two weeks now, and the past two days they've seemed to pick up in intensity. So yesterday when I went to drop Hunter off at my mom's before work, I kept thinking how uncomfortable I was feeling (especially hoisting him in and out of his car seat and carrying him around) as my belly sporadically, but often, kept tightening up. By the time I got to work at 1:30pm, I had to keep grabbing my belly and I was walking REALLY slow, cuz the contractions made breathing a bit uncomfortable. But still, no pain, so I didn't worry or anything.

At one point in the bathroom I stood up after peeing and I SWEAR I felt like my body was trying to squeeze the baby out! Odd, I thought, and went back to my desk. I started to get really sweaty and a bit nauseous and realized I was going to have to run back to the bathroom, that lovely diarrhea had hit. And then I realized that unlike regular BH, I was feeling some low pressure and an achey fullness, something I HADN'T felt up to that point.

The contractions kept coming erratically, but definitely more often than usual, so I figured a cal to my OBGYN was in order just for peace of mind (despite the fact that I kept second-guessing what I was feeling WAS contractions). So at 3pm I made the call and they told me to come in.

They stuck me on the monitor and I felt silly, like I was wasting everyone's time. Anyway, I wasn't crazy...I DID have three contractions while there on the monitor! Believe it or not, it actually made me feel better that I was able to determine that's what it was...cuz even though this is my second pregnancy, I didn't go into labor on my own with Hunter. I was induced, so nothing started until I was IN the hospital, on pitocin and a monitor. I was afraid on my own, I wouldn't know when a contraction was starting.

Anyway, to cut to the chase, I'm NOT in labor yet. I'm 1cm dilated but cervix still long. During my internal, the Dr. tapped on Avery's head and I felt it bobble around, so she told me her head was low but not engaged yet.

I have to admit, despite the fact that I would have been psyched to have her, cuz I've been MISERABLE lately (so tired, uncomfortable and achey and she is now HURTING me with her i can't pick up Hunter often which makes things VERY difficult around here. And running around from my house to my mom's to drop off Hunter to work, then back to her house to get him and home for an approx. 45 min to 1 hour commute--well it's been very DRAINING), I wasn't QUITE ready and felt a sense of relief! Daryl needs to put the infant car seat in our vehicle and I still need to pack my darn hospital bag! And my MIL, who is going to be coming down from NY for the birth, was not quite ready on the work front and wouldn't have been able to leave to come to us if I HAD been in labor!

I did warn my MIL that while it could still be another 3 weeks before she makes an appearance, at the same time, I'm starting to wonder if maybe she will come a little early. My stomach is SO low that driving is very's like sitting with a giant watermelon pressing down on my lap the whole ride. Heh. And while I wanted to just let things go naturally, Daryl and I decided last night that we are going to set up an induction after all. For a couple of reasons. I REALLY, REALLY want my own doctor (no offense to the other 3 doctor's in the practice but I'm just MOST comfortable and happy with MY doctor) to be the one to deliver Avery. I had such a great experience with Hunter's delivery and I know part of it is due in part to my awesome doctor (AND the fabulous nurse I had, gotta give credit where it's due!).
Also, my mother-in-law lives three and a half hours away and she is getting anxious about when to come down. Her being in the room for Avery's birth is VERY important and something she only just agreed to DO. She's never been able to experience pregnancy and childbirth for herself (Daryl was adult-adopted) and has a HORRIBLE history of loss (8-9 miscarriages :0( over the years she tried to have a baby) and both Daryl and I really wanted to give her this experience. At first, she admitted to us she wasn't sure how she felt about it...she was worried that it would bring up bad memories and feelings. But after some thinking and talking with her husband (not the same husband she tried to get pregnant with years and years ago) she finally came to the conclusion that she wanted to be there with us and share this moment!

And certainly not LEAST of all, is Hunter care! My mom is going to watch Hunter at our house for us when we go in to have the baby. She'll stay overnight to take care of our first baby (and our doggie!) so that way Daryl can still stay overnight at the hospital with me. That is VERY important to me. We had such special bonding moments with Hunter together those first two days, and I want us to have the same with Avery, together. Not to mention, I had some MELTDOWN moments that only my husband could get me through. ;-) SO Hunter will have his Nana with him and that makes me feel better...despite the fact that I'm going to miss him like CRAZY those two days! My mom will be bringing him to the hospital to see me and to meet his sister, after she is born. ;-) Anyway, being that we don't' live super close to my mom anymore, I want to make sure she has enough time to get to us without us having to rush around etc. I really want this whole process to be as stress free as possible cuz I've been under WAY more stress than necessary the past couple of months. I don't want ANY of that stress to be communicated during my baby girl's birth.

Now granted, if Avery comes BEFORE our induction date (which we won't be picking until my next appointment next Friday) then there is nothing I can do about that! ;-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hard to believe...I'm 36 weeks (as of yesterday).

The pregnancy is winding to a close and soon we will get to meet our baby girl!

I've definitely entered the not-so-fun part of pregnancy...everything hurts, sitting on my ass too long makes it go numb, I can barely sleep at night, I pee 50 million times a day/night (and often times race to the bathroom for just a trickle to come out), I'm nauseous again sometimes after eating, diarrhea (sorry to be TMI, but it's the truth!), and I look like a waddling DUCK when I walk!
I'm also a CRAZY bitch, everything and everyBODY annoys the hell out of me lately. Stay OUTTA my way if you know what's good for you.
And Avery is jammed so tightly in my huuuuuuuuuuuuge belly that I often flinch and/or cry out in pain. She kicked/pressed her feet so tightly/roughly into my ribs this morning that it almost took my breath away.
Needless to say, as much as I'm trying to enjoy my second and last pregnancy, I'm also at that point of being SO READY to get her out. I PRAY this girl comes early. Heh heh.
So here are a couple belly shots for comparison sakes. I'm posting my 36 week belly shot but I'm also posting the pics I took a couple of weeks ago at 34 weeks 3 belly looks like it turned into a freaking torpedo! ha ha!
The first two shots are of me at 34w3d, in my jammies!And now here I am the other day, at 36 weeks. Holy CRAP.

Is it March 19th yet????

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dear Avery,

Well, baby girl, you have certainly dropped already in Mommy's belly! When I sit down now I feel like I can barely move over my belly. And I'm thinking it must be quite a tight squeeze in there, cuz I am not feeling as many movements as before (that's not to say I NEVER feel you, cuz I do!). I bet you are just as eager to come out, as Mommy is to HAVE you out. ;-)

I'm getting very excited to meet you...and I really hope these last 5-6 weeks fly by (I don't think you will be late, baby. I have a feeling you will arrive on time, if not a tad early). Even though I DON'T necessarily feel ready yet! I'm nesting but don't have much to do cuz we already HAVE most of the baby stuff we need. And I do still have to wash all your clothes (everyone is generous with the hand-me-downs! I think just like Hunter, you will have MORE than enough clothes). But since Mommy, Daddy and Hunter just moved recently, the house is NOT fully in order yet and I still have your clothes at the OLD place. I hate this in-between business!

Wait till you meet your big brother, Avery. I think you are in for a treat! Hunter LOVES babies. We just had our friends over this weekend and Hunter is absolutely in LOVE with 10-month old T.J. He hugs him, sits next to him with his arm wrapped around the baby's shoulders, and gives T.J. his blanky or binky when he needs it. He is going to be the BEST big brother ever to you and I have no doubt that as you two grow, even though you'll probably have your sibling fights, he will still be your best friend and ally!

Daddy's 35th birthday is coming up, Avery, and when I asked him what he wanted or if we should do something special for it, he told me "Nothing! I'm already getting the best gift ever. My daughter!" You are a Daddy's girl already and you haven't even been born yet.

I will admit, I wondered (and still do) what it will feel like the moment you are born. Will it be just like when your brother entered the world? Will I be in awe of you, and hold you and just be so surprised you are MINE? I was listening to a patient talk on her cell phone the other day at my work, and she recently had her second baby. She was telling her friend that before her son was born, she couldn't imagine loving anyone else as much as her daughter (her first) and then when her son was born, it was like that same magic all over again. I can't wait for this moment, baby girl. :-)

I love you already and I look forward to holding you in my arms. But for now, I will enjoy the time I get to hold you inside of me. Stay healthy, sweet girl.
Love Always,
Your Mommy