Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hard to believe...I'm 36 weeks (as of yesterday).

The pregnancy is winding to a close and soon we will get to meet our baby girl!

I've definitely entered the not-so-fun part of pregnancy...everything hurts, sitting on my ass too long makes it go numb, I can barely sleep at night, I pee 50 million times a day/night (and often times race to the bathroom for just a trickle to come out), I'm nauseous again sometimes after eating, diarrhea (sorry to be TMI, but it's the truth!), and I look like a waddling DUCK when I walk!
I'm also a CRAZY bitch, everything and everyBODY annoys the hell out of me lately. Stay OUTTA my way if you know what's good for you.
And Avery is jammed so tightly in my huuuuuuuuuuuuge belly that I often flinch and/or cry out in pain. She kicked/pressed her feet so tightly/roughly into my ribs this morning that it almost took my breath away.
Needless to say, as much as I'm trying to enjoy my second and last pregnancy, I'm also at that point of being SO READY to get her out. I PRAY this girl comes early. Heh heh.
So here are a couple belly shots for comparison sakes. I'm posting my 36 week belly shot but I'm also posting the pics I took a couple of weeks ago at 34 weeks 3 belly looks like it turned into a freaking torpedo! ha ha!
The first two shots are of me at 34w3d, in my jammies!And now here I am the other day, at 36 weeks. Holy CRAP.

Is it March 19th yet????


stripeycat said...

You still look lovely my friend!
What a special world you're about to enter... boys and girls are so different... it makes a mama so happy!

Emily said...

Oh dear look ready to go!! Crazy how fast it went...

Bekah said...

wow you are so close!!

Robyn said...

It is the hardest stretch. I'm excited for you!

CanadianMama said...

Oh wow, that belly really did change!
Won't be long now (are you sick of hearing that yet lol)! I remember how rough the last month was and it's SO much harder with a toddler around! Thinking of you lots Mama!

Morgan Owens said...

You look absolutely gorgeous! I am so excited for you!! :-)

Grandy said...

Hard to believe!! March 19th is a WONDERFUL day. It's the day my son was born...only that will be 15 years ago this year. *sigh* Feeling old here.

You look beautiful!! :)

Flea said...

Wait wait wait. I'm still having trouble getting past the thought that there's anything fun about pregnancy. I went through three and didn't enjoy any of them.