Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(WTF!!! STUPID BLOGGER deleted all my damn paragraphs so this looks like one big giant f'ing run on paragragh! I have no patientce to correct this right now) Holy crap. Can someone just shoot me now and put me out of my misery? I now truly realize how hard it is with two kids under the age of two years old. It started after a friend's daughter was so generous as to share her cold with Hunter. Now I've got a miserable, screaming, tantrum-throwing toddler who is constantly wiping his snot-filled nose on my sleeve, my chest, a pant leg. Oh, yeah, and tissues too. He DOES know how to blow his nose into a tissue but it's a short little blow so nothing much ever comes out INTO the tissue, just all over his face. Ugh. And yesterday was fussy newborn day. Avery was awake a LOT yesterday and did NOT want to be put down. Which wouldn't be such a big deal except, see above with sick toddler. Then throw in a visit to the pediatrician and you have GOOD TIMES all around. Yesterday was my first ever trip out ALONE with both kids. I was nervous, to say the least. But still I figured, "I gotta do it SOMEtime." Well, yesterday was the WRONG day for it. Heh. Both babies finally fell asleep on me but of course, it was literally like 45 minutes before I wanted to leave for the appointment. I waited too long, wanting them both to at least have gotten a 20 minute nap. But then I was hustling changing diapers, putting on Hunter's sneaks and coat, bundling Avery up in the car seat. And she had eaten an hour before so I started stressing she was gonna be hungry before we got to doctor's office (she has been doing some MAJOR cluster-feeding, I think becuz she ends up falling asleep on my boob. And when I don't get to feed her on both sides, she wakes up so much sooner. Not to mention Mama gets engorged and starts leaking like crazy!) So needless to say, Avery was cranky. She started screaming during her diaper change, and peed ALL OVER her entire sleeper and changing table. I started to sweat as I quickly slapped a newborn diaper on her, a clean dry sleeper and strapped her into her car seat. She continued to scream all the way out the door (as I struggled to help Hunter step down the two stone steps off our front door, yell at the dog to get back as HE freaked out--major dog anxiety--and attempted to get the baby's car seat out the door without bashing her into the door frame! I popped Avery into the car first and Hunter started running across the driveway, headed straight for a mud puddle. Nice. Thankfully I caught him in time and hastily swung him into his seat all the while inwardly cursing that I was already leaving 15 minutes later than I wanted to. I popped a binky into Avery's mouth, PRAYING it would help. She is very much unlike her brother (in the newborn stage at least) in that she does NOT seem to like the binky. She sometimes gags so I don't bother giving it to her. Hunter, on the other hand, was a huge sucker and wasn't happy UNLESS it was in his mouth. I buckled myself in and Hunter started whimpering, becuz he gets a tad upset/nervous when Avery is screaming HARD (which thankfully has only happened like once before. Her crying is usually very small and mouse-like). Once I turned the car on, the radio came on sorta loud but lo and quieted Avery right down! I immediately hopped on my cell and called my mom and started to cry in her ear. I said, "Next time you offer to help me out and I turn you down, remind me about today!" Heh heh. It suddenly dawned on me in our rush to get out the door, poor Hunter hadn't had lunch. "Damnit!" I said to my mom, ready to cry again. Once on the road, there was no traffic and I was making good time so I made a pit stop at Dunkin Donuts to get myself a decaf iced coffee and some munchkins for Hunter (TOTALLY forgetting I already had my bribe candy ready for the doctor's office...m-n-m's. HELLO, sugar overload.). He happily chowed down on his glazed munchkins and sippy of water and by the time we pulled into the doctor's office parking lot, I was only going on five minutes late. Not bad. Ignoring the throbbing sciatic pain I have been having in my butt cheek (which it's been about 3-4 days now and by last night, it would be radiating down into my left leg) I carried Avery in her car seat and struggled to hang onto Hunter's hand as we went into the building. I was SO nervous he'd pull away and run into the parking lot and now that I'm distracted with TWO kids, I know my response time wouldn't be as fast. Once in the exam room, my little girl got weighed and I'm happy to say she is back up and above her birth weight. Woo hoo! The doctor told me 7 lbs 6 oz but I just realized today that the nurse wrote down 7 lbs 9oz so I honestly have no idea which it was. I was too busy trying to keep Hunter from tearing the exam room apart as Avery got weighed. As the doctor examined her and we chatted, my little hellion realized how easy it was to open the exam room door and kept trying to make his grand escape. At one point, the Pediatrician reached out and snagged the collar of Hunter's coat to stop him from squeezing out the cracked open door and then immediately apologized, "I'm SO sorry for grabbing his coat like that, I just wanted to catch him!" I laughed and reassured him, I've done the SAME thing before! As Avery was examined and started crying cuz she was cold, Hunter got anxious again and wanted me to pick him up and hold him. But a minute later I had to put him down when we realized little Avery had left the pediatrician a lovely mustard-seed present in her diaper. When the visit was over, I asked if I could nurse her before leaving and the doctor smiled and said no problem, and that he'd put the "Do Not Disturb-Nursing Mom" sign up on the door. (I love this! Do all pedi offices do this?) Once he was gone I whipped out a boob and started to feed the cranky girl...JUST as Hunter started to whip the door open!!! I literally 2-stepped across the room with Avery hanging off me, and slammed the door shut. From that moment on, I nursed her while sitting on the doctor' rolling that I could literally sit in front of and block the door from Hunter. He started to throw a tantrum and it was distracting Avery so THAT'S when I frantically said, "Hunter! Get the m-n-m's out of Mommy's bag!" His brown eyes widened and a smile lit up his face as he said, "M-m's???" and raced over to the diaper bag. Oh yes, I'd resorted to the candy bribe. I fed him one piece of chocolate at a time as my little girl leisurely drank her lunch, like we had ALL the time in the world. Hunter had chocolate, pink drool (they were leftover Valentine's Day m-n-m's) all over his chin, snot running out of his nose and I snagged a tissue and started wiping it all up. By the time we left the office, I was covered in snot, chocolate and breast milk. Gotta love it. I then had to carry Hunter on my hip and Avery in her seat on my other arm, out of the office, because a certain toddler was on the verge of a tantrum when he realized he was not going to get to see the fishies on the way out. I let him carry the keys once we were out of the office and in the hallway, and he happily toddled towards the door, crying out "Keys! Keys!". A nice woman who had her arms full of a briefcase, papers and files, saw me struggling with the door and said "Here let me get the door!" I REALLY wasn't sure how she'd fare much better, getting the door open but then she kicked it open. Perfect! Once we made it out to the car, I took the keys from Hunter and unlocked the door, set poor Avery's car seat down at my feet and proceed to lift a tantrum-throwing little boy, kicking and screaming into his car seat as he screamed, "KEYS! KEYS!". Then remembering how closely I'd parked to the car on the driver's side, I struggled just as much to get her car seat into the narrowly opened door (trying hard not to whack my car door into the car beside me). And when finally IN the car, I cranked the tunes back up, this time to drown out Hunter's cries and just laughed like a crazy person. How do you think I did on my first day out with the two kids? ;-)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Good lord, if anyone could have EVER explained the love I'd feel for my babies (before they came), I'd never have understood how big my heart could expand.

Just how it would feel and how they complete the life Daryl and I have.

My sweet, sleeping babies. Mere words can not describe it.


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avery's Birth Story
My girl is napping and my boy is coloring beside me, so I figured it's a good time to try to get Avery's birth story written out, before I forget any details! (of course right after writing that Avery woke up hungry)

On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 (the scheduled day of our induction) I called the hospital at 7am to make sure I could still come in for 8am. To my dismay, the hospital was pretty booked up and short-staffed for nurses. They told me if I hadn't heard back from someone by noon to give them a call.

Disappointed and already anxious, I resigned myself to the fact that we'd have to wait a few more hours. It turned out to be a blessing though to be able to spend a couple more hours giving attention and love to Hunter. My mom was already over so we all just hung out, ate lunch and relaxed on the couch and played with my baby boy. And at noon on the DOT, I called L&D and they (had been trying to reach me for couple hours but my phone number was wrong in their system) told me to come in for 2:30pm. Big D and I drove to the hospital in high spirits, stopping on the way to get a milkshake, something I'd been craving for days. I only took like 3-4 sips of Daryl's' shake, knowing it wasn't a good idea to have it now in case I was puking it back up later!

The hospital check-in was very leisurely becuz my doctor wouldn't be available to check me (and break my water) till at least 5:30PM. I put on my sexy gown and Daryl and I settled in and got comfy, as nurses put in my IV and did all my paperwork. At 4pm, we began pitocin. I was already mildly contracting on my own and they continued to stay mild and unassuming, even with the pitocin. What was MORE uncomfortable to me as the time progressed, was a horrible head ache I'd had since the night before AND that cursed heartburn that had plagued me the entire pregnancy. I begged for some tums and the nurse also promised to get me some Tylenol. They had more nurses on staff then and funny enough, my nurse Sarah remembered me and Daryl both from my labor with Hunter! We treated her like family, busting her chops and warning her she was in for a crazy ride with us, which she assured us she was excited about. Heh heh.

My doctor showed up around 5:45pm and performed an internal and her eyes widened and she said, "You'll be happy to know you are 7cm dilated and 90 % effaced already!"
"Holy shit! Are you serious?" I think was my exact words. Ha ha! "I'm hardly in pain at all, it's just a lot of pressure! I can't believe i"m already 7cm." I debated about the epidural which I'd been adamant about getting. I'm HORRIBLE with pain and I wanted to feel my contractions and know when to push, however, I do need to take the edge off the pain. With Hunter, I held off on getting an epi until I was in active labor (and not knowing by that point I was somewhere around 8cm) and so I knew I needed that pain relief in order to be able to focus on the task at hand! But knowing the contractions would pick up when the doctor broke my water, I was almost positive I'd still be getting the epi.

By 6pm, she broke my water and it was hilarious how much fluid came out of me! It just came gushing and gushing, like a river and at one point Daryl was like, "Um, Dr. I? You'd better watch your pant leg cuz there is a river of amniotic fluid about to hit it!" She moved her leg just in time.

"I haven't seen anyone with THIS MUCH fluid in a long time." she told us. My poor nurse's sleeve even got drenched. And my BELLY! It looked like two sizes smaller after all was said and done!

"You are NOT going to have a 9 lb baby." Both doctor and nurse assured me. Which is what everyone had originally thought based on my belly size.

Within no time, my contractions picked up and the silly, goofing off I had been doing with Daryl the past two hours wasn't as funny anymore as I breathed through them. I was definitely more vocal this time around than during Hunter's labor. Each time a contraction hit and was so intense, I just repeated my mantra of "Ow, ow, ow, ow ow" until it ended. Daryl reminded me to breathe and I think he thought I wasn't handling it well by saying "ow" but I told him that the deepness of saying it, helped me get through the contraction. I went to pee and the doctor checked me again just to make sure I wasn't closer than they thought. 8cm now and going strong.

I asked for my epi and the anesthesiologist was called in. I have to say, that was the hardest part, staying hunched over and still for him while each contraction hit...but i knew what to expect from the same experience during Hunter's labor. I do remember whining a little bit but the nurse helped me breathe through it. Daryl, nurse and doctor had made bets about when Avery's birth would be and I just remember staring at the times on the dry erase board (Nurse Sarah: 7:30, Doctor: 7:46, Daryl: 10pm) and telling Daryl a couple of times that I'd punch him in the face if his time was the correct one! ;-) I was kidding, of course.
By seven pm, they were helping me lay back in bed, my legs were tingling and feeling slightly numb and my contractions were picking up like crazy. I told someone, can't remember who, that I think I wanted to push. I remember my doctor sort of thinking it couldn't be time already and I was like, "Oh yes, I think it is!" She checked me and sure enough, I was fully dilated and effaced and ready to go!

I was asked if I minded a nursing student witnessing the birth and I told my doctor, pretty happy by this point cuz we were coming to the exciting moment, "The more the merrier! She's gotta learn somehow!" And then next thing I know, a nurse was asking if two more students could come in. Daryl looked at me with wide eyes and I smiled and simultaneously grimaced through a contraction and told them to bring them in cuz we were getting this show on the road.

I pushed a total of six times (I think my doctor estimated it took like 10 minutes?) and at first my eyes were open, and I remember sort of laughing to myself cuz one of the nursing students looked super nervous. But then instinct took over and I pretty much tuned everyone out (but my dr) and squeezed my eyes tightly shut to concentrate. They had Daryl holding one of my legs and a nurse holding the other and I demanded that Daryl support the back of my neck cuz I couldn't do that myself while pushing. I thought I was going to puke, in the middle of pushing, so they scurried to get me a pink thing and asked Daryl to hold it so he let go of my neck and I immediately barked, "Daryl, I NEED YOU TO HOLD MY NECK UP!" and felt bad for snapping at him but at the same time I was busy concentrating on pushing out my girl.

Since the epi came SO CLOSE to the end, it just took the edge off of the intense pain and I still felt every push, the feeling of Avery traveling down the birth canal and the slight pain and discomfort of her partially out of me. When only her head was out, she started crying! That spurred me on and despite how intensely tired my body was, I gave it everything I had then felt the crazy RELIEF of the baby being OUT. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

I was WAY more aware of everything this second time around, cuz with Hunter's I was very overwhelmed and felt like I was in another world. I looked down as they placed this little PEANUT baby on my chest/belly and saw her DARK hair and nose just like my son's. I immediately started to bawl my eyes out, it was such an amazing, awe-inspiring, emotional moment. I loved her just as much as i loved my first was just as magical a moment.

Avery Irene entered the world at 7:31PM, weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, 19 inches long.

After some cuddles and kisses, they took her over to the warmer to clean her up and I heard Daryl tell the nurse we wanted to wait on the gunk being put in her eyes for a a while, and to give her a chance to nurse first. I was SO proud of him for making our wishes known. This was how it had been with Hunter and we LOVED that special bonding time with him beforehand so I wanted the same thing with Avery.
As my doctor sewed me up (minimal tearing, yahoo!), she told me that i was MADE for having babies. I admit, hearing her say that, and becuz it was such an awesome experience, made me sad that this would be the last time I'd get to have this incredible moment. We are done at two children but in my heart I will always yearn for more!

She was SO SMALL and I almost felt like I Had no idea how to hold her. The nurses helped me try to get her to latch on but she didn't seem very interested so I didn't force it. We waited a little bit and tried again and she started eating, no problem. Around the time the nurse came back to do bathe Avery, I was like "Wait! Daddy hasn't even had a chance to hold her!" So Daryl held her and did some skin to skin... but even he was intimidated by her tiny size, once he got his turn.

The whole experience was beautiful and I couldn't believe I was only in labor for a total of 3 1/2 hours...amazing! Six pushes! I felt like super woman afterwards! (granted, a very tired and sore super woman). And then there is my Big D. Having another one of his children, and watching the joy on his face as he held Avery to him, made my heart ache harder with love. Who would have thought that having children would make me love my husband even more than I already do??

And the prize for my hard work is now nestled sleepily against my skin, nursing contentedly. I couldn't be more happy and content, myself!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our baby girl has arrived!!!
Avery Irene was born Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 at 7:31 pm after 3 1/2 hours of labor, 6-8 minutes of pushing and on a giant ocean swell of love from her Mommy, Daddy and big brother, Hunter.
She weighed in at a "whopping" 7 lbs 5 oz, 19 1/2 inches with beautiful dark hair, a nose like her brother's and sweet little lips.

And we couldn't be happier for our family to be complete!

More to come, including a slightly more detailed birth story, after we all get some rest and bonding time in as a family of four.

So thankful for my children.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Night Terrors?

Daryl and I think Hunter has been suffering from Night Terrors recently.

He still wakes up every night (sometimes multiple times a night...UGH...) but he has always been super easy to settle back down into bed and he drifts right back off to sleep. I know there have been quite a few changes in everyone's lives recently so I attribute his horrible sleeping at night to that, as he adjusts.

But this new phase? Is totally different. I'd say it happened like 3 times this week and 2 times last week. And the first couple times it was like, "What the HELL is this kid doing?" He'd wake up screaming (not his usual wake-up cry) and when one of us would go in he'd either be standing by his bed with a frantic look on his face or he'd be at the wall or door banging on it with his little fists.

And the usual "It's okay, Hunter. Mommy/Daddy is here." did nothing to calm him down! When he is in one of these terrors he even runs fearfully away from us. And being he is half-asleep, we try to grab him quick (without scaring him more!) before he hurts himself cuz he did run into the wall the other day. The other night I heard Daryl in there with him, and all this crashing/banging as Daryl kept saying soothingly, "It's okay, buddy, it's okay. Daddy is right here." And he told me afterward that it was crazy, Hunter was flinging all the picture frames and his baby monitor off the nightstand almost in a frenzy.

Then last night I went in (Daryl was downstairs watching TV) when I heard this frightened screaming and banging on his door. I quickly opened the door and said in a calming, soft voice that I was there, and his eyes were wide, practically bugging out of his little head, and he screamed LOUDER and ran away from me! My mouth just kinda fell open in shock. After I was able to grab him, before he tripped on anything, I held him tight to me which usually makes him feel secure when he wakes up at night, but instead it seemed to have the opposite reaction and he fought me, arching his back and continuing to cry. And to make matters worse, Avery must have been in a REALLY awkward position in my belly cuz I was perched sitting on Hunter's mattress trying to calm him and feeling a sharp, stabbing belly pain! I called Daryl in and he took over and settled him right down so I could go back to bed and try to get comfortable (or as comfortable as manageable).

Daryl has really stepped it up the last 1-2 months with taking care of Hunter during the night. He knows how exhausted I've been AND how difficult it is for me to get out of bed now. Don't get me wrong, I still TRY but even with Daryl watching TV downstairs sometimes, he STILL makes it into Hunter's room before I do, two doors down from his bedroom! And maybe becuz of this, it seems like Hunter and Daryl have become eeeeevvvveeeennn closer so now the nights I DO try to go in to soothe my baby, he wants nothing to do with me! He wants his Daddy! I guess in a way, this is a blessing in disguise since Avery will be here soon (TOMORROW! YIKES!) and I'll be nursing half the night away.

But at the same time, it makes me feel sad. Mommy isn't always enough to soothe her baby boy! And now throwing in these night terrors (which are hard to watch your child having them and not being able to make him feel better), I feel bad cuz I know Daryl has been pretty tired. But he has been doing a great job!

So has anyone's child gone through Nights Terrors? How long did it last? I did read a little on the internet and it suggested waking them up right before the time they usually have them but becuz Hunter wakes up a lot ANYWAY, I seriously couldn't tell you when the night terror will strike. AND I'm not willing to wake him up even more then he already is waking on his own....his sleeping is so erratic at night and I think part of this could be contributing to his INSANE tantrums during the day, cuz he is so tired. But I'd be curious to know if this is (HOPEFULLY???) a short-lived phase?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

It looks like Tuesday (Wednesday) is going to be the day we get to meet our baby girl!

I'm now 70% dilated, still 4cm, and my doctor will induce me Tuesday morning.

Daryl and I are so excited to have Avery and to make Hunter a big brother. And now it's finally hitting me...the nervousness about labor and giving birth. I know I've done it before so it's not like that scary unknown that it was the first time around...but I also realize no two labor and births are alike and so there IS still a bit of unknown.

It will just be me and Daryl in the hospital room, I think. Originally, my MIL was going to be there too but becuz she is on a deadline for her work projects, she might not be able to come till next weekend. Either way is fine with me. I would love for her to be there and experience it with us. Just like I would love to share the experience with just my husband (my Mom was in the room with us when Hunter was born).

I'm not looking forward to two nights away from my first baby, however. ;-( My night in the hospital two Mondays ago was my first night EVER away from Hunter. Crazy, right? Considering he is 19 months old! But I just hadn't been able to do it. Seeing him that next morning was a happy moment for Mommy! So TWO nights away? It will be tough. But I know Hunter will be in great hands, his Nana's. And he will get to come visit us. I'll try not to maul him TOO much with hugs and kisses after that first night.

Well, lots of thoughts swirling through my brain right now but no way to articulate them so I'm going to leave it at that. I have a sweet boy to cuddle with before he goes to sleep (in his big boy bed, which he LOVES)....I am ready to enjoy these last five nights (unless Avery decides to make an appearance beforehand) with Hunter as an only child and give him lots of lovin'. And then I'll welcome with HUGE open arms, our second child, little Avery, who will make our family complete!

Wish me luck....and easy labor vibes, of course. ;-)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pregnancy, with a toddler at home, is definitely crazy and draining at times.

But despite the more stress and irritability I feel (quite often!), I don't want to forget to mention all the GOOD that's been going on lately with Hunter.

This boy is growing like a WEED, I tell you! He is so freakin' hilarious and feisty and there are days I tell him "no" when he is doing something bad and give him a tap on the hiney, when the little stinker starts to laugh at me. LAUGH. And the worst part? I sometimes have to turn away so he doesn't see me laughing right along with him!
Hunter is definitely quite the chatterbox now. He says lots of words:
Mommy and Daddy
bubba (our nickname for him)
'Pa (for Gpa or Grandpa)
hot dog
banana (which sounds more like nana)
grapes (he says "gapes")
wa-wa (for water)
light (although it sounds more like "liiiiii")
Anthony (his best friend)
bye bye
belly (and he tries very hard to say belly button)
remote (which he says "mote")
bath or tubby
dipe (for diaper)
balloon (which he says "boon")
apple sauce

Oh man, there are so many more, but my brain just won't cooperate right now! He is not a pro yet with stringing words together but the pediatrician said she wasn't' worried about that yet.
Hunter eats (and has been for a while now) perfectly with a spoon and a fork and most of the time even uses our normal size silverware (and not the baby size). He HATES to have dirty hands and after eating a meal, he is more than eager for me to wipe his hands off...and he now will wipe his own hands if you give him a napkin/wash cloth.
He loves to throw things away in the garbage for him, especially his dirty diapers. Anything that goes in the garbage he calls "ca-ca". He is a HUGE helper to me...always wants to put clothes in the dirty laundry hamper or if I'm putting laundry from the washer to the dryer I hand the wet stuff to him so he can do it.
We used to have a VERY loud Keurig Coffee maker and the most hilarious thing happened...morning after morning of watching/listening to us make our coffee, Hunter finally started to call our coffee, "AAAAHHHHHHH" which is what the machine sounded like. So now, even though we have a MUCH quieter machine, he loves for us to make our "AAAAAHHHHH" in the morning.
The not-so-fun things?

1. He takes stuff OUT of the garbage. Hunter knows that our k-cups are for coffee so he often pulls them out of the garbage and runs proudly over to display them to me, Saying, "Aaaahhhhh?"
2. He has an obsession with anything he is NOT allowed to play with. Remote controls, cell phones, cameras, phones, radios, fax machine, etc.
3. Hunter throws MEGA, MEGA tantrums when he is reeeeally tired/hungry or can't have what he wants. I'm talking, banging his head on the hardwood floors or walls, and sometimes smacking himself in the face. Oh yes, my boy has quite the temper.
4. This crazy kid climbs on EVERYTHING. If I have to shower for work, I shut him in the big bathroom with me, now. I remember one particularly stressful day when I had to jump out of the shower THREE TIMES becuz Hunter was climbing on a box, garbage can, stool to pull stuff down off of the washing machine. He shoves whatever he can find up to a wall, so that he can climb it to reach light switches.
5. Hunter pulls stuff down off the counter tops constantly. Before it became a daily habit, and we didn't' really realize just how good of a reach he had, he had grabbed at a steak knife, a pair of scissors, a hot cup of tea/coffee...anything dangerous of course! Mommy had a a couple mini heart attacks each and every time and now we know to keep everything pushed FAR to the back of the counter tops.

Some other fun changes...he shows huge interest in when we go potty, but I haven't pushed for HIM to go potty yet. He sits on his own little potty fully dressed when he sees Mommy or Daddy on the big potty, and then we all cheer when he stands up. I have attempted to put him on without his diapers a few times, but he sits for a second and then bounds back up. One day he seemed particularly interested right before his bath, so all stripped down, I put him on his potty. Again, he sat for a few seconds then bounded up and started lifting up his potty seat and inspecting it, sat back down on it on his own (backwards, sideways) then stood back up. And then he squatted down to grab a roll of TP and peed all over Mommy's bathroom floor! Heh.I KNOW he doesn't like being in a dirty/wet diaper and either tries to pull off the wet one, or he'll bring me a diaper to change him, so I'm thinking it's only a matter of time before I really focus on potty-training.
Hunter is now in a "big boy bed"!! After many issues lately with sleeping (and his continual need to climb out of his crib), we put our spare full size mattress down on the carpeted floor and surrounded it with stuffed animals, blankets (in case he rolls out) and he has been sleeping in it on his own for like a week now. Before that, he slept in it a few times with his Daddy. Hunter is still waking up like once a night, but I'll TAKE that compared to the sometimes 3-4 times a night he was waking up, flinging himself all over his crib, banging his head against the crib rails, like he was doing.
And his buddy, Tucker, loves it during Hunter's nap time. ;-)
He loves to hum and sing in the car, if I put the radio on, he will be bopping along in his car seat, tapping his hand on his thigh, "singing" along to Pearl Jam or whatever else may be on that tickles his fancy. Makes a Mommy proud! Heh heh.

Oh, another hilarious thing Hunter has started doing? If he is in the bathroom with me while I go "pee pee on the potty", as soon as I stand up, he tries to help me pull my pants up for me! The first time he did it, I couldn't help but laugh!
He is a VERY affectionate boy who loves to give hugs and sometimes kisses. Whenever he sees a child, he wants to bear-hug him or her. He is very generous, always giving his books and toys to any house guests who come over to play. I hope he stays this way!
Oh lord, there is SO much more but a certain boy is making a huge mess of his apple sauce right now (he now has a fetish with playing with his food! ARGH!) so I'm off to clean it up....

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm feeling very disappointed and irritable right now.
Around 6:15 PM last night, while driving home from work, I started to feel very uncomfortable. I had to pee so wasn't sure if it was just the intense pressure of the baby on my bladder but by the time I made it into the house, I started to wonder if i was having contractions.
While Daryl, Hunter and my Mom (who sleeps over on Monday nights, when she watches the baby at my house Monday and Tuesday) sat down to dinner, I hopped onto contraction master and started to time them. The pressure had intensified but it wasn't painful yet. However when timing them, they were coming like 3-4 minutes apart. So after about an hour and a half, I called and had the doctor paged.
My doctor was actually in the middle of performing a c-section so a Labor and Delivery nurse from the hospital called me back and told me to come in to get monitored. Around 8:00pm I was at the hospital and hooked up to the monitor and still contracting every 3-4 minutes, without fail. The L&D floor was an UTTER mob scene (preggos popping all over! LOL) so it was a little bit before my doctor came in to perform an internal on me. She told me I was now 2cm but cervix still long and thick. *SIGH*

Still hopeful at this point!

The contractions started to get painful and a bit stronger, however still only 3 minutes apart and THAT wasn't really changing. Around 10:15pm ish my doctor came in and disappointed me by saying that I wasn't really progressing and maybe should head on home. I admit, hearing that made me super anxious becuz with Hunter, despite the doctor/nurses saying it was going to take forever (due to being my 1st labor and that I was induced and on pitocin) labor started to progress REALLY quickly. Nine hours later, our boy was born! What if I drove all the way home and then suddenly they started coming fast and furious?

So, my doctor said she wanted to check me out one more time before we made decision and she reminded me that she couldn't really give me anything to speed up labor due to the fact that my cervix was not thinning out. But low and behold, I was now a "loose" 4cm (and she said she felt like she could even stretch me to a 5)! The sucky part? My cervix was STILL LONG AND THICK. So even though Avery had moved down a teeny tiny bit more, she was still not engaged.

By this time, the contractions were a tad more than mildly painful (but not unbearably so) and I was so confused cuz my doctor didn't seem convinced anything would happen. She asked if I could sleep through them and I said probably not, becuz I was too amped up and anxious over everything. So, after getting me into a room, they gave me some Ambien to sleep and said the nurse would check on me later. I ate a yogurt and some jello (cuz I hadn't really eaten dinner and was STARVING) and some juice then suddenly the Ambien began to take affect and I started to crash, HARD. By this time, the contractions had died down and were not painful, so I wasn't holding out much hope but still PRAYED silently to make some progress.

At 4:00am I woke up like someone had turned on a light switch and was wide awake. The nurse put me back on the monitor and unfortunately the contractions were now sporadic and not strong, at all. I did have a little bit of cervical mucus on the TP after peeing, but haven't seen any since then. After one more internal check (which the Doctor said I was now "tight" 4cm) they discharged me.

Talk about a TOTAL let down. :-(

I made Daryl take me right out to breakfast to drown my sorrows in french toast, eggs and bacon and then we were back home where I got some much-needed hugs from my Hunter. My Mom left a little while ago to go home and rest and do some laundry just in case by some miracle contractions picked back up. But I'm not feeling very hopeful at this point. They've died down a ton. I know we are not in a "rush" cuz technically I'm still early (37 weeks 3 days) but I am mentally and emotionally READY and after last night, I feel very let down! I was SO hoping to meet my girl much sooner than anticipated and now I feel like that's been taken away for who knows how long. Just bummed out this morning.