Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Avery's Birth Story
My girl is napping and my boy is coloring beside me, so I figured it's a good time to try to get Avery's birth story written out, before I forget any details! (of course right after writing that Avery woke up hungry)

On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 (the scheduled day of our induction) I called the hospital at 7am to make sure I could still come in for 8am. To my dismay, the hospital was pretty booked up and short-staffed for nurses. They told me if I hadn't heard back from someone by noon to give them a call.

Disappointed and already anxious, I resigned myself to the fact that we'd have to wait a few more hours. It turned out to be a blessing though to be able to spend a couple more hours giving attention and love to Hunter. My mom was already over so we all just hung out, ate lunch and relaxed on the couch and played with my baby boy. And at noon on the DOT, I called L&D and they (had been trying to reach me for couple hours but my phone number was wrong in their system) told me to come in for 2:30pm. Big D and I drove to the hospital in high spirits, stopping on the way to get a milkshake, something I'd been craving for days. I only took like 3-4 sips of Daryl's' shake, knowing it wasn't a good idea to have it now in case I was puking it back up later!

The hospital check-in was very leisurely becuz my doctor wouldn't be available to check me (and break my water) till at least 5:30PM. I put on my sexy gown and Daryl and I settled in and got comfy, as nurses put in my IV and did all my paperwork. At 4pm, we began pitocin. I was already mildly contracting on my own and they continued to stay mild and unassuming, even with the pitocin. What was MORE uncomfortable to me as the time progressed, was a horrible head ache I'd had since the night before AND that cursed heartburn that had plagued me the entire pregnancy. I begged for some tums and the nurse also promised to get me some Tylenol. They had more nurses on staff then and funny enough, my nurse Sarah remembered me and Daryl both from my labor with Hunter! We treated her like family, busting her chops and warning her she was in for a crazy ride with us, which she assured us she was excited about. Heh heh.

My doctor showed up around 5:45pm and performed an internal and her eyes widened and she said, "You'll be happy to know you are 7cm dilated and 90 % effaced already!"
"Holy shit! Are you serious?" I think was my exact words. Ha ha! "I'm hardly in pain at all, it's just a lot of pressure! I can't believe i"m already 7cm." I debated about the epidural which I'd been adamant about getting. I'm HORRIBLE with pain and I wanted to feel my contractions and know when to push, however, I do need to take the edge off the pain. With Hunter, I held off on getting an epi until I was in active labor (and not knowing by that point I was somewhere around 8cm) and so I knew I needed that pain relief in order to be able to focus on the task at hand! But knowing the contractions would pick up when the doctor broke my water, I was almost positive I'd still be getting the epi.

By 6pm, she broke my water and it was hilarious how much fluid came out of me! It just came gushing and gushing, like a river and at one point Daryl was like, "Um, Dr. I? You'd better watch your pant leg cuz there is a river of amniotic fluid about to hit it!" She moved her leg just in time.

"I haven't seen anyone with THIS MUCH fluid in a long time." she told us. My poor nurse's sleeve even got drenched. And my BELLY! It looked like two sizes smaller after all was said and done!

"You are NOT going to have a 9 lb baby." Both doctor and nurse assured me. Which is what everyone had originally thought based on my belly size.

Within no time, my contractions picked up and the silly, goofing off I had been doing with Daryl the past two hours wasn't as funny anymore as I breathed through them. I was definitely more vocal this time around than during Hunter's labor. Each time a contraction hit and was so intense, I just repeated my mantra of "Ow, ow, ow, ow ow" until it ended. Daryl reminded me to breathe and I think he thought I wasn't handling it well by saying "ow" but I told him that the deepness of saying it, helped me get through the contraction. I went to pee and the doctor checked me again just to make sure I wasn't closer than they thought. 8cm now and going strong.

I asked for my epi and the anesthesiologist was called in. I have to say, that was the hardest part, staying hunched over and still for him while each contraction hit...but i knew what to expect from the same experience during Hunter's labor. I do remember whining a little bit but the nurse helped me breathe through it. Daryl, nurse and doctor had made bets about when Avery's birth would be and I just remember staring at the times on the dry erase board (Nurse Sarah: 7:30, Doctor: 7:46, Daryl: 10pm) and telling Daryl a couple of times that I'd punch him in the face if his time was the correct one! ;-) I was kidding, of course.
By seven pm, they were helping me lay back in bed, my legs were tingling and feeling slightly numb and my contractions were picking up like crazy. I told someone, can't remember who, that I think I wanted to push. I remember my doctor sort of thinking it couldn't be time already and I was like, "Oh yes, I think it is!" She checked me and sure enough, I was fully dilated and effaced and ready to go!

I was asked if I minded a nursing student witnessing the birth and I told my doctor, pretty happy by this point cuz we were coming to the exciting moment, "The more the merrier! She's gotta learn somehow!" And then next thing I know, a nurse was asking if two more students could come in. Daryl looked at me with wide eyes and I smiled and simultaneously grimaced through a contraction and told them to bring them in cuz we were getting this show on the road.

I pushed a total of six times (I think my doctor estimated it took like 10 minutes?) and at first my eyes were open, and I remember sort of laughing to myself cuz one of the nursing students looked super nervous. But then instinct took over and I pretty much tuned everyone out (but my dr) and squeezed my eyes tightly shut to concentrate. They had Daryl holding one of my legs and a nurse holding the other and I demanded that Daryl support the back of my neck cuz I couldn't do that myself while pushing. I thought I was going to puke, in the middle of pushing, so they scurried to get me a pink thing and asked Daryl to hold it so he let go of my neck and I immediately barked, "Daryl, I NEED YOU TO HOLD MY NECK UP!" and felt bad for snapping at him but at the same time I was busy concentrating on pushing out my girl.

Since the epi came SO CLOSE to the end, it just took the edge off of the intense pain and I still felt every push, the feeling of Avery traveling down the birth canal and the slight pain and discomfort of her partially out of me. When only her head was out, she started crying! That spurred me on and despite how intensely tired my body was, I gave it everything I had then felt the crazy RELIEF of the baby being OUT. Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

I was WAY more aware of everything this second time around, cuz with Hunter's I was very overwhelmed and felt like I was in another world. I looked down as they placed this little PEANUT baby on my chest/belly and saw her DARK hair and nose just like my son's. I immediately started to bawl my eyes out, it was such an amazing, awe-inspiring, emotional moment. I loved her just as much as i loved my first baby...it was just as magical a moment.

Avery Irene entered the world at 7:31PM, weighing 7 lbs 5 oz, 19 inches long.

After some cuddles and kisses, they took her over to the warmer to clean her up and I heard Daryl tell the nurse we wanted to wait on the gunk being put in her eyes for a a while, and to give her a chance to nurse first. I was SO proud of him for making our wishes known. This was how it had been with Hunter and we LOVED that special bonding time with him beforehand so I wanted the same thing with Avery.
As my doctor sewed me up (minimal tearing, yahoo!), she told me that i was MADE for having babies. I admit, hearing her say that, and becuz it was such an awesome experience, made me sad that this would be the last time I'd get to have this incredible moment. We are done at two children but in my heart I will always yearn for more!

She was SO SMALL and I almost felt like I Had no idea how to hold her. The nurses helped me try to get her to latch on but she didn't seem very interested so I didn't force it. We waited a little bit and tried again and she started eating, no problem. Around the time the nurse came back to do bathe Avery, I was like "Wait! Daddy hasn't even had a chance to hold her!" So Daryl held her and did some skin to skin... but even he was intimidated by her tiny size, once he got his turn.

The whole experience was beautiful and I couldn't believe I was only in labor for a total of 3 1/2 hours...amazing! Six pushes! I felt like super woman afterwards! (granted, a very tired and sore super woman). And then there is my Big D. Having another one of his children, and watching the joy on his face as he held Avery to him, made my heart ache harder with love. Who would have thought that having children would make me love my husband even more than I already do??

And the prize for my hard work is now nestled sleepily against my skin, nursing contentedly. I couldn't be more happy and content, myself!


Heidi Renée said...

Shoot, I'd get pregnant tomorrow (or, well, when my husband gets home from deployment) if I knew that I could have a 3.5 hour labor.

So glad she's here and healthy!

Morgan Owens said...

I don't know what my problem is but I'm balling my eyes out. I was so into everything about this post, I felt like I was in there with you! LOL!
As MY big "O" day is getting close, I can't help but be nervous at the thought of having TWO kids...but your post brought some peace to my heart and I just know I'm doing the right thing and it will be worth it. :)
Congrats again April, your family of 4 is ABSOLUTELY beautiful. :)
p.s.- The pic of her gazing into her mommy's eyes REALLY got me, such an amazing picture.

Krystyn said...

Congrats. She's beautiful.

Sarah R said...

Aw, what a nice birth story! Congratulations again. ♥

Sarah said...

What a beautiful birth story! I'll have mine up in a few days :)

Flea said...

Congratulations! I love your story! And Avery is gorgeous. :)

Emily said...

3 1/2 hours! Soooo I want that! :)

Congrats, such an awesome story!

So happy you guys!

Kat said...

Awww. That is such a fabulous birth story. Just perfect. I am so happy for you all!!!!!
Congratulations, again! :)

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

Beautiful birth story. I almost felt like I was there (with all those students..lol). You have an amazing family and I think you should have 1 or 2 more.

Although the BOY/GIRL combo is perfect. Congrats again. You are truly blessed.

Stephanie said...

Wow, what an awesome update! I almost feel like I was there ;)
So glad everything went well..she is just ADORABLE!!
SO happy for all of you!!