Tuesday, March 01, 2011

I'm feeling very disappointed and irritable right now.
Around 6:15 PM last night, while driving home from work, I started to feel very uncomfortable. I had to pee so wasn't sure if it was just the intense pressure of the baby on my bladder but by the time I made it into the house, I started to wonder if i was having contractions.
While Daryl, Hunter and my Mom (who sleeps over on Monday nights, when she watches the baby at my house Monday and Tuesday) sat down to dinner, I hopped onto contraction master and started to time them. The pressure had intensified but it wasn't painful yet. However when timing them, they were coming like 3-4 minutes apart. So after about an hour and a half, I called and had the doctor paged.
My doctor was actually in the middle of performing a c-section so a Labor and Delivery nurse from the hospital called me back and told me to come in to get monitored. Around 8:00pm I was at the hospital and hooked up to the monitor and still contracting every 3-4 minutes, without fail. The L&D floor was an UTTER mob scene (preggos popping all over! LOL) so it was a little bit before my doctor came in to perform an internal on me. She told me I was now 2cm but cervix still long and thick. *SIGH*

Still hopeful at this point!

The contractions started to get painful and a bit stronger, however still only 3 minutes apart and THAT wasn't really changing. Around 10:15pm ish my doctor came in and disappointed me by saying that I wasn't really progressing and maybe should head on home. I admit, hearing that made me super anxious becuz with Hunter, despite the doctor/nurses saying it was going to take forever (due to being my 1st labor and that I was induced and on pitocin) labor started to progress REALLY quickly. Nine hours later, our boy was born! What if I drove all the way home and then suddenly they started coming fast and furious?

So, my doctor said she wanted to check me out one more time before we made decision and she reminded me that she couldn't really give me anything to speed up labor due to the fact that my cervix was not thinning out. But low and behold, I was now a "loose" 4cm (and she said she felt like she could even stretch me to a 5)! The sucky part? My cervix was STILL LONG AND THICK. So even though Avery had moved down a teeny tiny bit more, she was still not engaged.

By this time, the contractions were a tad more than mildly painful (but not unbearably so) and I was so confused cuz my doctor didn't seem convinced anything would happen. She asked if I could sleep through them and I said probably not, becuz I was too amped up and anxious over everything. So, after getting me into a room, they gave me some Ambien to sleep and said the nurse would check on me later. I ate a yogurt and some jello (cuz I hadn't really eaten dinner and was STARVING) and some juice then suddenly the Ambien began to take affect and I started to crash, HARD. By this time, the contractions had died down and were not painful, so I wasn't holding out much hope but still PRAYED silently to make some progress.

At 4:00am I woke up like someone had turned on a light switch and was wide awake. The nurse put me back on the monitor and unfortunately the contractions were now sporadic and not strong, at all. I did have a little bit of cervical mucus on the TP after peeing, but haven't seen any since then. After one more internal check (which the Doctor said I was now "tight" 4cm) they discharged me.

Talk about a TOTAL let down. :-(

I made Daryl take me right out to breakfast to drown my sorrows in french toast, eggs and bacon and then we were back home where I got some much-needed hugs from my Hunter. My Mom left a little while ago to go home and rest and do some laundry just in case by some miracle contractions picked back up. But I'm not feeling very hopeful at this point. They've died down a ton. I know we are not in a "rush" cuz technically I'm still early (37 weeks 3 days) but I am mentally and emotionally READY and after last night, I feel very let down! I was SO hoping to meet my girl much sooner than anticipated and now I feel like that's been taken away for who knows how long. Just bummed out this morning.


Sarah R said...

That sucks!! I bet you have her in the next few days, though! Good luck!

Emily said...

Oh man, that is rough! I will keep you all in my prayers! Come on Avery!

Kat said...

Awww. I'm sorry. That is a big bummer. But think of it this way, you are almost half way there already! Sooooo... when you do go into labor it will probably be super quick! That's awesome! :)

Keep your head up, hon. She'll be here soon enough. Try to enjoy each and every flip and turn on your baby girl in your belly while you have it. :)

And keep us posted!

Heidi Renée said...

Avery says "psych, mom!"