Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pregnancy, with a toddler at home, is definitely crazy and draining at times.

But despite the more stress and irritability I feel (quite often!), I don't want to forget to mention all the GOOD that's been going on lately with Hunter.

This boy is growing like a WEED, I tell you! He is so freakin' hilarious and feisty and there are days I tell him "no" when he is doing something bad and give him a tap on the hiney, when the little stinker starts to laugh at me. LAUGH. And the worst part? I sometimes have to turn away so he doesn't see me laughing right along with him!
Hunter is definitely quite the chatterbox now. He says lots of words:
Mommy and Daddy
bubba (our nickname for him)
'Pa (for Gpa or Grandpa)
hot dog
banana (which sounds more like nana)
grapes (he says "gapes")
wa-wa (for water)
light (although it sounds more like "liiiiii")
Anthony (his best friend)
bye bye
belly (and he tries very hard to say belly button)
remote (which he says "mote")
bath or tubby
dipe (for diaper)
balloon (which he says "boon")
apple sauce

Oh man, there are so many more, but my brain just won't cooperate right now! He is not a pro yet with stringing words together but the pediatrician said she wasn't' worried about that yet.
Hunter eats (and has been for a while now) perfectly with a spoon and a fork and most of the time even uses our normal size silverware (and not the baby size). He HATES to have dirty hands and after eating a meal, he is more than eager for me to wipe his hands off...and he now will wipe his own hands if you give him a napkin/wash cloth.
He loves to throw things away in the garbage for him, especially his dirty diapers. Anything that goes in the garbage he calls "ca-ca". He is a HUGE helper to me...always wants to put clothes in the dirty laundry hamper or if I'm putting laundry from the washer to the dryer I hand the wet stuff to him so he can do it.
We used to have a VERY loud Keurig Coffee maker and the most hilarious thing happened...morning after morning of watching/listening to us make our coffee, Hunter finally started to call our coffee, "AAAAHHHHHHH" which is what the machine sounded like. So now, even though we have a MUCH quieter machine, he loves for us to make our "AAAAAHHHHH" in the morning.
The not-so-fun things?

1. He takes stuff OUT of the garbage. Hunter knows that our k-cups are for coffee so he often pulls them out of the garbage and runs proudly over to display them to me, Saying, "Aaaahhhhh?"
2. He has an obsession with anything he is NOT allowed to play with. Remote controls, cell phones, cameras, phones, radios, fax machine, etc.
3. Hunter throws MEGA, MEGA tantrums when he is reeeeally tired/hungry or can't have what he wants. I'm talking, banging his head on the hardwood floors or walls, and sometimes smacking himself in the face. Oh yes, my boy has quite the temper.
4. This crazy kid climbs on EVERYTHING. If I have to shower for work, I shut him in the big bathroom with me, now. I remember one particularly stressful day when I had to jump out of the shower THREE TIMES becuz Hunter was climbing on a box, garbage can, stool to pull stuff down off of the washing machine. He shoves whatever he can find up to a wall, so that he can climb it to reach light switches.
5. Hunter pulls stuff down off the counter tops constantly. Before it became a daily habit, and we didn't' really realize just how good of a reach he had, he had grabbed at a steak knife, a pair of scissors, a hot cup of tea/coffee...anything dangerous of course! Mommy had a a couple mini heart attacks each and every time and now we know to keep everything pushed FAR to the back of the counter tops.

Some other fun changes...he shows huge interest in when we go potty, but I haven't pushed for HIM to go potty yet. He sits on his own little potty fully dressed when he sees Mommy or Daddy on the big potty, and then we all cheer when he stands up. I have attempted to put him on without his diapers a few times, but he sits for a second and then bounds back up. One day he seemed particularly interested right before his bath, so all stripped down, I put him on his potty. Again, he sat for a few seconds then bounded up and started lifting up his potty seat and inspecting it, sat back down on it on his own (backwards, sideways) then stood back up. And then he squatted down to grab a roll of TP and peed all over Mommy's bathroom floor! Heh.I KNOW he doesn't like being in a dirty/wet diaper and either tries to pull off the wet one, or he'll bring me a diaper to change him, so I'm thinking it's only a matter of time before I really focus on potty-training.
Hunter is now in a "big boy bed"!! After many issues lately with sleeping (and his continual need to climb out of his crib), we put our spare full size mattress down on the carpeted floor and surrounded it with stuffed animals, blankets (in case he rolls out) and he has been sleeping in it on his own for like a week now. Before that, he slept in it a few times with his Daddy. Hunter is still waking up like once a night, but I'll TAKE that compared to the sometimes 3-4 times a night he was waking up, flinging himself all over his crib, banging his head against the crib rails, like he was doing.
And his buddy, Tucker, loves it during Hunter's nap time. ;-)
He loves to hum and sing in the car, if I put the radio on, he will be bopping along in his car seat, tapping his hand on his thigh, "singing" along to Pearl Jam or whatever else may be on that tickles his fancy. Makes a Mommy proud! Heh heh.

Oh, another hilarious thing Hunter has started doing? If he is in the bathroom with me while I go "pee pee on the potty", as soon as I stand up, he tries to help me pull my pants up for me! The first time he did it, I couldn't help but laugh!
He is a VERY affectionate boy who loves to give hugs and sometimes kisses. Whenever he sees a child, he wants to bear-hug him or her. He is very generous, always giving his books and toys to any house guests who come over to play. I hope he stays this way!
Oh lord, there is SO much more but a certain boy is making a huge mess of his apple sauce right now (he now has a fetish with playing with his food! ARGH!) so I'm off to clean it up....


Kat said...

Awww. He is growing so quickly! A big boy bed too! That is awesome! Such a little man now. :)

Lovely Lalo-Cha said...

You are still PG..ha ha jk. Wow he is getting big. Man alive, time flies.