Friday, April 29, 2011

Wow, another week.

  • On Monday, I opened all the windows up wide in the afternoon, cuz the temp had gotten up to about seventy degrees. NOT REALIZING my priest neighbor was home (it's his vacation home so he only comes in the nice weather), I was loudly telling Hunter as we began potty-training: "THAT IS YOUR PENIS. PEE PEE COMES OUT OF IT. PEE PEE GOES IN THE POTTY." Then I glanced out the window and saw my neighbor sitting in his hammock, reading. D'oh.

  • Did you see that above? We STARTED POTTY TRAINING!! So far, I suck at it (not Hunter). I keep getting him to the bathroom AFTER he's already gone in his diaper. Hmmm, this is gonna be tough. And he doesn't' seem to realize that HE will go pee pee in the potty (even though he has watched both me and Daryl go and will tell us "pee pee!" when we go). But he certainly LOVES sitting on his Cars potty seat (the one that sits on our own potty). And he definitely likes to look at his books while on the potty. Like father, like son! I'm probably gonna pick him up some "big boy undies" this weekend but not sure when I'll start putting them on him yet.

  • My maternity leave is over in a week.

  • It was like 80 degrees yesterday! Holy crap! After having such cool, rainy and yucky weather and then to suddenly shoot up to 80? It was strange...and I was sweating my hormonal hiney off!

  • Speaking of hineys, I hopped on the scale at my 6 week obgyn appointment yesterday...and I was happy to see I'm down 20 pounds since the pregnancy began! I have about 2-3 more pounds to go to get to pre-preggo weight, and THEN after that I'll just be (hopefully) losing regular 'ol fat pounds. I'm contemplating doing WW again...although I can't afford to go to meetings (plus I'm not about to cart both babies there) so maybe I'll buy a scale and just do it at home, on my own. Although I have better luck when I do it going to meetings (or even online) or with a friend. Hmmmm....

  • I am currently in SPIDER HELL. For those of you that know me in real life, you know I have a crazy phobia of spiders. As in, just seeing (even on tv) or being near one, I start to sweat, panic, shake and sometimes even cry. Yep, it's bad. Well now that we are leaving out here on the lake, surrounded by trees...well, you can only imagine the SPIDER population. I thought it was bad when we lived in the "ghetto"...well that was NOTHING. On Monday night I ran out to my car right before it got dark and on the way back in, I saw a gross bulbous, tan colored body with spindly legs on a huge-ass the left of the door I had to go in. I shuddered and FLEW into the house. The sucky part is that I had to go back outdoors to show Big D where Tucker had pooped so he could clean it up (he pooped on the edge of our neighbor's yard, dumb dog!) so I informed him I would not go back out until he killed that spider. I started to open the back door to show him when--HORROR OF HORRORS--I see TWO of them above me on the gutter!! And of course when Daryl jammed the handle of his shovel into each giant, round body they FELL TO THE STEPS (well technically one of them rappelled down on his nasty web, so he definitely was still alive) and out of sight. No way in hell was I gonna go out that door now so I decided to go out the back door and walk around the house. On the way back in, I suddenly thought of the spiders and quickly surveyed the back door. And almost died. TWO on the outside of the door and ONE on the wooden porch rail. OH MY GOD. I started to shake and sweat and tears budded in my eyes as I contemplated what to do. Finally said, "Screw it!" and ran back to the front door and took my chances with the rogue spiders loose on the porch step. Big D held the door open for me and I practically leaped inside like a gazelle. Maybe not as graceful.

  • Speaking again of our priest neighbor, he told Daryl a funny story yesterday (well funny to us anyway). The priests all go on a retreat each year to a lake in New Hampshire. He said when they arrive, they all go off and do whatever makes them happy...some golf, some play cards, etc. He said one of them, Father B, immediately puts on his swim trunks and races right out to the edge of the dock and shouts at the top of his lungs, "F.UCK THIS WORLD!" and then dives into the cool lake water! Father R (our neighbor) who was telling the story to Daryl, laughed and said, "I guess we all blow off steam in our own ways!" And then Daryl immediately came inside and whispered, "Holy crap, I just heard Father R curse for the first time!" We are potty-mouths here (ALTHOUGH trying to stop cuz Hunter now repeats everything) and had just been joking the day before that we had to remember not to curse in front of Father R and here he told a story and actually said "f.uck" and about another cursing priest. Awesome.

  • I have so much hand-me-down clothes to go through for Avery that is' INSANE. I don't know I'll have enough time in the day to do it but I have to. This girl is growing like a WEED. Our pediatrician doesn't do 1 month wellness checks...they go straight to to 2 I have NO IDEA what she weighs right now but she's definitely gotta be around 8-9 pounds if I had to guess. And she's lost some of the hair on the top of her head (but not the rest of her hair) so I laugh when looking at her...she reminds me of a little old man who's balding on top.

  • I started thinking about it this week and realized: only 3 more months until Hunter turns the big TWO. I gotta start planning his party. It obviously won't be as big as his 1st birthday party, and we're gonna do it here (now that we live somewhere where we can actually fit more than 3 guests into our home at a time) and hopefully it will be a nice day so people can swim in the lake. We'll probably do hamburgs and hot dogs on the grill and have birthday cake. I might have Daryl bake his KILLER carrot cake. Seriously, it is THE BEST carrot cake, with homemade cream cheese frosting, ever. I'm salivating right now at the thought of it.

  • Man, I was wordy this week! For more leftover tidbits, go HERE.

Monday, April 25, 2011

I know I promised you (heh heh...all 3 of you?) a post about our Easter.

(I am so sick of blogger screwing up the spacing on my posts!!!)

But I really want to talk about my babies today--big surprise--and since it's my blog, I can do what I want to. So, I just decided I'll combine the two!

When did my little baby become such a big boy?? And why does it seem like he went from newborn to ALMOST TWO YEARS OLD in the blink of an eye?
(And obviously a big cheeseball for the camera.)
My 20 month old little man can climb up into his booster seat, put on his bib, eat his cheerios and strawberries in an adult size bowl and spoon, wipe his hands off afterwards, then climb back down! Ack! Can someone pleeeeease tell this kid to slow down and stop growing so fast?!?!

I was watching a show on TV the other day about multi-million dollar listings (a girl can dream, right?) while Hunter puttered around in his toy area, "cooking" in his kitchen. Suddenly the dude on the show cried out "Damn!" and throw his hand up in anger. And that's the moment when my son learned to swear for the first time.

"Day-um!"Came the cry as he lifted up his head from his little pan and threw his own hand in the air. "Daaaaaaaay-um!" and he started giggling. Is it bad that I totally started laughing? And then called his father to say, "Hey, your son just swore but I'm happy to say neither YOU nor I are the reason behind it!" AND has anyone ever noticed the swears and inappropriate words that some shows say now during regular hours??? (I was watching a show last night with Big D when the dude called another dude a "" and I could NOT believe it wasn't bleeped out! Seriously????)

Anyway, this boy makes me laugh every single day and some days often cry cuz man, the tantrums can be BAD--but I'm finding it much easier now to redirect him BEFORE a meltdown hits. Well, when I can sense it coming. Some days, it's just impossible. Case in point, Friday afternoon Hunter handed me his sippy cup with a question of "Mook? Mook?"

I was ecstatic. He was asking me for milk! (He never asks me for a drink/snack/whatever...I usually have to guess based on his behavior/time of day.) So we scurried to the kitchen where he watched me pour the milk with a HUGE smile on his face. I started to screw on the cap and he proceeded to scream bloody murder.

Hmmm...oooookkkkaaaayyy. "Do you want chocolate milk today?" I asked wondering if maybe that was it. He flashed me another 100-watt grin and said, "Mook? Choc?" so I happily thought This is easy! He tells me what he wants, and I'm able to get it for him.

I screw the top on the sippy cup after mixing in the chocolate syrup, and place the sippy cup on the edge of the counter (He likes to grab it down himself) and Hunter proceeds to shove the cup across the counter with an ungodly screech, and then starts to cry as he drops to the kitchen floor. Um, what? So this is where we are right now. Still not quite communicating with each other but getting a tad better!

And then there is my girl! She is growing by leaps and bounds! When I hold her (especially in the Baby Bjorn, which honestly, is the only way I can vacuum, do laundry, make lunch some days), I can really feel the difference in her weight. My back is starting to ache! And her length...woo nelly, her legss have gotten so much longer. And she is starting to chunk up.

My favorite thing has to be her cheeks and double chin. Delectable.
And she is so much more alert, napping a tiny bit less through out the day which makes for a much more entertaining belly or floor time. Well, as long as her brother isn't trying to lay across her body (he wants to hug her a little TOO much sometimes). She still eats a lot and is gassy, but doesn't scream as much. I was worried about the fact that she hadn't pooped since Friday at 11:00pm UNTIL her massive explosion last night at almost midnight.

As I praised the powers of poop, she then proceeded to pee on her clothes, clean diaper, clean swaddle and my sheets. Um, yes. This girl has gotten me GOOD. I could probably count on my hand how many times Hunter had pooped/peed on me as a newborn but with Avery? I've lost count! She definitely is job-security for our washer and dryer.

And onto Easter! We are not religious people, and don't go to church. I do believe in God but for me, Easter is honestly "just another day" most of the time with some chocolate bunnies and baked ham thrown in for good measure.

But yesterday felt different.

Maybe becuz I had my family with me and I was feeling so...complete? Maybe becuz the air was warm for a change and the sun was struggling to brazenly poke free of those pesky clouds that we've seen too much of the past few weeks?

Maybe becuz I was feeling so thankful for all that I had and all that Daryl and I have accomplished? I didn't super stress about my home being immaculate before family arrived, I let Daryl take the reigns on dinner, I snuggled my Avery and watched the joy in Hunter's eyes as he dyed Easter eggs the night before.......and then munched happily on m-n-m's from his Easter basket Easter morning (yeah, I let the kid eat "m-m's" at 7 in the morning...your point? LOL) and chase his bunny shaped "been-been" around the house (that's Hunter-speak for BALLOON). (And yes that is toothpaste in my son's Easter basket/pail. The only candy he actually got was in the plastic colored eggs.)

I didn't even feel stressed as my little man threw his first tantrum of the day becuz we took his beloved "m-m's" away.

(Good Lord, why didn't anyone TELL me I'm white as a snow with a set of luggage under my eyes? Ewwww! I think Mama might hit up a tanning bed once or twice so I don't look like death warmed over!)

I laughed as my almost-one and a half month old briefly clutched a plastic purple Easter egg in her hand and Hunter giggled at his sister (and ignored the clean laundry piled up behind me on the couch).Daryl and I smiled at the uncertainty Hunter showed seeing his first bubbles...until he soon was chasing them around the living room!I enjoyed the time we spent outside with family after our early dinner, even as the sun dipped back behind the clouds--it couldn't do anything to dampen my mood!Hunter had a blast outside and when I made him come in for a diaper change he absolutely FREAKED out. After a clean dry diaper, he was practically throwing his sneakers at me, begging, "Sneaks? Sneaks??" his way of asking to go outside. Since I was nursing Avery, my mom's boyfriend John took him back outdoors to Hunter's Dad, Grandpa and Great-Grandma. And his "new" hand-me-down slide from our friends' Todd and Mindy.Only a toddler could make a wife-beater look SO CUTE. Seriously.And I felt a lump in my throat as I watched my Mom loving up on her grand-babies. I had a brief moment of sadness when I started thinking about what my Daddy is missing out on, and wishing he could be here with us, but I didn't think he'd want me to spend the day feeling sad so I just continued to enjoy the moment. A sleepy boy after his nap. Still not quite awake and ready to greet our guests.

But always ready to love up on his sister! (Even when he was yanking her headband down over her eyes and laughing.) For me, Easter is about my family and the love I feel for all of them. :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Why I absolutely LOVE having a little girl....
...and we can't forget about my handsome boy!Our happy family... ....I promise more of a post about our Easter in a day or so but for now...

I hope you all had a HAPPY EASTER!!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I can't believe another week has gone by already!

  • My maternity leave is up in about two weeks. I want to cry. :-( I'm gonna miss these two munchkins SO MUCH.

  • I wish my son would stop head-banging. And no, I don't mean to really cool music. When he is mad/frustrated/tantrum-y he bangs his forehead on the hardwood floors. This past week he did it (banged his head like 8-10 times in a row) so hard he gave himself a huge egg on his forehead. And Big D (who I called at work to tell him about it) was like "You have to stop him from doing that." Um, seriously? First of all, half the time I'm nursing Avery and can't jump up until the damage is done. Secondly, I sometimes manage to throw a foot out and stop it but usually he just dodges me and goes further away to bang his head. I looked online and saw it's pretty common at this age in like 20% of toddlers (mostly boys) and that they usually outgrow it by age 3. OMG, please kid, don't continue to do this until you are THREE!!

  • I've been eating waaaaaaaay too much pizza lately (twice this week already). Even though it's my ultimate favorite food...I'm surprisingly getting tired of it.

  • I took the kids for a couple of walks this week and god did it feel SO GOOD to get some fresh air! But how annoying that it's JUST NOW finally starting to get nice out when I have to go back to work. :-/

  • I got my new blender last week (after shattering the last one in the sink. Oops) and have been enjoying my fruit smoothies this week! Boy, I didn't' realize how much Hunter and I missed our smoothies.

  • Avery's gas issues have gotten SO MUCH better (knock on wood). I haven't even had to rely so much on the Mylicon and Gripe Water. I'm just assuming her little 1 1/2 month old belly is starting to finally adjust. Either that, or I'm just really burping the shit out of her now!

  • I realized this week that the reason my undies keep falling down is that I'm still wearing maternity underwear. But I still don't fit into my "regular" undies and pants unfortunately so I have no choice. I'm SICK OF MATERNITY AND SWEAT PANTS. For real. And what the hell am I going to wear to work?

  • We've started cutting back on the binkies this week, with Hunter. I threw away 3 so far. I still give them to him at nap/bedtime but they are not lying all over the house now so he can just randomly pop them in his mouth throughout the day. He doesn't ask for them, however, he's started putting Avery's in his mouth (hers are different than his, and up until this point he knew which binkies were the baby's and which were his). *SIGH*

  • I was gonna start potty-training this week but the damn toilet seat we bought doesn't fit over our toilet. I *really* want to start before I go back to work. We'll see what happens.

  • Hunter has gotten SO LOUD lately. Whether he's singing/talking/laughing/playing/crying it has to be AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS. It wouldn't be an issue if he wasn't doing it, half the time, in Avery's little sleeping FACE.

  • I can't wait to color Easter eggs on Saturday. Yes, so Hunter can enjoy the fun of it, but also becuz I'm a big giant kid who just loves to do it herself! Oh, and I'll be buying Big D some Reese's Peanut Butter eggs becuz he likes them and I will then get to eat some myself. YUMMO!


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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Had a fabulous weekend with awesome friends who stayed with us...

the Maine-iacs!

The boys had a blast playing together (especially Hunter)!
And everyone got lots of baby snuggles in.

The kids were on the ride-on toys all weekend (except for Sunday, which was a gorgeous we finally got some outdoor time)!

Sunday we went to Herd State Park for a walk and some fresh air!

This was at the end of the walk, when my son was getting VERY tired.

Walking with my girl!

The boys enjoying nature together.

Hunter's "deer in the headlights" look. Heh heh.

Come on, Mommy! Keep on walking!

A sleepy morning....


Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Avery,

Sweet baby you are one month old! I can hardly believe it! You'd think I'd remember how quickly the first month goes by, but it still blows my mind to see how much you are already changing before our very eyes.

You no longer fit into your Newborn sleepers--not becuz of weight but becuz you are so long! You've got Mama's long legs, skinny feet and long toes, for sure. You can still wear Newborn size onesies and pants but it's really only a matter of time before they are just too small. I've started putting you in Size 3 Months so you have a little more room to grow. You are also now into Size 1 diapers, cuz the NB just don't fit anymore. Funny to think when you came home from the hospital, the NB diapers still looked too BIG!

We are exclusively breastfeeding right now and you seem to be growing and thriving! You go anywhere from 1-3 hours in between feedings (at night you now have been going FOUR hours between feedings which makes a sleepy Mommy happy. Go, Big Girl!!). You are having some issues with gas and spitting up lately, unfortunately. Mommy talked to the nurse at the pediatrician's office who said you need to be burped more often becuz most likely what is happening is you are guzzling down the milk TOO FAST (my let-down comes out like a fire hose which doesn't help!) and Mom can actually hear you gulping loudly which means you are taking in some air with your meals. That means the air is getting trapped UNDER more breast milk and it has to come out, which is why you are spitting up so often. So now I burp you every minute or so into the feeding and boy, oh boy, are you a mad girl when I take you away before you are done! My little strong-willed, and hungry, girl!

You also are napping well through out the day, either in your pack-n-play (although not so much when you have gas), reclined on your boppy on the couch beside Mommy or on my chest! You love to be carried around in the Baby Bjorn carrier and often times snooze in it. Mommy did manage to take a shower the other day while you napped in your swing for 2 straight hours but so far, that hasn't happened again. You like the swing, but you don't LOVE the swing.

You seem very infatuated with your brother, which makes Mommy and Daddy happy. We hope you two get along and are close siblings! Hunter LOVES his sissy and constantly wants to hold your hand (he especially likes it--and laughs--when you flail your little arms and accidentally whack him in the cheek!) or if you cry, he makes sure to kiss the top of your head or your cheek to soothe you. One day this past week you were crying SO hard from the gas, and Mommy just couldn't seem to console you so she sat you up next to Hunter and rested your cheek against his (which made him smile as he sat so still!) and you instantly quieted down! Awwww, Brother! It was enough to almost make your Mommy cry. Mom DOES have to watch him carefully cuz occasionally he's tried to grab and move the boppy while you are on it OR he's tried to pick you up when we were all laying on the floor.

Avery, your little cheeks are filling out, and your double chin, and Mommy just can't stop kissing you all day! I definitely wouldn't call you a chubby baby--yet--but I bet it's only a matter of time before your rolls start filling out.

You are also starting to make those adorable "Gah!" sounds and Mommy is pretty sure you even gave your first REAL (non-gas) smile last night! Daddy was holding you while M0mmy took a MUCH needed shower. When I came out and over to you, I bent down and smiled and started talking and you immediately smiled in return. It was brief, but adorable! I can't wait to see more of those little smiles.

Avery, life as we know it has changed with you in it. You've brought more joy in this one month than i thought was even possible. I can't bear to be away from you for very long or I literally start to ache. You complete our family in a way I never even dreamed of, our final piece of the puzzle. I am so looking forward to watching you grow and learn and play and LOVE.

Thank you, my baby girl, for blessing me with the daughter I always wanted, and a sibling for my son. And for creating that even softer side of your Daddy that is especially visible as he gazes down at his little girl.



Daddy, Mommy and Hunter

Monday, April 11, 2011

This is my first Friday Night Leftovers...I decided to hop on the bandwagon after reading about it on two of my friends sites (Karianne and Sarah). So, here I am!

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous, feeling like the new kid on the block. "Will the other kids like me?" LOL Be gentle. I'm still a hormonal postpartum woman, here!

  • My 20 month old son, Hunter, has been talking up a BLUE streak lately. And by "talking" I mean mostly jibber-jabbering with random words mixed in. I KNOW he is trying hard to tell me something...but i can't for the life of me figure out what it is. So instead I just smile, nod and often say "Really? You don't say!" which makes him want to repeat the whole story all over to me. SOOOOO stinkin' cute. I worried a bit about how he isn't talking as much as some other kids his age that we know, but I think it's just a matter of time before he really starts stringing words together and (hopefully) enunciating a tad more so not just his Mommy, Daddy and Nana understand him!

  • One of my friends, Keri, emailed me the other day about possibly meeting up for a glass of wine (or two or three) at a nearby tavern. I moved recently and I am now MUCH closer to her, and since we haven't seen each other in FOREVER, this is the perfect reason now to hang out. It's been way too long since we had one of our "Wine and Whine" sessions. And I can't get it out of my brain, so Keri, let's set it up!!!!

  • My suuuuuper short maternity leave is almost up and I'm very sad about it. I feel like the weather is JUST starting to get nice and there is so much opportunity to spend it outdoors with the kids. Granted, I only work part time, so I can try to squeeze in some fun time in the mornings (once I get a better handle on this "two kids under two" thing!) and also on my days off, Fridays, and hte weekends. But my other reason for being sad? I feel like Avery is getting gipped. :-( She only gets me home with her (and her brother) for 6-8 weeks whereas Hunter had me home with him for six MONTHS. It was so amazing to be home with him for that long, to watch him grow and thrive and learn something new every day, and I'm feeling anxious that my daughter will be missing out on that, and I will be missing out on HER. *Sniff sniff*

  • I'm getting back into my baking! It's been QUITE a long time till I felt like I could just randomly bake, what with my crazy on-the-go toddler. And then I go and throw in a newborn and suddenly NOW I want to bake all the time? LOL Of course, that certainly won't be helpful once I begin my diet...hmmmm....

  • Some of my FAVORITE people, our friends who live in Maine, are coming to CT this weekend to stay with us! I'm so excited I could burst! Although, crap, now I'm sweating as I stare around this horrible MESS of a house with toys, dirty dishes and clothes and dog hair EVERYWHERE. Cleaning this up will be interesting!

  • I'm not crying as much. Does that mean I'm finding my "Mommy Groove"? Granted, it's STILL hard trying to get out of the house with two little ones (I've only done it like 3-4 times so far for two pediatrician appointments, one park visit with a friend and her 3 kids, and the grocery store the other day...and today we make our Target trip!) but it's not AS hard, if you know what I mean? I still have to start packing up diaper bag(s) and clothes like 3 hours in advance, and it literally takes like 30 minutes to get OUT of the house, but I feel like I'm making progress.

  • Big D and I were talking about going out one night. Together. Sans children. I'm so anxiously excited I can't stand it! The last time we did that was probably my birthday in December, and before that? Maybe like 6-7 months give or take? We are LONG overdue. Feeling the need to reconnect, on an adult level, and just enjoy each other.

  • Living on the lake ROCKS. Every morning I sit on the couch, nursing Avery or drinking my coffee while she naps and Hunter plays in his toy area, and stare dreamily out at the water. Some days it's choppy and crazy and other days smooth as glass, but I love it all. I can't wait till it's warm enough that I can leave windows open and LISTEN to the sound of it lapping gently against the dock. Pure bliss.

  • I'm so irritated. We have freakin' ANTS in our kitchen!! ARGH! Spring is here, I guess.

  • My baby girl is one month old today!!

There you have it, my first Leftovers! If you want to read more, go check it out HERE!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Breastfeeding Mom's...I need some guidance/advice/thoughts... NOTE: Stupid blogger screwed up all my spacing. Sorry this is all smooshed together! About a week ago, Avery started with being very gassy and spitting up--a LOT. I'm feeling very frustrated becuz I don't know what to do, or if it's something I'm eating that's causing it. Some background on Avery and her nursing style: She has been a cluster-feeder since the beginning, often times eating every 45 minutes to an hour. Thankfully, her night time feedings have spread out to about every 3 hours, but during the day it's still pretty much every hour (unless she is taking a nice long afternoon nap, so that would be a stretch of 2 1/2-3 hours). I don't always feed her on both breasts. If she seems full and/or pulling off, I just nurse her on one side. I'd say it's like 50/50 of sometimes nursing on one side, sometimes nursing on both. I tried (in the beginning) to nurse her doing the football/clutch hold (which worked great for Hunter) but both her and I were getting very frustrated and so I switched to the cradle hold although I don't support her head with my arm, cuz she is laying across the boppy during feedings (her belly pressed up to mine and her body curved around me like a C). Also, I've been burping her AFTER the feeding is over. So some questions, I was looking up stuff online about babies that spit up a lot, and I read to have baby supported more upright while eating. Um, how the heck can you do this while breastfeeding? She only gets a bottle like once a week so far (just to get her used to them for when I go back to work) so obviously during a bottle feeding I can understand holding her upright. Also, should I be burping her more often maybe, could that be (becuz I'm NOT) contributing to too much air in her belly? Also, food. Food, food, glorious food. WHAT THE HELL CAN I EAT? I feel like everything I eat must be causing her gas and discomfort and I feel horrible. But at the same time, I gotta eat AND I wanna enjoy what I'm eating! What (other than the obvious: broccoli, onions, peppers, fiber) foods can be secretly causing gas that I'm not aware of? Here is an example of my day...this was yesterday: Early morning: cup of coffee with cream and sugar, water Breakfast: toast with peanut butter, a banana, glass of water Snack: (sometimes, and depending on what food is in house) a brownie, cookies, piece of fruit, or maybe a yogurt. Glass of water. Lunch: sun dried tomato wrap w/mayo, avocado, tomato, American cheese and low-salt ham. Glass of water. Oh also a small amount of cold vegetable risotto salad (kinda like a pasta salad) and THAT I know has onions in it, so I'm thinking the onions. But seriously? I hardly ate any! Snack: If I'm having a bad/tired day I *might* have another cup of coffee. But that's probably only been like twice this week. Dinner: spaghetti, tomato sauce, one meatball. Half glass of 1% milk. Salad w/lettuce, tomato, cucumbers (are cucumbers gassy?), and peppers. And honestly I only ate like maybe 4-5 little pieces of the size of dimes. So, now thoughts? What can I do differently? Either with how I hold her, how often I feed her, what I eat, etc? Should I try to space out her feedings more, cuz I wonder if she is eating too much? Although at this age, I usually feed on demand. I wanted to let HER tell ME when it's time to eat, and this is how i did it with Hunter. Hunter had some gas issues as well but I don't want to go through it all again with Avery so I'm trying to be more proactive this time around (and feeling more secure and relaxed with nursing this time around, knowing I'm doing a great job! With Hunter I was often stressed and/or nervous). Oh, almost forgot! For her gas, I've been giving her Gripe Water (not sure if it's really helping though...might try Mylicon which is what I always gave to Hunter). I've also been bicycling her little legs, or trying to lay her across my lap/arm on her belly, and burping often. Okay, I think that's everything!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Started my morning off with little girl projectile-pooping on my bed during an early morning diaper change. This is the second time now she's done this to me (spraying her jammies, swaddle blanket and MY blanket) so you'd THINK I'd be quicker and would have learned my lesson by now. Nope.

But it was okay, cuz it came after a consecutive FIVE HOURS of sleep! Yay! Go, Avery!! Let's hope it wasn't a fluke thing.

Anyway, my babies are a handful but I certainly love the heck out of them! Despite his constant tantrums with me, Hunter loves his little sister and always wants to gently touch her head (occasionally he tries to stick his finger in her mouth so I have to redirect him!) and he coos to her in a tone that sounds VERY similar to what his Mommy uses. ;-)

Avery is now growing out of her newborn clothes and in diapers we've finally switched over to the Size 1's. She is so much more alert and awake a lot more during the day, content to watch everyone. She seems to especially like to look towards the bright windows (we don't have any blinds or curtains up yet in the all the windows facing the lake). So far, she doesn't seem super fond of her swing which sucks for Mommy. Sometimes I need a break! And I now laying in her pack-n-play isn't' the most stimulating so we've started belly time. Again, not her favorite, but we're working on it.

Unfortunately, Avery seems to be VERY gassy and I'm a little confused becuz some of the days it seems the worst, I have NO IDEA what I ate that could have caused it. But we had a similar problem with gas with Hunter so I will just try to keep track of what I eat, to see if there is one thing in particular that's upsetting her belly!

Both kids have been super needy lately. Obviously, the newborn, but also Hunter. He is slooooowly adjusting to the fact that he is s not numero uno child in the house anymore. Some days are much harder than others. And of course it's the age he is at. He's into EVERYTHING...and I do mean everything. He is tall enough to get into our junk drawer and is constantly running around with pens and sharpie markers (which isn't horrible) but then one day he came walking out with a pair of scissors clutched in his determined little fist and I almost had a heart attack on the spot! And we now have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times cuz a certain little man is fascinated with the toilet. He is SO ready to start potty training...he's given us lots of signals. I feel bad that we haven't been able to focus on it yet. He said "Pee-pee!" the other day and started yanking at the crotch of his diaper so we rushed him in there and I was happy to see he had a dry diaper so I thought "This just might work!" as he tried to climb onto the toilet. Daryl and I took turns sitting him on the toilet seat but he is definitely nervous about falling in! And he doesn't want to sit on his baby potty on the floor, he WANTS to sit on the regular toilet seat, so this week I gotta find one of those baby sized toilet seats to go over ours, so we can start focusing more on potty training.

Annnnnnnnd.....things have been a little tense between me and Daryl. :-( I know the stress of a new baby is hard enough sometimes, and then throw in the fact of a constantly crying-meltdown-having little 20 month old, coupled with Mommy's raging hormones and stress...well, we haven't exactly been very nice to each other lately. I've tried to not let it get to me but it's not easy. I sometimes just want to feel the support and calming presence of my husband when he comes home from work but when he immediately loses his patience with me becuz I'm throwing a baby at him, moaning about the fact that I haven't showered in days and the house is a mess, or Hunter is wigging out...well it's not there. i know this is just a bump in the road and that we'll get through it, but it's been so very hard on me emotionally, mentally, sometimes feeling like I'm ALL ALONE. I know I'm not, deep down, and I realize that he is dealing with his own type of stress, but I just wish I had a little more EMOTIONAL support lately, or even just a little empathy. And now I feel super needy and stupid having typed this because I don't mean to make it sound like he is not helpful. But I just need to vent/purge, I think or I'm going to lose it. I've had quite a couple of crying jags lately but they seem to come when I've reached my absolute limit of holding so much stress inside. And the ironic part is you'd think I'd be HAPPY to go back to work, with how crazy it's been at home, but I'm sad about that as well! My maternity leave will be over in like 3-5 weeks (Daryl wants me to go back at 6 weeks due to money, and I want to go back at 8 weeks--cuz I'm majorly stressed about not having enough pumped milk in the freezer yet and that we will end up having to supplement with formula which is fine except I worry my milk will dry up--hence the reason I have NO IDEA yet of when I will go back.) SO that's another thing making me crazy lately.

And I have practically NO TIME to pump. I maybe manage 1-2 times a day which is NO WAY to build up my frozen supply! But it's nearly impossible lately. Avery can sometimes go 2-4 hours before a feeding but often times she is eating EVERY HOUR. So just when I finish feeding her and try to get her down in pack-n-play so I can sit down to pump, Hunter needs a diaper change or breakfast/lunch/snack or Avery needs a diaper change or SOMETHING happens to interrupt. So, I'm frustrated about that. Formula is SO freakin' expensive and I'd like to not to have to buy it until I'm no longer nursing. *SIGH*

Because I don't want to leave this post on such a downer note, here are some pics of when Hunter helped his Mommy bake cookies last week!

And this little girl determined that chocolate chip cookie-flavored breast milk was waaaaaay too gassy for her. Although, it probably didn't help that Mommy ate like EIGHT of them.