Thursday, April 21, 2011

I can't believe another week has gone by already!

  • My maternity leave is up in about two weeks. I want to cry. :-( I'm gonna miss these two munchkins SO MUCH.

  • I wish my son would stop head-banging. And no, I don't mean to really cool music. When he is mad/frustrated/tantrum-y he bangs his forehead on the hardwood floors. This past week he did it (banged his head like 8-10 times in a row) so hard he gave himself a huge egg on his forehead. And Big D (who I called at work to tell him about it) was like "You have to stop him from doing that." Um, seriously? First of all, half the time I'm nursing Avery and can't jump up until the damage is done. Secondly, I sometimes manage to throw a foot out and stop it but usually he just dodges me and goes further away to bang his head. I looked online and saw it's pretty common at this age in like 20% of toddlers (mostly boys) and that they usually outgrow it by age 3. OMG, please kid, don't continue to do this until you are THREE!!

  • I've been eating waaaaaaaay too much pizza lately (twice this week already). Even though it's my ultimate favorite food...I'm surprisingly getting tired of it.

  • I took the kids for a couple of walks this week and god did it feel SO GOOD to get some fresh air! But how annoying that it's JUST NOW finally starting to get nice out when I have to go back to work. :-/

  • I got my new blender last week (after shattering the last one in the sink. Oops) and have been enjoying my fruit smoothies this week! Boy, I didn't' realize how much Hunter and I missed our smoothies.

  • Avery's gas issues have gotten SO MUCH better (knock on wood). I haven't even had to rely so much on the Mylicon and Gripe Water. I'm just assuming her little 1 1/2 month old belly is starting to finally adjust. Either that, or I'm just really burping the shit out of her now!

  • I realized this week that the reason my undies keep falling down is that I'm still wearing maternity underwear. But I still don't fit into my "regular" undies and pants unfortunately so I have no choice. I'm SICK OF MATERNITY AND SWEAT PANTS. For real. And what the hell am I going to wear to work?

  • We've started cutting back on the binkies this week, with Hunter. I threw away 3 so far. I still give them to him at nap/bedtime but they are not lying all over the house now so he can just randomly pop them in his mouth throughout the day. He doesn't ask for them, however, he's started putting Avery's in his mouth (hers are different than his, and up until this point he knew which binkies were the baby's and which were his). *SIGH*

  • I was gonna start potty-training this week but the damn toilet seat we bought doesn't fit over our toilet. I *really* want to start before I go back to work. We'll see what happens.

  • Hunter has gotten SO LOUD lately. Whether he's singing/talking/laughing/playing/crying it has to be AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS. It wouldn't be an issue if he wasn't doing it, half the time, in Avery's little sleeping FACE.

  • I can't wait to color Easter eggs on Saturday. Yes, so Hunter can enjoy the fun of it, but also becuz I'm a big giant kid who just loves to do it herself! Oh, and I'll be buying Big D some Reese's Peanut Butter eggs becuz he likes them and I will then get to eat some myself. YUMMO!


For more yummy leftovers, go HERE.


Megan said...

That is sad that you have to go back to work... Weston wasn't a head banger, but he was a head hitter...he did it out of frustration, several times a day. We figured out some words/signs he can use to communicate his frustration and the head hitting has diminished. "help please", please, and a few other words and signs help him to communicate that he is getting frustrated and needs Mama or Dada to help him. Does Hunter talk a lot? Weston didn't and is just learning to now...

Hope it gets better!

April said...

Hunter is great at repeating and saying certain words here and there but he doesn't communicate what he wants, other than crying and tantrums. It makes me CRAZY. I've been trying to work even more on words with him but in the meantime it's definitely been tough! If he gets frustrated with a toy or something, it's not like I always KNOW what he is freaking out about. Did Weston already know sign language? See I never kept up with teaching Hunter so he doens't know it, so I don't know if trying to teach him a few things now is even worth it or not?

Megan said...

We tried to teach sign language to Weston when he was young- but it didn't "take". His pediatrician suggested it when he was ~20 months when he was really getting frustrated and hit me in the head in front of the doc! He was delayed in speech and we needed to figure something out... We started with a few simple ones, one at a time: more, eat, drink, open, please, thank you. Initially please (rubbing belly) was what he used to say he needed help and when he would freak out screaming we would ask him out loud if he needed help "please" (doing the sign). We'd help move his hands to do the sign he has most of those words and a lot more . We started speech in January and have seen progress but are not quite where we need to be- so keeping up with speech too! But, the signing and then words definitely helped... let me know if you have more questions-

For the Love of Naps - Sarah said...

Congrats on the new little one. When was she born? Sydney was born January 23rd!

April said...

Congrats to you too! :-) Avery was born March 15th! Can't believe it's been almost two months already!! :-)

Nicole said...

Your little ones are so cute! The weather here was really nice and then all the rain came. I was really enjoying my walks too. There should really be some post maternity clothes for new mommies!
Thank you for your advice on my post. I appreciate it very much.

Sarah said...

I'm sorry your maternity leave is about over. That sucks! I'm so grateful not to be working anytime soon. I can't imagine leaving both kiddos. You'll get through it!

I haven't even tried on my non-maternity clothes yet, let alone get them out. No rush. I've been living in pajamas, sweats, and stuff!

Danifred said...

Sorry your leave is almost over. I remember how hard that time was.
We've been taking lots of walks here as well and you are so right, it feels so good!