Monday, April 25, 2011

I know I promised you (heh heh...all 3 of you?) a post about our Easter.

(I am so sick of blogger screwing up the spacing on my posts!!!)

But I really want to talk about my babies today--big surprise--and since it's my blog, I can do what I want to. So, I just decided I'll combine the two!

When did my little baby become such a big boy?? And why does it seem like he went from newborn to ALMOST TWO YEARS OLD in the blink of an eye?
(And obviously a big cheeseball for the camera.)
My 20 month old little man can climb up into his booster seat, put on his bib, eat his cheerios and strawberries in an adult size bowl and spoon, wipe his hands off afterwards, then climb back down! Ack! Can someone pleeeeease tell this kid to slow down and stop growing so fast?!?!

I was watching a show on TV the other day about multi-million dollar listings (a girl can dream, right?) while Hunter puttered around in his toy area, "cooking" in his kitchen. Suddenly the dude on the show cried out "Damn!" and throw his hand up in anger. And that's the moment when my son learned to swear for the first time.

"Day-um!"Came the cry as he lifted up his head from his little pan and threw his own hand in the air. "Daaaaaaaay-um!" and he started giggling. Is it bad that I totally started laughing? And then called his father to say, "Hey, your son just swore but I'm happy to say neither YOU nor I are the reason behind it!" AND has anyone ever noticed the swears and inappropriate words that some shows say now during regular hours??? (I was watching a show last night with Big D when the dude called another dude a "" and I could NOT believe it wasn't bleeped out! Seriously????)

Anyway, this boy makes me laugh every single day and some days often cry cuz man, the tantrums can be BAD--but I'm finding it much easier now to redirect him BEFORE a meltdown hits. Well, when I can sense it coming. Some days, it's just impossible. Case in point, Friday afternoon Hunter handed me his sippy cup with a question of "Mook? Mook?"

I was ecstatic. He was asking me for milk! (He never asks me for a drink/snack/whatever...I usually have to guess based on his behavior/time of day.) So we scurried to the kitchen where he watched me pour the milk with a HUGE smile on his face. I started to screw on the cap and he proceeded to scream bloody murder.

Hmmm...oooookkkkaaaayyy. "Do you want chocolate milk today?" I asked wondering if maybe that was it. He flashed me another 100-watt grin and said, "Mook? Choc?" so I happily thought This is easy! He tells me what he wants, and I'm able to get it for him.

I screw the top on the sippy cup after mixing in the chocolate syrup, and place the sippy cup on the edge of the counter (He likes to grab it down himself) and Hunter proceeds to shove the cup across the counter with an ungodly screech, and then starts to cry as he drops to the kitchen floor. Um, what? So this is where we are right now. Still not quite communicating with each other but getting a tad better!

And then there is my girl! She is growing by leaps and bounds! When I hold her (especially in the Baby Bjorn, which honestly, is the only way I can vacuum, do laundry, make lunch some days), I can really feel the difference in her weight. My back is starting to ache! And her length...woo nelly, her legss have gotten so much longer. And she is starting to chunk up.

My favorite thing has to be her cheeks and double chin. Delectable.
And she is so much more alert, napping a tiny bit less through out the day which makes for a much more entertaining belly or floor time. Well, as long as her brother isn't trying to lay across her body (he wants to hug her a little TOO much sometimes). She still eats a lot and is gassy, but doesn't scream as much. I was worried about the fact that she hadn't pooped since Friday at 11:00pm UNTIL her massive explosion last night at almost midnight.

As I praised the powers of poop, she then proceeded to pee on her clothes, clean diaper, clean swaddle and my sheets. Um, yes. This girl has gotten me GOOD. I could probably count on my hand how many times Hunter had pooped/peed on me as a newborn but with Avery? I've lost count! She definitely is job-security for our washer and dryer.

And onto Easter! We are not religious people, and don't go to church. I do believe in God but for me, Easter is honestly "just another day" most of the time with some chocolate bunnies and baked ham thrown in for good measure.

But yesterday felt different.

Maybe becuz I had my family with me and I was feeling so...complete? Maybe becuz the air was warm for a change and the sun was struggling to brazenly poke free of those pesky clouds that we've seen too much of the past few weeks?

Maybe becuz I was feeling so thankful for all that I had and all that Daryl and I have accomplished? I didn't super stress about my home being immaculate before family arrived, I let Daryl take the reigns on dinner, I snuggled my Avery and watched the joy in Hunter's eyes as he dyed Easter eggs the night before.......and then munched happily on m-n-m's from his Easter basket Easter morning (yeah, I let the kid eat "m-m's" at 7 in the morning...your point? LOL) and chase his bunny shaped "been-been" around the house (that's Hunter-speak for BALLOON). (And yes that is toothpaste in my son's Easter basket/pail. The only candy he actually got was in the plastic colored eggs.)

I didn't even feel stressed as my little man threw his first tantrum of the day becuz we took his beloved "m-m's" away.

(Good Lord, why didn't anyone TELL me I'm white as a snow with a set of luggage under my eyes? Ewwww! I think Mama might hit up a tanning bed once or twice so I don't look like death warmed over!)

I laughed as my almost-one and a half month old briefly clutched a plastic purple Easter egg in her hand and Hunter giggled at his sister (and ignored the clean laundry piled up behind me on the couch).Daryl and I smiled at the uncertainty Hunter showed seeing his first bubbles...until he soon was chasing them around the living room!I enjoyed the time we spent outside with family after our early dinner, even as the sun dipped back behind the clouds--it couldn't do anything to dampen my mood!Hunter had a blast outside and when I made him come in for a diaper change he absolutely FREAKED out. After a clean dry diaper, he was practically throwing his sneakers at me, begging, "Sneaks? Sneaks??" his way of asking to go outside. Since I was nursing Avery, my mom's boyfriend John took him back outdoors to Hunter's Dad, Grandpa and Great-Grandma. And his "new" hand-me-down slide from our friends' Todd and Mindy.Only a toddler could make a wife-beater look SO CUTE. Seriously.And I felt a lump in my throat as I watched my Mom loving up on her grand-babies. I had a brief moment of sadness when I started thinking about what my Daddy is missing out on, and wishing he could be here with us, but I didn't think he'd want me to spend the day feeling sad so I just continued to enjoy the moment. A sleepy boy after his nap. Still not quite awake and ready to greet our guests.

But always ready to love up on his sister! (Even when he was yanking her headband down over her eyes and laughing.) For me, Easter is about my family and the love I feel for all of them. :-)


Kat said...

What beautiful pics!
I had a big moment of missing my dad too. I actually cried at the end of church when the choir (the same choir he sang with for 40 years and the one my mom still sings with) sang the Hallelujah Chorus. My dad LOVED that. Made me really miss him.

Megan said...

Beautiful post!

Sarah said...

I LOVE her dress! I want one in my size!

We are still having issues with tantrums/communication. It is a lot better than it was, but there are those days. It is really hard because she doesn't really talk much. And throwing the sippy cup/pushing it away after there is a drink in it...I have found that means she wants food! Which usually she goes to where whatever she wants is and points. Then fusses or does the "gimme" hands. Don't know if that is what Hunter is trying to tell you, but since they are so much alike, thought I'd mention it ;-)

Carrie27 said...

Tantrums - aren't they fun?

That balloon is awesome! My three received new loofas (as well as other stuff they don't NEED) in their baskets and they were thrilled.

Emily said...

gotta tell ya, i laughed at the pic of hunter and yourself - gotta love this age!! YOU ALL LOOK GREAT!

you are a beautiful family

Steph said...

You have a great looking family!!!