Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Started my morning off with little girl projectile-pooping on my bed during an early morning diaper change. This is the second time now she's done this to me (spraying her jammies, swaddle blanket and MY blanket) so you'd THINK I'd be quicker and would have learned my lesson by now. Nope.

But it was okay, cuz it came after a consecutive FIVE HOURS of sleep! Yay! Go, Avery!! Let's hope it wasn't a fluke thing.

Anyway, my babies are a handful but I certainly love the heck out of them! Despite his constant tantrums with me, Hunter loves his little sister and always wants to gently touch her head (occasionally he tries to stick his finger in her mouth so I have to redirect him!) and he coos to her in a tone that sounds VERY similar to what his Mommy uses. ;-)

Avery is now growing out of her newborn clothes and in diapers we've finally switched over to the Size 1's. She is so much more alert and awake a lot more during the day, content to watch everyone. She seems to especially like to look towards the bright windows (we don't have any blinds or curtains up yet in the all the windows facing the lake). So far, she doesn't seem super fond of her swing which sucks for Mommy. Sometimes I need a break! And I now laying in her pack-n-play isn't' the most stimulating so we've started belly time. Again, not her favorite, but we're working on it.

Unfortunately, Avery seems to be VERY gassy and I'm a little confused becuz some of the days it seems the worst, I have NO IDEA what I ate that could have caused it. But we had a similar problem with gas with Hunter so I will just try to keep track of what I eat, to see if there is one thing in particular that's upsetting her belly!

Both kids have been super needy lately. Obviously, the newborn, but also Hunter. He is slooooowly adjusting to the fact that he is s not numero uno child in the house anymore. Some days are much harder than others. And of course it's the age he is at. He's into EVERYTHING...and I do mean everything. He is tall enough to get into our junk drawer and is constantly running around with pens and sharpie markers (which isn't horrible) but then one day he came walking out with a pair of scissors clutched in his determined little fist and I almost had a heart attack on the spot! And we now have to keep the bathroom door closed at all times cuz a certain little man is fascinated with the toilet. He is SO ready to start potty training...he's given us lots of signals. I feel bad that we haven't been able to focus on it yet. He said "Pee-pee!" the other day and started yanking at the crotch of his diaper so we rushed him in there and I was happy to see he had a dry diaper so I thought "This just might work!" as he tried to climb onto the toilet. Daryl and I took turns sitting him on the toilet seat but he is definitely nervous about falling in! And he doesn't want to sit on his baby potty on the floor, he WANTS to sit on the regular toilet seat, so this week I gotta find one of those baby sized toilet seats to go over ours, so we can start focusing more on potty training.

Annnnnnnnd.....things have been a little tense between me and Daryl. :-( I know the stress of a new baby is hard enough sometimes, and then throw in the fact of a constantly crying-meltdown-having little 20 month old, coupled with Mommy's raging hormones and stress...well, we haven't exactly been very nice to each other lately. I've tried to not let it get to me but it's not easy. I sometimes just want to feel the support and calming presence of my husband when he comes home from work but when he immediately loses his patience with me becuz I'm throwing a baby at him, moaning about the fact that I haven't showered in days and the house is a mess, or Hunter is wigging out...well it's not there. i know this is just a bump in the road and that we'll get through it, but it's been so very hard on me emotionally, mentally, sometimes feeling like I'm ALL ALONE. I know I'm not, deep down, and I realize that he is dealing with his own type of stress, but I just wish I had a little more EMOTIONAL support lately, or even just a little empathy. And now I feel super needy and stupid having typed this because I don't mean to make it sound like he is not helpful. But I just need to vent/purge, I think or I'm going to lose it. I've had quite a couple of crying jags lately but they seem to come when I've reached my absolute limit of holding so much stress inside. And the ironic part is you'd think I'd be HAPPY to go back to work, with how crazy it's been at home, but I'm sad about that as well! My maternity leave will be over in like 3-5 weeks (Daryl wants me to go back at 6 weeks due to money, and I want to go back at 8 weeks--cuz I'm majorly stressed about not having enough pumped milk in the freezer yet and that we will end up having to supplement with formula which is fine except I worry my milk will dry up--hence the reason I have NO IDEA yet of when I will go back.) SO that's another thing making me crazy lately.

And I have practically NO TIME to pump. I maybe manage 1-2 times a day which is NO WAY to build up my frozen supply! But it's nearly impossible lately. Avery can sometimes go 2-4 hours before a feeding but often times she is eating EVERY HOUR. So just when I finish feeding her and try to get her down in pack-n-play so I can sit down to pump, Hunter needs a diaper change or breakfast/lunch/snack or Avery needs a diaper change or SOMETHING happens to interrupt. So, I'm frustrated about that. Formula is SO freakin' expensive and I'd like to not to have to buy it until I'm no longer nursing. *SIGH*

Because I don't want to leave this post on such a downer note, here are some pics of when Hunter helped his Mommy bake cookies last week!

And this little girl determined that chocolate chip cookie-flavored breast milk was waaaaaay too gassy for her. Although, it probably didn't help that Mommy ate like EIGHT of them.


Sarah said...

Hang in there, Mama! Don't worry about the housework. My house is a wreck, but I feel it is more important to work on figuring out a schedule for HJ. Once that is accomplished (and it may take quite awhile) then I'll start working in housework. I just stay on top of dishes, laundry, and picking up toys/books/food from Alice. The vacuuming/mopping/everything else can wait. No one is crawling on these floors right now anyway ;)

As far as the gas goes, I've found a few things that bother HJ. Onions, garlic, broccoli, chocolate, and anything with fiber (or more than "usual" amounts of fiber-beans, etc). Unfortunately, this is stuff I LOVE, but I'm willing to give them up temporarily if HJ is happier, less fussy, and not in pain. I'm sure I'll come across more things that bother him, but those are the main ones (and seem to bother most babies).

It is tough being home all day with two little ones. All I want to do is hand them to Sean, and grab a glass of wine and take a bath. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen as he has been getting home after both are asleep (and leaves before they wake). My advice for you and Daryl, put yourselves in each others shoes. Yes, you want and need a break plus an adult conversation. He wants to unwind from work, and probably feels like he works all day and then gets baby duty upon entering the house. I know after Alice was born, I felt like he should help out and take over for awhile since I had been with her all day, but I found throwing a baby at a man after a work day is not conducive to a happy hubby! Yes, if there is a need, but I'd give him time to come in, kick off his shoes, change, whatever, and let him come to the kiddos. Now sometimes I have to put my foot down and say help out now, but that is only on really bad days. Perhaps you guys can work out some kind of compromise (he gets 15- 30 minutes after greeting everyone-then you get the same amount of time to de-stress), or after dinner/baths/bedtime (which is more feasible) you both get to spend some time together and talk for a bit. Maybe only 10 minutes (as I'm sure you are beat!) but that would give you time to reconnect ;)

Kat said...

Oh I know. This part is so hard. And my husband SUCKED at the baby phase. He actually wore earplugs at night. Can you freaking believe that? I let him do it because it was honestly better than hearing him whining and complaining about the baby crying. What a turd. But it was a phase. It did pass. We got through it, and you will too.

Walmart and Target have those little toilet seats for the toilet. My boys loved that. But they loved standing up and peeing even more! If you have a little stool you might want to let him try that! Throw a few Cheerios in the toilet and let him have target practice! ;)

As for the pooping baby. Ugh. That is tough. Especially when it happens in the middle of the night. I have been cleaning up puke for 4 nights straight in my house. I'm going on no sleep. Then today one of my kids didn't quit get his butt on the toilet when his butt exploded. Liquid poop (this stomach virus is the worst!) was everywhere. Walls, floor, heating vent, his clothes, toilet (not in the toilet, just all over it-ugh), the cabinet. EVERYWHERE. It was the grossest thing I've ever seen. I didn't even know where to begin to clean it up. It took me about an hour. So nasty.

The THINGS WE DO AS MOTHERS!!!!!! So crazy.

But I will tell you again, it gets better and easier every day. This too shall pass!
Hang in there!!!!

Anonymous said...

All of my kids showed interest in the potty at that age - and yet none were ready to potty train that early! If you have the time, let him go in a try when he shows interest, but don't feel like you are preventing him from training if you don't! (And don't indulge the playing in the bathroom - I learned the hard way that that was just a tactic to manipulate Mommy into hanging out in the bathroom while his sister was fussing in the other room!)

I wish I had some advice for you on handling marriage with two small kiddos, but that was something my husband and I struggled with as well! One thing that helped me was to start doing what I needed to do without relying on him for help (ie., showering.) Some days it went well, and others, not so much! (I would put the baby in her infant seat and take C.ooper in the shower with me. He played, I showered, and the water and the fan were soothing enough to put the baby to sleep.) That tiny little bit of empowerment went a long way! I also did a lot of grocery shopping at 9:00 at night just to get out alone!