Friday, April 29, 2011

Wow, another week.

  • On Monday, I opened all the windows up wide in the afternoon, cuz the temp had gotten up to about seventy degrees. NOT REALIZING my priest neighbor was home (it's his vacation home so he only comes in the nice weather), I was loudly telling Hunter as we began potty-training: "THAT IS YOUR PENIS. PEE PEE COMES OUT OF IT. PEE PEE GOES IN THE POTTY." Then I glanced out the window and saw my neighbor sitting in his hammock, reading. D'oh.

  • Did you see that above? We STARTED POTTY TRAINING!! So far, I suck at it (not Hunter). I keep getting him to the bathroom AFTER he's already gone in his diaper. Hmmm, this is gonna be tough. And he doesn't' seem to realize that HE will go pee pee in the potty (even though he has watched both me and Daryl go and will tell us "pee pee!" when we go). But he certainly LOVES sitting on his Cars potty seat (the one that sits on our own potty). And he definitely likes to look at his books while on the potty. Like father, like son! I'm probably gonna pick him up some "big boy undies" this weekend but not sure when I'll start putting them on him yet.

  • My maternity leave is over in a week.

  • It was like 80 degrees yesterday! Holy crap! After having such cool, rainy and yucky weather and then to suddenly shoot up to 80? It was strange...and I was sweating my hormonal hiney off!

  • Speaking of hineys, I hopped on the scale at my 6 week obgyn appointment yesterday...and I was happy to see I'm down 20 pounds since the pregnancy began! I have about 2-3 more pounds to go to get to pre-preggo weight, and THEN after that I'll just be (hopefully) losing regular 'ol fat pounds. I'm contemplating doing WW again...although I can't afford to go to meetings (plus I'm not about to cart both babies there) so maybe I'll buy a scale and just do it at home, on my own. Although I have better luck when I do it going to meetings (or even online) or with a friend. Hmmmm....

  • I am currently in SPIDER HELL. For those of you that know me in real life, you know I have a crazy phobia of spiders. As in, just seeing (even on tv) or being near one, I start to sweat, panic, shake and sometimes even cry. Yep, it's bad. Well now that we are leaving out here on the lake, surrounded by trees...well, you can only imagine the SPIDER population. I thought it was bad when we lived in the "ghetto"...well that was NOTHING. On Monday night I ran out to my car right before it got dark and on the way back in, I saw a gross bulbous, tan colored body with spindly legs on a huge-ass the left of the door I had to go in. I shuddered and FLEW into the house. The sucky part is that I had to go back outdoors to show Big D where Tucker had pooped so he could clean it up (he pooped on the edge of our neighbor's yard, dumb dog!) so I informed him I would not go back out until he killed that spider. I started to open the back door to show him when--HORROR OF HORRORS--I see TWO of them above me on the gutter!! And of course when Daryl jammed the handle of his shovel into each giant, round body they FELL TO THE STEPS (well technically one of them rappelled down on his nasty web, so he definitely was still alive) and out of sight. No way in hell was I gonna go out that door now so I decided to go out the back door and walk around the house. On the way back in, I suddenly thought of the spiders and quickly surveyed the back door. And almost died. TWO on the outside of the door and ONE on the wooden porch rail. OH MY GOD. I started to shake and sweat and tears budded in my eyes as I contemplated what to do. Finally said, "Screw it!" and ran back to the front door and took my chances with the rogue spiders loose on the porch step. Big D held the door open for me and I practically leaped inside like a gazelle. Maybe not as graceful.

  • Speaking again of our priest neighbor, he told Daryl a funny story yesterday (well funny to us anyway). The priests all go on a retreat each year to a lake in New Hampshire. He said when they arrive, they all go off and do whatever makes them happy...some golf, some play cards, etc. He said one of them, Father B, immediately puts on his swim trunks and races right out to the edge of the dock and shouts at the top of his lungs, "F.UCK THIS WORLD!" and then dives into the cool lake water! Father R (our neighbor) who was telling the story to Daryl, laughed and said, "I guess we all blow off steam in our own ways!" And then Daryl immediately came inside and whispered, "Holy crap, I just heard Father R curse for the first time!" We are potty-mouths here (ALTHOUGH trying to stop cuz Hunter now repeats everything) and had just been joking the day before that we had to remember not to curse in front of Father R and here he told a story and actually said "f.uck" and about another cursing priest. Awesome.

  • I have so much hand-me-down clothes to go through for Avery that is' INSANE. I don't know I'll have enough time in the day to do it but I have to. This girl is growing like a WEED. Our pediatrician doesn't do 1 month wellness checks...they go straight to to 2 I have NO IDEA what she weighs right now but she's definitely gotta be around 8-9 pounds if I had to guess. And she's lost some of the hair on the top of her head (but not the rest of her hair) so I laugh when looking at her...she reminds me of a little old man who's balding on top.

  • I started thinking about it this week and realized: only 3 more months until Hunter turns the big TWO. I gotta start planning his party. It obviously won't be as big as his 1st birthday party, and we're gonna do it here (now that we live somewhere where we can actually fit more than 3 guests into our home at a time) and hopefully it will be a nice day so people can swim in the lake. We'll probably do hamburgs and hot dogs on the grill and have birthday cake. I might have Daryl bake his KILLER carrot cake. Seriously, it is THE BEST carrot cake, with homemade cream cheese frosting, ever. I'm salivating right now at the thought of it.

  • Man, I was wordy this week! For more leftover tidbits, go HERE.


Megan said...

I'm doing WW online- so far so good! Get this baby weight off. :-)

Sarah said...

Ugh! Haven't even thought about losing weight. Too tired ;-)

I was thinking about the second birthday a week ago. What to do, what to do? I can't even think about it! My baby will be TWO! How did that happen?

Cursing priests=AWESOME!

I can't believe your Pedi doesn't do 1 month well checks!

Carrie27 said...

The priest story is AWESOME!!!! Wow, just wow!

Danifred said...

The priest story is hilarious. It doesn't get much better than that!

Kat said...

Well, I have known some really fabulous priests in my time (I am Catholic, ya know) and they are all just regular people. We always want to make them out to be these perfect people, but it is great finding out that they are all just people like us. ;)

If you are potty training the diapers have to go. It is just way too comfortable for them to go in their diaper. If they go pee in underwear they know how icky it feels and they try not to do it again. Not so with a diaper. With my boys I waited until each one could verbalize that he had to go potty and showed signs of being interested. Usually right around 2 years old. They did great. A few months leading up to their 2 yr birthday we would take their diapers off before bed and actually pee into the diaper to get them used to using that muscle. It really seemed to help. Anyway, good luck! :)

Great job on loosing the weight! WOW! Very impressive! :)