Thursday, May 12, 2011

  • My first week back at work went great! And my boss totally rocks the house. She gave me the option to change up my hours a bit since she knows I dislike getting home so late and eating dinner late, especially for Hunter's sake (I have a 45 minute commute one way so after picking him and Avery up, we sometimes don't get home till 6:45pm. His bedtime is 7pm. So that means he sometimes eats dinner late...on the nights he isn't eating at my mom's...and he gets NO bonding time with his Daddy!). So instead of what I was doing: Monday through Thursday 1:30 to approximately 5:45-6pm with Fridays off...I now will be doing Mondays off, Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 1:15 to approx. 5:45-6pm, Wednesday morning 8:45-1:30 and Friday morning 9:00-1pm. So I will now have two days where I work earlier in the day and will still have time to do stuff with the kids after work AND maybe actually cook dinner once in a while! LOL My poor hubby, right now, cooks dinner EVERY SINGLE NIGHT when I work. And I'll still have a 3 day weekend, woo hoo! I couldn't be happier!

  • I am so sick of spiders I can't STAND IT. I walked into our upstairs bathroom two nights ago to find THREE of those disgusting things frantically scuttling away as the light was turned on. This was AFTER I had just killed another one in my bedroom, mind you. *SHUDDER*

  • So hubby is going to be going away for a week for work (to the Cape! I'm jealous! Wish I was still on maternity leave cuz the kids and I could have gone up with him!), and he asked me if it was okay before he agreed to it. While I don't relish the idea of being a single parent for a week with a 8-9 week old and a 21 month old, I DO look forward to his paycheck from that week and the crazy overtime he will score. We SO need the money!

  • My friend gave me a ton of clothes this week cuz she lost 50 lbs. and can't wear them. And she knows I've been bitching about not fitting into my stuff yet (I'm SO, SO close but even when I get the pants buttoned there will be some SERIOUS muffin top). I was depressed when I first tried some of them on and they were TIGHT. But then Big D said this morning, "I think you are still losing weight! I can tell!" That made me smile and feel a tad bit better about post-baby #2 body!

  • I was going to make myself a pedicure appointment for this Saturday, with a gift certificate I've had since DECEMBER, but I waited too damn long and they are booked up. Ugh.

  • Coming up on mine and Big D's wedding anniversary next week, but since he will be away, we are going out to dinner this Saturday. Three years now since our wedding (but four years now that we've actually been married)! My, how time flies!

    • Why won't my 21 month old EAT anymore? IS this normal for his age? A phase? IF the kid could flourish on just his favorites (cheese, apples, grapes, bananas, strawberries, oatmeal, cheerios and gold fish) he'd be a happy camper! But it makes MOmmy crazy. I worry he's not getting enough!

    • I wore heels twice this week for the first time in like a YEAR. And I was stumbling around in them like a drunken sailor. And then the throbbing feet...oh lord! But I'm happy to say, it's getting better. And it's nice to be able to dress in something other than sweat pants, tanks/tees and sneakers/flip flops!

    • We were supposed to go visit the in-laws in upper state NY for Memorial Day Weekend but becuz of gas prices and how much it would cost us round trip (we'd be taking the truck to fit us, the babies, the dog and our stuff) we have to cancel. I'm so freakin' bummed out and pissed that gas STILL COSTS SO MUCH GOD DAMN MONEY.

    For more leftovers, go see Danifred!


    Kat said...

    Spiders. I hate spiders. We actually have a bug/rodent service that comes every couple of months and makes sure we don't have any. The whole time I've lived in this house (our old house had TONS of centipeds and spiders) I think I've only seen one or two spiders. It is worth the $30 a month. Maybe you could give that a try?

    It took me over a year and a half to get to my goal weight after baby #4. It is hard. But you HAVE to give yourself more time. The biggest thing for me was letting my hormones stabalize after I was done breastfeeding. That is when I really started dropping the weight. Please be patient with yourself! And how lovely (and smart) of Big D to recognize your success. You definitely have a good one! :)

    So glad your work is so accomidating. That has to be a huge help!

    Have a great rest of the weekend!

    Danifred said...

    So awesome your first week went great! And, even better that your boss is so understanding and tweaked your work hours. Truly wonderful.

    Carrie27 said...

    That's great that your work hours have changed to benefit you.

    Congrats on the upcoming anniversary!